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My Big Fat Body Full Documentary YouTube

I'm so fat that when I go to the beach people hire me for shade in my world gravy's the beverage my single bowls got a lifeguard I don't sweat I'll explode I'm really serious uploader okay I'm fat I admit it well I don't have to admit it you can see that and don't think I haven't heard or used every single one of those fat jokes and more my size has provided me with a living and now it's killing I'm Frank Payne the big guy obviously I'm an actor writer and comedian and I'm a man who is morbidly obese which means I'm more than 100 pounds overweight I've decided to loan my body to science and take you inside deep inside my big fat bye I'm gonna let doctors and scientists using the latest in imaging technology show you what happens to the human body my body when it becomes morbidly obese since I'm willing to bear all here's what you're looking at I'm 5 feet 10 inches tall and 363 pounds my waist is 60 inches which means I'm 5 feet around the middle I wear a 5x and with this gut I never wear anything tucked in at this point you got to be wondering how someone like me gets to be this fat in the first place let me show you how and what I eat in 24 hours we're going to pray to that I'll take four double cheeseburgers I always like to order big enough where they feel more during for a family so that way it's not like home an effect I just worded all that for himself you know I don't limit myself to three meals a day over a 24-hour period I'm more of a continual constant grazer I'd like to get an egg piece checking only drive-through is give you a little bit of anonymity I don't like really sitting on restaurants too much because you don't want to be a fat guy there you don't want to be the biggest guy in the restaurant no I'm happy I got chicken the only reason I get any exercise is because the upstairs apartment was the only one available and when I sit down I can polish off a few pounds of food in just seven minutes after burgers fried chicken and ice cream you might think I'm done but I'm not this is not a reenactment I really do order like this dress large yeah how many does that serve three to four okay hung any two of them then um I'm gonna have a couple other people here and what is this a Knick sandwich okay well I want that for me that'll be mine by now I know what you're thinking how can he eat like that which is why I do it in secret it sounds pathetic but food has become my best friend it's comforting it never talks back to you it tells you you're okay but I know deep down I'm not okay yeah I'm 46 years old and I can't live like this anymore I'm taking the first big step getting a physical just relax it's really not very difficult we will not make you run more than you're really gone walk okay what's this be realistic here wow the blood pressure is so high dude Kenny I'm supposed to be taking stuff that I haven't had my school service now yeah a little bit anxious the doctors put me on a treadmill for a stress test let's see if my heart can handle the most basic level of exercise walking on a treadmill wasn't too bad as the incline went up I felt my heart rate calling up and then it picked up the pace bets when I started getting shortness of breath that's where I get a little scared I'll start choking I started like you know my neck feels fat I can't breathe and it's a scary place for me no there was a time when I actually looked and felt fit back when I was wrestling in high school but that's when I started binge eating you want to lose weight so you can get down certain weight classes so I would lose weight I gained weight I'd come in at the beginning this season everyone comes in having a lose weight and at the end of the season everyone was like oh we can eat again so it was definitely feast you know a feast and famine but my problems would eating started long before that when I was six years old I lost my little brother John he died of leukemia two and a half so he was in the hospital most of his life even at that young age we did we bonded pretty quick riding with his casket to the graveyard you know you never see your parents cry can't do anything saddened – you know I just started eating more I think that was something I'm looking back on now it's something I probably did as a UH an act of Defense maybe or something I found pleasure from food a little by little that wake tarts creeping up on you well for you know you're to forty to fifty to sixty and I wasn't admitting it myself at Iowa I would I would stand in different angles and mirrors I okay or well not too bad you never really feel fat one day I saw something follow my heart I thought I was having a heart attack and so I would see the doctor and I looked over and down on my chart I saw the words morbidly obese it shocked me cuz the doctor didn't tell me maybe assumed I knew I don't know but is that was kind of scary it's kind of like you know you got to catch you know kind of thing I've decided to do something about it I agreed to do this show my first stop is the Westside medical imaging Center in Los Angeles California we're scanning devices will show me what obesity looks like on the inside this is a state-of-the-art 64-slice cat scan kind of a high-powered x-ray well when I met Frank the first impression is here's somebody who is a ticking time bomb we're imaging a moving structure so the heart's in constant motion and the arteries that sit on the heart are moving and here we're able to take pictures of a coronary artery that maybe 2 or 3 millimeters in diameter we can actually determine whether you have coronary artery disease leading to what we call southern cardiac death when I got out of the cat scan I knew the results couldn't be good dr. Lepore showed me two 64-slice cat scan image of my heart the yellow stuff is fat marbled through my heart like a piece of fatty steak this is a picture of the coronary arteries see those little speckles of white material yeah turns out the white stuff is plaque kind of like putty that's building up in my arteries and clogging blood flow the bad news is you have some flaking which is unusual for someone of your age the other thing that we found is that your pumping chamber we call the ventricle is thick since the walls of my heart are thickened stem it has a harder time pumping blood he also said my heart is enlarged that was scary to hear one of the manifestations of obesity is actually infiltration of the liver by fat cells you actually do have liver infiltration by fat I know my liver is supposed to be pink and get rid of toxins but now with the fat in it it doesn't work very well dr. Lepore told me if it gets worse my liver could harden leading to cirrhosis or I might need a liver transplant if it fails if we were to open you up we would see a lot of gooey fat in your abdomen and again what we're more concerned about in terms of the heart disease is what we call the visceral fat I wouldn't be surprised if someone like you in their 50s were to have some kind of cardiovascular event perhaps you may develop a blockage that just causes ang and their symptoms or a heart attack I'm kind of in shock right now to tell you the truth and kind of blown away I'm close to heaven like I don't you know I get anxiety attack I think I'm feeling pretty horrible I'm feeling regretful my past you know it's everything that you were being told by everyone else you know by your friends saying you know you got to watch that way shouldn't eat three steaks you don't need six burgers but I always felt strong enough mad enough to be able to do that you know let's drink more beer let's let's party harder and since you know I don't need exercise I can't just deny anymore I mean it's coronary heart disease it's scary it's not even about me it's about so I'm my mom and dad we lost one son to a disease he couldn't do anything about it I want to move it's another reality is starting to sink in I'm Frank Payne and I'm morbidly obese I've just seemed to damage all this fat has done to my organs and now I'm about to get the results of my blood test from dr. Lydia Hayes a specialist and morbid obesity okay I'm gonna wait first okay by the way she's five three maybe a hundred pounds in other words about the size of my right leg we're gonna go into this room your blood test last week showed elevated cholesterol so your cholesterol is 287 when a normal cholesterol should be less than 200 your bad cholesterol which is your LDL should be less than 130 your bad class wants 220 dr. Hazen says that LDL is the bad cholesterol because it circulates in the blood and slowly builds up in the inner walls of arteries and then turns into plaque HDL is the good cholesterol my HDL is 28 it needs to be over 40 we usually look at the ratio of your bad cholesterol to your good cholesterol and that gives us your heart disease risk factor and so your ratio shows that you have twice the risk factor of having a heart attack than a normal average individual it means that you're at risk of having heart disease stroke heart attack okay Frank is only 46 years old yet he has the body of a 60 or 70 year old I think Frank needed to cope and so his primary coping mechanism was essentially denial he just ignores his health and pretends that he's healthy then he's able to carry on yeah I knew there was some things are probably wrong and but does Dasia feel great so you can blow it off and right now the weight of this is really crushing down on my you know on me everything is reversible if you start now to really change and take this seriously and not think of yourself as healthy because nothing's happened to you yet mm-hmm and every decision you make from now on and for the rest of your life has to be a decision for your livelihood and for your health this really scares me because there's only one person who can fix this and that's me obviously I know I eat more calories than I burn I just didn't know how many more dr. Hazen set me straight so this would be Friday night to maybe Saturday night so maybe one days consumption of food yeah pretty much I mean obviously just looking at it just objectively you know something's off we're back a little bit so what happens is you eat so fast that you don't even give your body a chance to listen to the cues that are coming from your brain and telling you to stop we have a hormone called ghrelin ghrelin is actually made in your stomach and ghrelin increases before meals so as you get hungry ghrelin increases it's your appetite stimulating hormone once you eat your stomach is full your ghrelin decreases so normally your brain cues will be alerting you to stop eating but you're completely oblivion essentially and telling your body I'm gonna do whatever I want to do it doesn't matter what you're telling you to do correct so let's do the math ha ha ha ha so normally an adult is supposed to consume 2,000 calories a day if you're physically active this Pizza has 3,100 calories this Pizza has 3,500 calories so you're already close to 7,000 calories 3 days worth of food just with those two pizzas in one sitting now you would also consume four double cheeseburgers correct the calorie content of that is 2680 that sandwich alone six hundred and thirty calories the chicken is two thousand nine hundred calories the ice cream two thousand three hundred and twenty calories you're consuming fifteen thousand one hundred and fifty calories when in a day you're supposed to consume two thousand calories it means that from Friday night to Saturday you're essentially putting on four pounds so this is four pounds of fat it's heavy okay oh wow it's heavy fat is heavy hey I'll give this back here but you've got a 40 times this forty times so at times that is already on your body so that's what you've got to get rid of it feels like all this fat is literally crushing me the next set of tasks is going to reveal just how true that really is I was invited by Stanford University to be the first morbidly obese person tested in the world famous human performance lab the best athletes on the planet come here to find out how their bodies can perform better I'm coming here to find out how badly I'm treating mine here's a chance to measure very accurately the way that obesity impacts on the body we are going to start your day off with a DEXA scan Phill Cuddy starts my testing on a DEXA scan it's a machine that measures exactly how much muscle bone and fat I have in my body okay how long will this take about three minutes three plus minutes I just don't want to miss lunch okay so the scanner is going to reposition itself just over your head here we go that's what I'm seeing on the screen right now is your skeletons coming into shape we're at about your fourth or fifth rib because of your excess body mass your arms are unable to hang naturally at your side your shoulders seem to be elevated you're not able to bring your legs closed due to fat mass in the torso fat mass on the inner thigh you're not able to be in alignment looking at your numbers from today we have a body composition number of 48.5% body fat percentage Wow so of the 363 pounds almost 49 percent of that is considered body fat so over that's Tommy is half of he's fat essentially half of you is fat I'm at Stanford's world class human performance lab weather testing my body inside out I was stunned to learn that nearly half my body is fat forty eight point five percent body fat percentage Wow how does it feel to be 50 percent fat it's like you're carrying around a dead body on you basically I'm carrying death it's like you're so far in the hole right now it can that be fixed and this is the problem that people that carry a lot of extra weight get into they need to be more fit to be able to lose weight but they can't get more fit because they don't have the ability to actually move to do that but that's exactly what they needed me to do next move so now we're going to really work you out we're gonna do a stress test because of my morbid obesity dr. Ashley a cardiologist had to monitor me as I did my next test I am going to have you hold this here we go this vo2 max test measures how efficiently the body uses oxygen by pushing an athlete to the max obviously there are several problems in my case I'm Way out of shape Oh we're gonna get you up to a faster walk and then we're gonna start making it steeper all right climbing mountains breathing rate is increasing it's hard to breathe the fat's run to my lungs keeps you from being able to breathe deeply and use oxygen efficiently little steeper knife can you go a little faster huh this is challenging him it's starting to challenge him my heart can't pump well it limits how the oxygen is transformed into energy to my muscles but despite my limitations I gave it my all it did a really good job keep moving just push through push through as hard as you can keep going keep pushing forward Frank that was great you really maxed out of this test oh man I tried to believe you're not kidding Mary you know I did what I could but he was proud that I had the spirit inside me to push myself to the limit I did I know that spirits inside me and I just got to keep that kindled right now because it's easy just to say no go back to old habits vo2 max is an evaluation a gross analysis of your cardiovascular system how you're using oxygen for exercise basically what he's telling me is that my heart lungs and muscles are so stressed by all this fat that my body really can't handle much exercise at all he has trouble walking let alone running on a treadmill he is severely limited he's limited in the way an 85 year old would be limited the next test will show what my weight is doing to my bones and joints towards ear a biomechanist can measure those forces so we're gonna look at the way you walk and move okay and the way we're gonna do that is we're going to stick a bunch of these reflective markers onto your different body segments then we're gonna capture the movements in 3d so what we're interested in understanding is well during your general activities of daily living what kind of loads are on your joints right and if we can understand what type of loads on the joints that gives us some better indication of you know bone and cartilage health musculoskeletal health and those type of things dressed like a sumo wrestler once again I'm the biggest guy in the room you could tell them I respite of weight on my legs are you gonna look like a Christmas tree when this is finished so we have a motion capture system here it's called a vikon system and that allows us to track the motions of Frank as he's walking along we also have force plates in the ground and those force plates then track the reaction forces you ready go as Frank hits the ground with his feet there's an equal and opposite force back from the ground onto him so we can measure those forces when you are applying a force to the ground you can see that on the screen and go one of the things that matters is the stress in the joint when you're walking you experience one to one point two times body weight so for Frank who say three hundred and sixty pounds that means with every step he takes there's about three hundred and sixty pounds of load interacting with this foot now when you go up to the knee joint they can be two times body weight so that's seven hundred pounds of force through his knee okay and the last one we'll do is a slow walk that's okay yeah you ready and go that dead weight when loaded on the skeleton puts unusual forces on the joint the main forces we worry about are those to the cartilage and the cartilage is that shiny Teflon type substance similar to what you see on the end of a chicken bone so once that cartilage is gone that can produce joint pain symptoms that we call arthritis osteoarthritis degenerative arthritis your mass is about 50% larger than someone of the same size which means the stresses in your joints are far greater so to account for that you walk slower so you have less force less stress on your joints lower weights Laura walk I mean now yeah one of the things that can change with walking speed is your step length and that's another thing that you find with people who are overweight is they have much shorter step lengths and they also choose to have their feet slightly wider apart for a comparison an athlete named James did the same test this is how my body should move here's the difference in our skeletons I'm the big boned guy on the right you have slightly more rotation sideways you have more lateral sway that trunk sway your feet are slightly more side-to-side and compared to James who's walking with a much narrower stance his arms of course closer to his body as well you can see it from some dramatic changes and this is ideally where we wear wheel head when when you lose a bit more weight like everything else I would blame joint pain and ankle swelling an old sporting event no the reason I'm feeling pain the reason I'm not feeling good the reason my heart palpitates sometimes the reason I can't walk up a set of stairs without feeling pain is because I'm fat by this point I was tired the next test I faced at the high tech world of Stanford University would take me into their virtual reality lab that's really high-end stuff I mean it's pretty impressive I'm Frank hi I'm Jesse and this is Liz welcome to the virtual human action lab you can have a seat right there great thank you for agreeing to be a participant today yeah I really don't know what I'm getting into so just you wait our lab uses virtual reality technology and novel ways typically the focus has been on the actual technological aspects of the equipment and instead we use that as a tool to examine social questions and social issues since I was going to be part of an experiment she had to read the standard protocol rules well inside the virtual world you're going to be engaging in a simple exercise as you exercise you will see your avatar exercise and experience the benefits of your exercise that is it will appear to lose weight when you don't exercise your avatar will not lose weight will get bigger it's not going to gain weight it's just going to lose weight so I'm going to demonstrate the exercise you'll be doing today you're going to start with your right leg lift it up to waist level and put it back down to the ground then you'll move your left leg up to waist level and back down to the ground so one repetition is a right and a left so as you exercise like this you'll see your avatar exercise this is an HND or a head-mounted device I'm going to put this on your head and this will enable you to actually see the virtual world so here are two screens and that's where you'll actually see the world being rendered this light right here we're gonna turn that on because that's gonna help the H and D be tracked by those four cameras in the corners of the room alright Frank you can open your eyes do you see our virtual room uh yes I do you turn to your right okay and turn to your left alright great you're definitely tracking I mean this is like 22nd century stuff I mean it's real advanced I had to wear a helmet and see myself in 3d Frank that's your face wow it's so weird seeing it without the extra chins hey I doing there you're the good-looking guy go ahead and start whenever you're ready we immerse him in the virtual environment so he dons the head-mounted display the hmd and when he's in there what he is seeing is a representation of the room and an appearance of himself and as he exercises that virtual self will actually begin to lose weight so the quicker he exercises the more intensely exercises the faster he sees those results the rewards of your exercise are shown on your avatar so as you're lifting your legs each time you perform a repetition of the exercise your avatar is actually losing weight if you notice yourself getting any thinner yeah I really do it looks like I got thirty two inch waist and the pants are loose it gives you an inspiration more you exercise you see yourself get thinner and thinner and the less you exercise he's kind of just let you stay there at the same weight so it inspires you to you know to see what your future can be and what you can do Wow this is this is pretty amazing I can actually see him losing weight as I'm moving you know Frank he's looking thin Frank seemed to be having a good time in there as he was exercising and I could tell he was really noticing the changes in his body and in the end when we gave him the option you know hey Frank you can take a breather you know you can sit down whatever you want to do you really want it to get that avatar back into that skinnier version of himself so he wanted to see that ideal body shape and he was willing to put forth the extra physical effort it took to get there we get this avatar moving his butt I can see the pounds melting off yeah he's losing weight this is great this is more of an interactive motivator could actually be incorporated as they exercise as you exercise you see yourself lose weight that can help you push out an extra set it could help you you know operate at a different intensity level it could help you exercise longer all those things could be immediately beneficial all right great Frank we're done I'm gonna go ahead and take you out of the virtual world at this point we'll talk a little bit about the experiment that was pretty wild all right pretty intense huh yeah how'd you feel about your workout it's great to see myself lose weight you know to see if melting off is pretty cool so did you feel that that made you want to exercise more well yeah you can see a finished product quicker you know and yeah yes I'm kind of still blown away by it I mean it really was a quite surprising with this 3d image I can see it happen I can see my waist coming in a bit that's coming off it's coming off and sometimes you doubt it you know you want to believe it but you know you're like that right you know if your pants are getting loose it doesn't matter you're still like looking at Ameer gold oil cheese but what the imaging machine is the 3d imaging you can see it come off it does sorry to push a little bit harder because the faster you go the higher you go the more you go the more you lose weight as the first morbidly obese person who's ever been tested at the human performance lab I'm overwhelmed 48.5% of my body is fat all this weight but seven hundred and twenty pounds of pressure on my knees a part of me wanted to give up we're gonna put you into our alter G treadmill my last test is on this odd-looking treadmill it's gonna show me what it would feel like the way a lot less using air pressure the plastic housing creates a seal that allows the air to lift me up and magically take the weight off my body good this is the first time that we've used it as a weight loss motivational tool it's more of a rehab or a training tool that we use for our athletes here at Stanford and go ahead and lock that other one down just press it down locked and loaded so you're gonna feel all the air coming in you might even feel like it's gonna lift you up a little bit just another Friday night my life okay whoa that's interesting it's nice and relaxed and you're at 100 percent of your body weight feels pretty normal yeah how's that feel here you are down at working at 80 percent of your body weight okay going down one percentage point at a time you're now at 28% reduced body weight or 100 pounds this is whatever we feel like you have 100 pounds taken off exactly Wow it's completely different it's night and it's not even night and day it's it's a January June I can even feel the pressure off my joints what would I be like around 200 ah see here Oh God hi want to run we've got fifty percent of your body weight right okay oh it feels wonderful it feels what I want to be and I really don't want to go back to be in my body way to go I remember this I remember when I ran track I remember but having that balance that feel in my feet I mean I just feel more alive this is one of the greatest I love this machine and it's not just because it's lying to me it's telling me what could be it is telling you what to me it's a powerful tool wow so we're gonna work our way back here's eighty percent of your body weight whoo what just happens I just added 10% like ah oh my god you're at 92 percent of your body weight now that's under pretty heavy already yeah this is what you are experiencing on day to day life oh this sucks and now you're at body weight true body weight huh so I run a person to be a hundred percent of you right slowing you down slow me down down this is definitely eye-opener pretty powerful yeah how did I let myself get to this point I couldn't tell you I have a lot of work ahead of me I have to do it for myself I'm so shocked at what the Stanford tests revealed that I have no other choice but to get fit or die for the first time in 25 years I've decided to work out I found a trainer who's got a lot of experience with very overweight people like me sharee screven hey hey how you doing huh doing okay okay cool have a seat my plan for Frank is to definitely keep him challenged because a lot of times a morbidly obese person already in their mind has said I cannot do this just think of me as your giant pumpkin you didn't get the car of me I love it I love it body engineering that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna come right around the belly button okay okay okay you duplicate yeah arguing a path there it's been a long time since a woman has put her arms around me and now Charisse can't even do that once again I'm embarrassed we're looking at about 60 and a half all right so that's what we're working from we ready to do this yeah yeah squeeze it tight knit and right now what I'm doing is just figuring out from a strength perspective and just seeing where you are right now we're gonna start turning you into a furnace I need you to be a walking furnace okay back when I was wrestling in high school I could probably bench press around 250 pounds now I'm lucky if I bench press age I had a major concern that my body was gonna be able to take it I like the fact that you used to be an athlete so you understand discipline you understand muscles so I'm just gonna reawaken your body I don't want to fail I didn't know what's gonna happen I don't know what the next thing was it's treadmill there's gonna be one of your best friends one of them besides me the key with us Frank is always gonna be challenge challenge challenge I just don't wanna give up on myself cuz I gave up on myself for the last 2025 years he's gonna be successful if I have to say get your heinie in gear immediately right now cuz I know you can do it dig deep within I will get your posture together pull yourself up right it is gonna be a slow process because at his level being morbidly obese it's definitely one baby step at a time mm-hmm good pull that belly button in pull it in first time ever at a trainer if I went to the gym myself I would have beat myself to heck and that's showing up ever again it helps to talk to someone who understands what I'm going through because right now I'm having trouble hey guys hey doing hi I'm Jeff Jeff hey Jeff are you doing identical twins Jeff and Jim Phil lost nearly 100 pounds each on last year's national body challenge at the start Jim weighed 344 pounds and Jeff was 296 and like me they loved Pisa cannolis sausage parmesan ice cream but they had it worse they run their own Italian restaurant in Eagle Rock California so they're surrounded by temptation the twins were in trouble they both had high cholesterol and Jim was diabetic this is not about losing weight to look better this isn't that kind of a challenge they understand that they really have to take it seriously they started eating better with a little help from the national body challenge crew it was indeed some pork sausage this is definitely gonna go in the trash but they went to work all right now we've got a lot of work for us to do today Jim and Jeff lost more than 60 pounds each during the 15 weeks the surprises now we did so much so well that we can lose that much weight in such a short time yeah we were surprised I was surprised I was too I couldn't believe it was almost like a dream I thought it was gonna end well what's even more impressive is that they didn't stop losing weight once the cameras went away today Jim's down to 240 won a total loss of a hundred and three pounds and Jeff is at 201 95 pounds lighter did you have this goal in mind realistically we didn't think we were gonna get this this far but we had to lose I had to lose weight it wasn't a maybe or all see how far we go life or death yeah both mom and dad you know what we want we want you to outlive us and the way you're going you're not gonna do it after the body challenge and you lost a you know a huge amount of weight and you kept going how were you able to do that with no cameras no support exercise we work out with our trainer twice a week and then we go work out on our own yeah I go for a walk at lunchtime blood pressure is down yeah blood pressure is good my blood sugar level is good and my cholesterol kid now the only problem is I'm getting aches and pains from doing all the physical activity yeah has that changed anything with the way you eat here where you do your menu or anything like it does in fact it will show you uh there you go whole-wheat pizza and pasta yeah turkey sausage and the Italian Russian yeah yeah but you're gonna have a pizza you gotta have sausage we're gonna make you a healthy low fat twins pizza yes here's their secret really thin whole-wheat crust a light sprinkling of low-fat cheese lean turkey sausage peppers and mushrooms at 200 calories a slice it's a low fat delight mmm fantastic guys excellent excellent nicely done I've been working with sharise for an intense month and a half but today an old knee injury flared up and now I'm in big trouble I can't get out of bed my knee is killing me village there's a knife in there and it's just being twisted back and forth this weight has taken a bigger toll on my body than I realized I need to figure out what my other options are I've heard about bariatric surgery the procedure where a surgeon makes your stomach smaller see can't eat so much I'm not big on surgery I'm actually kind of afraid of it but at this point a quicker fix is worth checking out today I'm going to UC Irvine to meet with top bariatric surgeon dr. know when essentially your stomach can actually hold approximately a leader to 1.5 liters of liquid or solid gastric bypass is an operation whereby we construct a very small stomach a pouch a cannoli hole approximately 30 CC's so it's tremendously less once we construct that pouch we take the small bowel and route it and connect it to the pouch this is actually an x-ray of a patient who just recently had a gastric bypass and this pouch holds approximately an ounce an hour one of us then immediately from the pouch a drain into the small intestine so that is your new pouch if you decide to undergo a gastric bypass I want you to lose when you get a gastric bypass you're only able to put announcer your in your body 65 to 70 percent of your excess weight so for example you're 100 pounds overweight after about one year we expect you to lose approximately 65 or 70 pounds that's small I know all right if you don't have any a further question why don't we just take a walk over the surgical suite and I'll show you where we do our work right I'd love to see okay I'm ready doc let's go an offering room ha ha why don't you have a seat okay I'm not too comfortable in these uh I know I can learn this totally understand okay we perform all these operations through small incision I don't want to scare you or nothing but we use instrumentation like these to go through there instead of using my hand well how would that go inside me through a little port we call it a trocar the first thing we will do is will insulate meaning blow up your abdomen you will look like the mission and man how do you do we'll go ahead and place the trocar in just like this and we'll just go ahead and penetrate directly through your skin into your abdominal cavity to see what I'm doing we use a bigger trocar and what we have here is a high-definition camera where we actually placed through the trocar into your abdomen I can actually visualize your internal organs I notice these things are slowly which really getting bigger in point here yes it is another instrument that we use is a stapler where we actually can cut and staple the intestine oh yeah it makes the operation very quick another instrument that we commonly use is the needle holder and this is used to really really stitch your intestine together so you're actually sewing up my insides exactly we staple first and then we also so at certain spot of the intestine so we won't have any leakage that's correct will prevent leakage oh so you have the you have a camera in there you'd have that in there that's correct what else would be in there there's also a liberal retractor sounds huge the liver sits directly on top of your stomach and we have to retract the liver in order for us to see the stomach when we actually goes inside the abdominal cavity we actually go ahead and tighten it and it form a rigid retractor we'll take this retractor and retract your liver away okay mmm am i a good candidate for this you have high blood pressure guess it's off – reflux and you've been struggling with weight loss for many years now I think you will really benefit from weight loss surgery well I gotta give some thought to this I mean this is a big decision I can't really make right now I agree okay I'll have to call my parents cuz I'm getting a decision like this without talking to them this is pretty fascinating amazing stuff the possibilities are just fantastic but it is major surgery so I have to give it some serious talk learning about my body has been overwhelming I like the idea of bariatric surgery for faster weight loss but I'm too afraid of surgery to go through with it so I'm back to diet and exercise in three months I've lost 60 pounds I was lucky to be invited back to Stanford's elite human performance lab to find out if even 60 pounds makes a difference on a body as big as mine the body fat test says me pretty nervous so you know I guess when it comes to just measure your body fit those numbers don't lie looking good looking like the exercises paying off yeah I'm pretty excited highly energetic Frank came in three months ago his body was not allowing his skeleton to rest easily due to fat mass in the torso fat mass on the inner thigh beyond pounds this DEXA machine will tell me the exact amount of fat I've dropped today we're seeing something a little bit different your shoulders look a lot more relaxed a little bit slimmer profile it's looking a lot more like a normal skeleton if you recall you were at 48.5% pure fat so three months ago you came in here could barely fit you on the table today almost 10 percent lower thirty eight point six thirty eight point six yeah I'll take that that's not bad I've been working pretty hard but not just weight off I've been doing to our workouts and and they paid off next the Vikon system details how my bones joints and muscles have responded to the weight loss hey Frank you're looking great oh thank you I felt pretty good that everyone noticed that there was a significant difference in my body my face they'd come up and start smiling right away because I'm very happy for me that was nice with a 60 pound loss in weight we'd expect those stresses to be about 20% less as well since you've lost that much body mass what we want to do is compare what is the effect of his movement patterns and the forces through his joints as he's lost 60 pounds so we can actually check your natural walking speed is faster than what it was before once again I'm lit up like a Christmas tree I got a pair this big with every step that Frank takes he's putting less load on his joints so he can probably take many more steps before my arms are further out the way I was walking I was lumbering wasn't a pretty sight I've surpassed that even though I still have a lot of weight to lose I've taken pressure off my joints with just the 60 pound loss I was out of breath last time doing this just one yeah just walking back and forth and now feel great good well we'll get you running soon hmm what I've done here is I've pulled up the data from three months ago and this is you walking at a normal speed before your stride was shorter you walk slightly slower and your stride width was further apart the changes that will see a changes in the forces in his joints if you're carrying less weight less mass you would expect those forces to be reduced now your stride length is increased your stride width is decreased you have less side-to-side rotation and less sway in the frontal plane so basically you're just telling me I'm later on my feet this is a very sophisticated showing it noticeably he's lost a lot of weight he seems to be moving around much more easily he looks a different man a final test is the hardest measuring how my body utilizes oxygen the vo2 max pushed me to the edge and just seven minutes left times there we go increasing the gradient we're at 2% grade about three and a half miles per hour so you're actually going a little bit quicker increase that hill still feels pretty good what breathing too heavy yet can you feel the difference now between the last time when you were sixty pounds heavier pull it more later you're stronger and indoor carry less weight right we're a four percent grade three and a half miles per hour looking good last time I was in such horrible shape I was in pain and was tired I was sore and asian everything slowed down all right we're gonna stop right there goodie water this time just caught my breath and I felt great all right Frank let's get those arms moving charge up that hill you're at 7% grade four miles per hour stay with it we're cheer you on buddy stay with it stay with it those arms use those arms get up the hill they put me at I believe eight point five was the incline which is pretty steep it actually felt like a beginning to a workout I was just warmed up I was ready to do more good job Frank you're doing well fill in dr. Masters summer cheer me on which is kind of funny yeah you know as neat ten seconds come on stay with it all right nice job bringing you down 11 minutes your fitness level is up because you've got more muscle you're extracting more oxygen in the muscle and you've lost body fat so this test is a great improvement good job last time I was home this time I'm uh I'm actually get a little talk and yeah and like I kinda yeah the thing I noticed most about Frank was he really looked different and before he looked a little beaten down and his shoulders were rounded and weight was carried forward and he kind of troop from place to place and now he just has more energy through today's assessment comparing it to the baseline three months ago exercise time was increased nearly 50 percent you went from about seven minutes nearly 11 minutes at a higher intensity faster pace very good job fr hmm but it'll mean the best thing I saw today was it Frank just seeing more alive I think he's turned a corner I just see a motivation in Frank that I didn't see before when I first came to Stanford I didn't like what I heard coming back from Stanford on this last trip I was really encouraged by the success I made now that I've seen a difference at some weight loss can make I'm not gonna give up trying to lose more I've come a long way since I used to tell my usual fat jokes three months and 60 pounds ago have you been uh fantastic yeah couple changes good yeah I can tell oh good to see you Frank that's act you later I do feel great and I know I look better it wasn't just the way yeah I lost hope I made changes that have not only changed my life so far but they've saved my life these three months been one of the best times my life lost over 60 pounds I'm gonna lose a team or at least and I hope the next time you see me on TV you see less of me you

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  1. This was originally a TV movie, made for Discovery Health and aired in 2009. Frank was in several movies and TV shows after he made this documentary. At 1:11 in this video (I Love You Like Crazy, 2011), , 2 years later, you can see he has clearly gained the weight back, if not more.

  2. I love how he took ownership for the fact he was morbidly obese. A lot of people make excuses but he didn't

  3. That low fat "healthy" pizza was "only" 200 calories a slice. Problem is he before finished of 2 pizzas and a big sandwich for a total of 5000 calories in a meal even with that pizza. That pizza would not be the solution! :o)

  4. I am so sorry that this poor soul passed away without being able to overcome his addiction caused by the food industry, he is a victim as much as any alcoholic, smoker, or any other drug addict. He seemed to be a truly nice person and didn't deserve his fate. I wish he would have had more guidance and help

  5. big deal. this guy is a drug addict, just like everyone else is. for some that drug happens to be an activity that has a positive impact on them physically, such as exercise (which too can be toxic if you overdo it). we all cross that fine line of moderation in some regard. just pick your poison. that is if you believe in the power of choice, free will, to begin with. I dont judge him.

  6. First, I thought this was the guy from Home Alone. Googled Frank Payne, found out he died in 2012. Turned out the guy from Home Alone was John Candy, who's been dead since 1994. Now I'm depressed.

  7. Gawd that VR Set up they had was pathetic. i know the tech is old but the whole idea is probably the dumbest thing ive ever seen.

  8. "I really do eat like that. It sounds pathetic"
    Nah, it really doesn't. I get why he thinks like that and to a degree I agree with him. But being fat is hard, not in the way that the fat acceptance/body positivity crowd want you to think. It's hard due to how you feel, how you know you're killing yourself and how unhealthy you are.
    And you choose not to do anything about it, and you know you should.

    Not to mention it's hard to loose weight. It's easy, but hard. All you need to do is eat less calories then you burn, that easy. But the best foods are usually high in calories and do little in terms of making you feel full. And so keeping away from the bad food is hard and takes hard work to avoid.

    I have a lot of respect for people who have lost weight, and worked out even more so after I didn't myself and i understood just how hard it is, not just to do but to keep yourself from just putting the weight right back on after when you can eat normal food again, but you still need to limit yourself.

    Massive amounts of respect for this dude for trying to change his life for the better!

    Edit: Just herd that he died at age 49 in 2012. That's such a shame, but that is the danger and the tragedy of being obese. Please try to see this as a warning as to what might happen, you all have families and friends who love you. Don't eat yourself to death, they will miss you and you and they deserve you at your healthiest!

  9. While he is overweight I don't think hes "morbidly obese" but I guess they need to sell this thing.

  10. 12:54 The 2000 kcal for a "fairly" active male is so bullshit … This doctor doesnt know shit apparently. A male with 200 lbs at 6"2 needs 2000 alone for existing lol … If one would be physically active, 3000-3500 kcal would be no problem at all … I hate if people with some sort of "degree" spread bullshit information … She should know better.

  11. He's an emotional eater, like me ? It can only be solved by addressing the root issue… for me it's loneliness and anxiety. Nothing else will work until you stop using food as a coping mechanism.

  12. As someone who was previously overweight, I would never have been so brave to open up about everything I eat in a day. And I was only about a stone overweight. Well done for putting yourself out there, it was most certainly not easy

  13. If this can help someone who wants to lose weight then my advice is first, admit to yourself that you have abused yourself for eating unhealty.

    Dont lie to yourself and make excuses like, oohh its because of my genes or well theres medicine anyway or worst is pretending everything is ok.

    Once you worked that out. Work on your self control and discipline yourself to not eat junk foods.

    Make incremental changes to what you eat, how you eat and hoe much you eat. Since if you go hard core and starve yourself or go into extreme diets, you are bound to fail.

    Then try to be more active like first start to walk, then switch later to jogging so and so fort and do something you can see you can maintain.

    You dont have to go to the gym or spend alot of money on exercise equipment.

    The saying small gradual changes can make a big impact later is the key here and be patient with yourself nor expect overnight results.

  14. This lady is just generalizing everything first off you don't know that how many calories he needs per day it's based on his lean body mass which you have no idea of. I hate when they have those nutritionists that makes statements that aren't based on science.

  15. 1. That VR test was an utter joke. Besides having literally no benefits but damage his eyes, asking a morbidly obese person to do knee ups on solid ground does more damage than good. The same goes to most other exercises they prescribed him.

    2. That personal trainer who claimed to be an expert of shredding fat doesn't know the fundamental workout principle – never let fat people do stand-up exercises like jogging, running, jumping, etc. Standing posture is the worst for them. I can tell she's professional and did the right thing for building his muscle that will burn out more energy and help alleviate joint pressure from muscle support. However, she and other Standford experts should've known that the most beneficial exercise for obese people is swimming if they can. If they can't, instruct workout that eliminates lower body joint pressure such as cycling, rowing and yoga mat exercises like crisscross, side leg lifts, etc. The core of obese people exercise is to tighten their core muscle which turns out to be their weakest part 99% of the time which also turns out to be the reason they can't do most exercise.

    Find the source. Fix the core.

  16. Why every obesity people say " its problem not in me, its because I'm loose my brother or sister"
    hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP EATING!!!!! PROBLEM IN YOU!!!

  17. At 5'9" and 440 lbs I made the choice to go on the Keto Diet and cut out carbs completely from my life and in 3 months am down to 370 lbs.

  18. LDL cholesterol is not the bad cholesterol, it's job is to try and fight and fix problems in your arteries. High levels of HDL's are bad and clog arteries . These doctors need to go back to medical school and study more.

  19. The nurse/doc girl seems crazy. A male adult like him needs at least 2200 kcal for a sedentary lifestyle.

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