My Problem with Every Damn Day Fitness | The Rewired Soul

My Problem with Every Damn Day Fitness | The Rewired Soul

so for those of you who don’t know there
was a channel run by a man named Alan Roberts and his channel is called every
damn day fitness and some people have a problem with his channel and that’s what
we’re gonna be talking about today what is up everybody this is Chris from the
rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if
you’re new to my channel what I try to do take different topics going on in the
YouTube community try to see what lessons we can learn from them to
improve our own mental and emotional well-being so if you’re ending that
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anyways let me clarify real quick on the title I just I couldn’t really think of
another way to title it I I don’t have a problem with Alan Roberts or what he
does on his channel I respect the hell out of this dude and you’re gonna see
why in this video all right but when I look at his channel and I see what he’s
doing and I see other things happening in the community or just even in society
I look at the difference between like the mental health stigma and talking
about my body appearance and everything like that and it’s just really
fascinating to me and I just kind of want to open this up and try to have a
conversation with everybody and see what your thoughts are on this topic all
right now real quick too even though I just cleared that up then I don’t have a
problem Alan Roberts before anybody so bombarded me with the fat jokes listen
bucko I’ve been hitting the gym like a boss I try to do about at least two
miles a day or so I’m also vegetarian I’m trying to watch what I eat and all
that stuff anyways Alan Roberts have you ever
watched this you want to hook it up with some fitness tips hit me up brother all
right so anyways let’s talk about his channel
every day every damn day fitness all right so yeah basically you know his
expertise Alan’s expertise is in Fitness you know you don’t really need to do too
much resource research like look at this dude like you can benchpress me all
right but anyways fitness is a great topic you
know on YouTube it’s a great topic on Instagram he has like 35,000 on
Instagram as well but he’s done something very interesting
in order to teach people about the importance of living a physically
healthy lifestyle which could also help your mental health as well in order to
do that what Alan Roberts often does is he takes mainstream examples whether
it’s youtubers like boogie2988 um I think he’s also made some videos on
amberlynn weed he’s also used people like TAS holiday
and he uses that as an example and it gives his thoughts and opinions in order
to teach the audience about that but he doesn’t just take examples of people who
he feels are doing things wrong but he also finds people who are doing things
right so he finds mainstream examples of people who are doing the physical health
thing and he tries to teach the audience about that and it’s working I believe he
has almost 200,000 subscribers and some of you watching this video you’re like
dang Chris that sounds really familiar somebody taking mainstream examples and
using that as a way to educate people about some sort of health topic alright
so for those of you who don’t know my channel has been deemed controversial by
some because I talk about mental health and something that I found was something
that Alan Roberts found as well as when we have examples going on in the
mainstream one way to get traction on YouTube and you know to get your videos
out there is to use mainstream examples when we’re talking about this right so
where as he’s talking about physical health I’m talking about mental health
right and here’s a thing like this isn’t a video to be like but but but what
about this guy none like I love what Alan Roberts is doing
like because that’s the type of learner I am and I know a lot of other people
are that type of learner as well you need some example that you can
relate to in order to kind of soak this in but like I said at the beginning of
this video like I just kind of want to talk to you guys like what I really
think is like with all the backlash that I’ve received in the past is as I feel
it shows you like how much of a mental health stigma is still out there right
like we have no problem on a regular basis and this has been going on forever
right like look at magazine covers and everything like that we have no problem
talking about people’s physical health we have no problem talking about
people’s physical appearance but the second you talk about mental health
that’s when things get weird right and I just think that’s interesting because
one of my goals in life and I might have just attacked it too soon was I want to
be able to talk about mental health just as easily as we talk about physical
health right now like I said in the intro there’s some people who have a
problem with what Alan Roberts is doing but I don’t really see a problem with
that anything that’s put out there publicly is up to discuss like I just
watched a few of his videos and I can tell that he’s not coming from a place
of malice it’s a place of concern whether it’s the people he’s referencing
in the video or the audience as a whole he’s not saying like this is a terrible
person this is a bad person but he knows the influence that people have right for
example like what I’m saying is like I have a platform I have influence
maybe hypothetically Alan made a video about me like I’m on this platform so if
I was here saying like oh I’m healthy and here’s what I
stuff like that like he would say yo what that dudes doing is a bad example
and I can’t really argue with that right so I think it’s a point that we talk
about behaviors and everything to try to see what we could do to improve our own
mental health as well and this isn’t something that is specific to Alan
Roberts either so my beautiful girlfriend Tristan she actually got me
into a channel Abby sharp all right so Abby showed her
expertise is in like physical health as well I believe she’s a dietician and
twisting and I will watch videos about like she kind of analyzes like what I
eat in a day videos like we were just watching one the other day where she
analyzed a Gabby can a video but anyway she comes in there and just talks like
is this healthy or is this unhealthy is this good or is this bad like I think
that I don’t know that’s an excellent way to teach and maybe that’s just the
way I learned maybe that’s the way some of you learn as well now getting back to
the topic so Alan Roberts his expertise is in physical health but in his most
recent boogie2988 video he said this honestly I just think he should get
impatient therapy but he needs serious intensive psychiatric help along with
physical help to help him lose weight lose the rest of the weight and deal
with his issues because the man has problems he does so this is not meant to
demean or be mean to him I even said to him at the end of the long ridiculous
childlike rant in my Instagram DMS that I would not make any more videos about
him if he didn’t say anything dangerous to his audience now he’s his niece his
physical health so some people would say he has no right to comment on the mental
health of boogie2988 I’m gonna link that video down below if you want to get the
full context because I somewhat agree and disagree with what he’s saying I
referenced it in my last video because Boogie is very open about his mental
health and it struggles and everything so but I understand
Alan Roberts concern right much like myself and much like other Creators our
concern is for the the larger group of people right so
he’s speaking his opinion about boogie talking about these things very publicly
because he’s thinking about how it might affect somebody so I don’t think that he
should not talk about that subject just because he is not a mental health expert
he has every right to that opinion because again anything that any of us
put out publicly I feel or up to be discussed publicly by others you know
what I mean so the last thing I’ll talk about is one
thing that I look at when I look at you know these Fitness channels and
everything like that I absolutely agree like one of the reasons I’m going to the
gym and everything and trying to eat a little bit better is because physical
health matters right but I actually used to be like about 200 pounds lighter and
I was miserable I was depressed like back in high school I was a triathlete I
was very physically active I lifted weights I was actually pretty strong if
you could believe that by anyways I was miserable I was depressed so something
that I try to remind people is like yeah make sure you get your physical health
in check like you absolutely should but just know that it is not going to
guarantee happiness and the reason I say that in caution people about that is
because some people like oh if I could just lose X amount of pounds then I’ll
be happy or oh if my butt was just a little bit more toned then I would be
happy right if my biceps were just this certain diameter then I would be happy
right and this is a lie that our brain tells us like almost in the same vein as
if I only had this much money then I would be happy so the only thing that I
try to remind people is physical health and mental health are just as important
like one of the reasons I started going back to the gym recently is for my
mental health I know I know the mental health benefits of going to the gym
getting that cardio in alright raising that that heart rate and releasing like
the endorphins and everything like that and it’s held down a lot I’ve discussed
this on my podcast a bit so just keep that in mind that physical health and
mental health like it shouldn’t be one or another it should
absolutely be both alright but anyways let me know down in the comments below
what your thoughts are on this subject like do you think like there’s kind of a
double standard kind of like I’m talking about like why is it okay to talk about
physical health but not mental health what are your thoughts what are your
opinions on that alright but anyways that’s all I got for this video if you
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for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. Hey! Can you talk about the YouTuber aexotiic? I think she’s a cool YouTuber and I wanna see your opinion about it!

  3. Who doesn't like the angry bald man? He's really honest and kind. He cares.
    Another good one is Obese to Beast.
    Banana Blondie has some funny rants, too.
    They are all teaching and learning and entertaining.

  4. I always watch his channel. Also obese to beast, Michelle McDaniel and Swolenormous. They always talk about things no one talks about and give a great perspective.

  5. You're working really hard at health on all levels. Wondering if you'd try whole foods vegan, not only vegetarian, a few meals a week (something instead of dairy or eggs if you have that, but also not a processed vegan food to replace it, which might be unhealthy.) Whatever you do, keep up the great work – in all you do.

  6. I think it’s controversial (in other people’s eyes not mine) to talk about someone’s physical and mental health because it shouldn’t be anyone’s business… but i do believe the topics are up for grabs when the person is in the spot light… i mean it sucks when it’s negative but it’s basically what they sign up for…

    I feel like it’s easier to talk about physical health over mental because no matter how one argues that one can’t tell by looking at someone if their healthy or not… that is not always true especially when one is morbidly obese… mental health on the other hand is what one says… and usually is not as visible… which is why most people have a hard time allowing others to talk about the topic… i think.. i mean one person can seem fine and have lots of mental health issues… idk… just seems like it’ll always be a taboo topic despite everyone having mental issues at one point or another.

  7. I stand with Every Damn Day Fitness he keeps me motivated as well as swolenormous, and Michelle (My thoughts will probably offend you)

  8. I just wish people weren’t so sensitive… the other day Instagram didn’t let me promote a before and after picture because it might trigger people lol

  9. I thought it was about the everyday fitness gyms 😂 oops my bad I was so confused. Great video as always Chris!

  10. I think it’s a bit ehhh to use examples of people who are happy at the weight they are, such as Loey Lane. It’s really nobody’s business, and all that does is contribute to the culture of body-shaming. I’m all for using examples of people who are trying to lose weight or become healthier, but something just really doesn’t sit right with me about using examples of people who are happy where they are in life. I have a chronic illness that affects my physical health, and I would be devastated if somebody made a video about me pointing out what I was doing wrong with regards to that. Physical health is such an individual thing, it’s impossible to give accurate advice without knowing that person IRL. And whereas you Chris tend to be very clear about who your intended audience is, it does seem a bit like he’s speaking to the examples he uses directly. I’ll admit that I don’t know. I think this idea of physical fitness as paramount is really dangerous territory. Not everyone is capable of being at their physical peak, and not everyone wants to be. The whole thing just makes me kind of uncomfortable.

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