Myo Stretching:  What is Active Isolated Stretching?

Myo Stretching: What is Active Isolated Stretching?

I’m Heidi Timer. I’ve been a licensed
massage therapist since 2003. I specialize in Active Isolated Stretching
getting quicker longer-lasting results for my client. So what is active isolated
stretching? AIS is an approach to stretching that unlocks restricted
fascia and restores optimal muscle length. First, it is active. Second, it is
very precise controlled and brief. These factors make AIS uniquely effective
because of the way they engage the nervous system and provide
proprioceptive feedback that allows you to increase your active usable range of
motion. Moving into a stretch actively utilizes the body’s reciprocal
inhibition system and quickly creates length in the connective and muscle
tissues being stretched. An example of reciprocal inhibition is when the bicep
contracts the tricep must lengthen to allow the elbow to bend. By taking an
action to the end range of motion, the opposing muscles and connective tissue
are given a signal from the nervous system to release. I’ll demonstrate
Active Isolated Stretching with lateral flexion or side bend of the neck. With
the exhale, move the ear to the shoulder exploring the end range of motion for
two seconds. Then, inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat with your
breath six times working to the end range of motion for no longer than two
seconds keeps the nervous system feeling safe enough to accept the change in the
soft tissues. AIS is isolated because you were targeting one muscle or muscle
group in one joint at a time. This specificity allows you to target the
exact points of restriction. When we stretch more generally we often end up
over stretching areas that already have good mobility and missing
the areas that don’t. AIS is extremely effective in refreshing the stretched
areas with circulation opening range of motion quickly and creating stronger
brain-body connection to proper joint mechanics. Check out the description below for more information and links. I offer one-on-one AIS sessions and group
classes at Myo. If you have any questions please email me [email protected]

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