Natural  Remedies and Tips To Boost Immunity

Natural Remedies and Tips To Boost Immunity

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  1. Jisko auto immune bimari hai jaise ki rhumotoid aithrise immune system ki badhne se hi hota hai. Wo agar giloy piyega to aur badh jayega.

  2. Hello sir I eat everything healthy and nutritious..but pichle 2 sal mera face kafi dull ho gya h koi glow nh rha…or body m bilkul m energy nh rhti h jbki mei khub khati hu..Nd pichle 4 mahine s sinus ki prblm b ho rh .. allopathic medicine s b kuch relief nh mil rha h..ap plz koi suggestion dijiye apna…

  3. sir meri 4 sal ki beti h,jo har 15 din me bimar ho jati h,bukhar ,khasi,jukham,cough,hota rahta h,wo na khana khati h,m kya kru sir pls help me

  4. But mere saare friends kuch n krte fast food khaate no exercise fir bhi wo bimar n pdte or m bimar pdte Rehti?

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