Muscle & Strength: Weight Training for Women Day 1

Muscle & Strength: Weight Training for Women Day 1

hi my name is Katie Logue liner and I'm here to give you a workout for women this is a four day split upper and lower body our lower body workout is going to be legs back and biceps and our second day workout is going to be chest shoulders and triceps I've been wait wait training in the weight room for over 10 years now training like a man and this is as big as I have ever gotten and as muscular as I have ever gotten women need to step off the treadmill and walk into the weight room and lift weights as hard as they can before every workout I take saivation weight this gives me the extra energy I need to get through my tough workouts when taking a peanut out stimulant you always want to assess tolerance quake I take three scoops mixed with about eight ounces of water this is a four four suit packet so I'm gonna use most of it with eight ounces of water it will just dissolve nice shake it up let us drink this probably about 15 minutes before your workout give you that extra energy because we're going to get in squats we're gonna be hitting lunges we're gonna hit bicep and a bunch more stay tuned whenever I work out I bring light during workout nutrition with me why they should extend so they can extend as a branched chain amino acid that's going to help you recover from your hard workout I'm Explorer scoop of exten into 30 32 ounces of water get that all mixed up and I'm ready to go train for our first exercise I'm going to do free weight squats squats work your quads your hamstrings and your butt every girl wants a sexy booty when working out by yourself you want to make sure you don't go too heavy set the safety bars at a good level where you can retake a good squat motion if the bar happens to fall off your back the safety bars will catch it when it rolls back make sure you get a good warm-up of sore hands start with maybe the bar and then generally I work up the weight until I reach a cup a comfortable weight where I can get a good eight to 12 reps eight to twelve reps are where you want to be when you want to build muscle now like I said before build muscle that might scare you 11 years of working out like a man and here's my muscle not too impressive all right we're ready to go get some squat now I'm going to do a stiff leg deadlift and this works predominantly your hamstrings and your glutes you want to get a nice good Bend down to the floor don't lock out your knees keep them slightly bent down to about your shins bring it up keeping your shoulders straight at all times don't round your back here we go you're doing the strike you should feel it in your hamstrings I like to use Burson grips when I do this because this exercise is not about your grip about your butt here answering you now I'm going to do stationary lunges lunges are a good exercise that you can do at home you don't necessarily have to use weight you could just do more reps get more of a burn I prefer to use the pre weighted bar I put it behind my head and lunge like this getting a good that should do not past your knee do not bring it in front of your toe it will start burning up do you probably get to about seven on each leg if it doesn't you need to make us let the heavier weight and it should burn after doing squats be stiff legs and who doesn't want to burn off their butt now I'm going to do a leg curl on a machine you can go a little heavier on this because if you go to failure you can just drop it on the machine whereas if you're doing a squat and you went too heavy wouldn't be a safe you might hurt yourself you want to make sure you get a good squeeze that's the top of this contraction set it as mid weight to light you can always increase it if you want at the end you can do a Burnout set make sure you've given it all you got here we go last part of our life part of this workout to do some standing calf raises make sure the machines adjusted to your height after doing legs my cows are pretty tired I don't do anything too heavy just make sure I get a good contraction try to get a good ten good reps out of this there we go I just finished killing my legs now I'm going to hit the back part of this workout start off I'm gonna do some bent over barbell rows if you're working out at home you can do dumbbells over Bros three dumbbells grab the gym you can use barbell use one make sure you get a good pull when get to the top it's going to work your upper and middle of your back you're like a good form leaning over about that much and pull it for nice and traction at the top I like to use versa groups again this is not about my grip strength it's about my back here we go for a second back act with exercise we're going to do some lat pull-downs this is a polling exercise which will hit more of your lats where opposed to the low rows you're hitting more of your middle and upper back for the final back exercise I'm going to do t-bar rows this can be done on the machine like this or if you don't have a machine like this you could take a straight barbell in the corner and use a closed grip handle that goes around the bar and do a row you want to select a weight that you're working hard to get that 8 to 10 range I'm going to shoot for 10 on this if that's too easy you got a load on some more weight you should be working out not you know chitchat with your girlfriend while you're working out your shoulder is straight don't round your back I get a bit squeeze at the top got 10 in it it hurt for our final body part of day one we're going to do biceps the first exercise I like to use the pre weighted barbell you can use if they don't have free weighted barbells you can load up a Hamburg bar like this I like to grab the bar outside here you can also do crows Close Grip and here you hit a slightly different part of your bicep there we go around 9:00 here we are with the very last exercise for our day one this is a cross body dumbbell curl with we're an alternate right and left arm just throw one in the front one in the front you want to select a somewhat heavy weight we go for eight to ten I like this way it ups about here I have the range of motion to do it up to here but I don't feel like it goes as good of a squeeze it's kind of my less it hit yourself in your legs like I just did and again after doing three body parts in one exercise it's nice to know you're at the end turning your by step all right we're done

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  1. What a load of crap. Just bloody crap advertising. She isn’t even ripped. 11 years of working out like a man and nothing to show for it. I’m off somewhere else for inspiration

  2. This lady is strong I tell ya. I would love to do stiff leg deadlift with 45s. I'm leaner, more muscular looking..but certainly not as strong on some of these exercises . She's awesome

  3. just eat 500 calories over your maintenance metabolic rate eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight you weight and spread it out every 4 hours because your body can only absorb 30 to 40 grams at a time don't take longer than 2 minutes in between sets and lift weight that's so heavy you can only do it 10 times and constantly check you self to see if you can do it more than 10 like 15 reps and then go up like 5 or 10 pounds or so also get 8 hours of sleep… done… get housed.

  4. Oh people lighten up she is not stating to know it all she is simply sharing her experience and workouts that she does at the gym, what is wrong with that!!! She has a strong healthy figure and she is fit. This is a great video and I hope you make more like this ??

  5. I love this, this is exactly what I need. I’m writing this down and will try it at the gym tomorrow looking forward to coming back in 6 months so see how Iv changed ??????

  6. Very informative and obviously here for training purposes and not “how much attention can I get on social media?”. ?️‍♂️ WORK OUT LIKE A MAN!

  7. It is NOT about the way her body looks but just look how strong she is! Genetics and other factors makes a difference in everyone's progress. Possibly she has came a long way point is you shouldn't judge her because simply you don't know her. She's BEAUTIFUL the way she is healthy is what's important! She's probably came a long way from when she's started!

  8. She's not 'ripped' because she could well be on a rest from bulking and cutting, meaning she adds weight to add muscle then diets to lose the fat.

    It's this fat covering that hides the muscle tone underneath. Looks like it wouldn't take her much effort to reveal her muscle mass.

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