Neck, Upper Back, Posture Pain Relief.  The Towel Exercise. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Neck, Upper Back, Posture Pain Relief. The Towel Exercise. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

– Hello again, I’m Dr. Tony, Chiropractor at Euclid
Chiropractic in Upland. I wanted to go over this video with you whether you are a patient
now or a future patient. What happens when you’re
body is like this, where it’s hunching
forward, either like this, or when you sit too,
where it hunches this way. It can cause neck pain,
shoulder pain, even headaches, and upper back pain. This video will help you
understand how to get your body to relax backwards by using, I’m going to use a towel in a second, also Ms. Cassidy, her
first video, and using her to understand how to stretch properly for your neck and shoulders. Go right to the video. This is our Cassidy one of our
interns in her first video. She’s a little bit
nervous. Okay, our model. We are going to go over how
to do the pillow stretch. What you use is a towel
rolled up. A basic towel. Now what we want to have
her do is have her lie all the way down and that
will let the head fall back behind the pillow. Okay
does that feel comfortable? – No. – Good ’cause that means
your neck has come backwards and she has to work on her
neck posture for one too. After about a minute of this,
now bring your arms overhead, see how that feels. Does that feel okay? – Worse. – Worse? Phenomenal. That means she’s stretching out even more. If you have pain with this, please stop and see a chiropractor you
want to consult a chiropractor, but also you should allow the neck to fall backwards over time at that point your body
feels that over-all stretch ’cause your posture. And then you add exercise and stretching your overall body heal properly and overall get that, if
you have pain already, get that to relax doing your neck. Alright, again we’re chiropractors in Upland Cucamonga in Claremont. Allow your body to heal by
chiropractic care if you can and add stretches afterwards too. Hope you enjoyed the video. Make sure you subscribe to
our channel. Have a good day.

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