My TOP 3 Foods for Fat Loss! | Prep Log Ep. 06

My TOP 3 Foods for Fat Loss! | Prep Log Ep. 06

ha we're here we're right outside of costco and we're gonna go undercover i'm gonna show you my top three foods for cutting right now i'm doing a competition i'm about almost five weeks out so the reason we're going undercover is because last time I came in Costco with my camera I got kicked out so I'm gonna put the GoPro my pants I have a pretty big camera so we're gonna try to be nonchalant about it and just film okay so let's go follow me okay we're inside Costco think we're all good coast is clear so I'm not about to get kicked out through this camera I'm making this video okay I'm making it happen Raja also first stop is the chicken of course you gotta have the chicken it's gonna be chicken breast not chicken thighs thighs a little more fatty when you're cutting you want to minimize that extra fat so lean chicken breast is this the comment we get we've attended or breast fillets right here where Costco it's kind of kind of expenses like $2.99 per pound but we always get the flavor one because I'm always in a hurry have a biggest busy schedule and I like to bomb my chicken flavor this doesn't have any car but it's just a little bit extra sodium so we've got this is my number one two chicken breasts of course of course you knew that but let's go on a few number two Sarah that is not on our food list no no no tequila chicken nuggets in my room when I so this may be a given to most of you but you're like oh chicken out chickens healthy for your courses are breaded and of course their chicken nuggets which is like the lowest quality of meat so just be sure to be checking your nutrition facts okay it's all about caloric intake every every diet falls into chloric intake if you're on keto if you're an intermittent fasting it's not gonna work unless you're in a caloric deficit okay so what's your intake with the calories our chopped food number 2 I'm getting is tilapia now some of you may disagree against tilapia because it's farmed or whatever but it's a Fiat is the closest meat I believe the leanest meat the lowest fat zero carb and protein source that you're gonna get so that's the reason I offer tilapia and you may notice with the chicken breast – it's more of a pure protein source there may be like half a gram or like a gram of fat per serving but it's pretty much all protein all protein so that's why off – the tilapia I like to design my die and my coach designs my diet to where I'm eating pure so pretty much pure sources of things so I'll have like an avocado which is fat and rice which is pure carb and then you have a protein sources so that's why I'm getting til up with Marshall the last number three is it may have a different effect with some people but that's why I like asparagus my top three foods for cutting once again you have to pretty much pure protein sources and protection for your micronutrients my crews process the macros so of course you're not all gonna be eating these three things strictly I don't even eat these three things but these are my top three what else I won't happen what else I have in my diet is white rice along with some oatmeal and avocado so I eat about five or six different things throughout the day but as far as my top three and the type I would recommend to put into a cutting diet is some some type of fish tilapia chicken breast and some type of veggie all right so let's talk about the way I prepare this tilapia so I just have it out on a sheet pan right here with some aluminum full of course I spray that only full with zero calorie cooking spray I like this because it doesn't have any fats or anything in it like that so I can just use it as I please so next is the lemon i will squirt a little bit of lemon on top of the fish I think it makes all fish taste a little better so whatever you're trying to cook whatever time of fish salmon tilapia whatever make it taste better so second is salt a little bit of salt on top and then pepper and then in my opinion my opinion that's pretty much all you need to make your tilapia awesome it's really easy to stomach it's easy to eat but it processes quick so you may be kind of hungry after you eat it so I introduced three types of foods today I introduced chicken fish as well as vegetables but I don't want you to think since there's not a carb in there I don't want you to think that you're not supposed to eat carbs when you're cutting I actually do recommend eating carbohydrates when you're cutting this is the type of carb that I use it's just basmati rice every morning I will have this oatmeal right here it's called better oats I love it because it tastes awesome and there's only one gram of sugar and as you can see so no added sugar you really have to watch that when you're going for your oatmeal because sugar can be the enemy and it can be good for you got to know how to use this and then my Mills are lined up after that I'll do like a small breakfast shake with little bit of carbs in it to kickstart my metabolism after my fasted cardio and then my next five Mills are pretty much proteins greens proteins greens protein greens and then before I go to sleep I'm gonna have to la Pia and then avocado for a little bit more fat so that's the way mom mills are set up on a low-carb day on moderate carb day all my mills have half a cup of rice in it and of course that just keeps my metabolism going to keep kind of keeps my body confused and keeps my body burning fat I think that's a lot of a lot of people don't understand that your body your metabolism has to be constantly change it has to be constantly trying to guess what you're thrown at it because if you comes to a standstill it can halt your fat loss so I recommend kind of learning your body trying out different diets if you want no diet is the best for every person every everybody's gonna be different so I don't know if y'all remember me checking in with last time but my abs and obliques are coming in very very well I think the next video I do is going to be a complete physique update getting ready for this show five weeks out five weeks in three days out and my midsection is coming in pretty pretty good in my opinion so I want to wrap up the video I've got to cook this I've got to go to the gym and then I've got to clock in for the Navy at 1300 so I really appreciate watching the video this has been the prep blog series episode 6 and I will see you in the next video so I ordered this because I thought it was cool I got it I got it off eBay because they stopped making them in like the 90s this is like a rare action figure and I thought it would be fitting because I'm adding a little bit of decoration to this room and I wanted to get weather you see the longest so this is a rare GI Joe action sailor that's pretty legit like I'll wear that uniform and here he is that's pretty cool except I don't want my dog tags this one is a chief and the SP on his shoulder is for shore Patrol which is basically like back then it was the law enforcement of the Navy so that's what I do I'm in law enforcement I saw this was awesome World War 2 50th anniversary commemorative edition some of you are like oh god here we go again

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  1. You should sprinkle turmeric powder on your tilapia too. Good for your skin. I prefer to make the baked/grilled fish as a summer roll. Instead of fluff white rice, you have rice paper. Then, roll fish up like a burrito add your cooked asparagus, and maybe some julienne raw carrots, or a hand full of mixed green salad. Sliced raw garlic is very good in the rolls with fish too. So good!

  2. Love the vid but you'll want to reduce the volume for background music while ur speaking. If ur controlling it you'll wanna balance ur audio at a 100% and the background music at 3-10%

  3. Tyson. Did recall bunch. Of there chicken nuggets and tenders. Be careful. With any Tyson. Products I love tilapia ? delicious ?pink Himalayan salt is great. Threw out all regular salts. Sea salts. Great. And. Pink Himalayan .i have under active thyroid. It sucks. Lol.

  4. If you have alot of fat on your body, my suggestion is stop eating white rice, bread, and pasta. There is a bread called Ezekiel 3:19 made of beans and sprouts, no flour, no sodium excellent. Let me say though, go to your doctor first and get a check-up so you can know exactly what you can and cannot eat too much of, it may be sodium, or carbs, or phosphate and even protein, once you know that, then you must be disciplined and determined enough to accomplish your goal to lose not only weight,but fat. I believe that you must start first with your diet, and pay close attention to portions.

  5. Come across one of your videos the other day and now iv watched a good few of them & subscribed 😀 sending love all the way from the UK – Keep doing what your doing my brother , and loving the new GI JOE 😀

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