'Negative pa kami: Isko hires team to plug 'leaks' in Manila revenues | ANC

'Negative pa kami: Isko hires team to plug 'leaks' in Manila revenues | ANC

let's start first with this the Commission on audit came out with a report and said Manila has a cash deficit of almost 4.4 billion pesos funds insufficient to cover payables and expenses if you include the total payables which is BIR GSIS but a big Bill's of the manila employees it comes out to nine billion and deficit what is the actual status how much do you have in the coffers of Manila today okay let's take it slow a unitary unison Sabina main impact that's the very reason why DILG came up with the memorandum tall not only to Manila during the march 13 memorandum requiring to any candidate to create transition committee so the logic behind is porpoising Simona documental yeah oh macha pilita the vasa transition and we've told you and the public that we got nothing until the last day in Patna in Ghent on a committee ban on June 20 but that's water under the bridge this is now the effects of it you may claim know that there is X amount of money or they may claim that there is 10 billion it seems but maganda long jumper press release pero a new element and balloon I know among artists to seen just oozing oten obligation now here we are or an Kabbalah gang but they're horrible lager because that's not our statement it's a statement already of the state audit all yeah but culinary me ten billion kana echoing and nine billion make it nominee obligation but but is a former model Emir and upright did they leave ten billion they did not leave ten billion pesos it seems it's there it's there oh but the problem is the deficit or the negative army or and in economies are be any oh hey I said what na mean hindi SPC picky why why is that they simply because anna muhammadan are walkin now it's been about eight days only on an angle upcoming Nenana Lepke miracle departamento I know moment ago solution more and so yeah there's about fifty four fifty plus bureaus and departments that we have to collect then after collecting this data then we're gonna analyze yeah really to be to be direct to the point mayor its go you have no idea yet technically just how much money Mandela City Hall has left because I only trio Karen as a public no Manila's I owe it to Manila to know that the truth or the real figure so you don't know as of today I cannot speak on any specific X amount Nasrallah talaga but no but the fact my own Encarta to Hanon there is 141 million na n D notice of this allowance McGinnis New Zealand in dip in Aragon pin in it Pamela Marin among is an 214 billion in a formal final demand letter 9 GS is we have something in here in a popping junco it's a behavior we have about Rio hundreds of millions in BIR yeah and here we are again koa 4.3 billion Magana new Kingdom OPD Cobley the best way to address the problem is to accept first that a top alliance position I think I say well RN and there the bridge then let's move on how are we going to address this better we do the Manila City Hall employees know that they have no bi RGS is anpan a big an assumption call they know that they are paying but they don't know is it being related to this specific G or cc's this is B and so on and so forth that's another question yeah but in the interpreting equally aterna so latinum panamanian Johanna Johanna manoomin playa de okay um the cover reports that in 2018 the city cash available of Manila was 5.3 billion pesos so now that it is 2019 what are you working with Hahnemann NGOs based on B Lynn : treasure air fabric or a new bank cash Nadine I served my mana peda Pattaya monitor gloom billion okay so you have three billion now no pero ya Yin usually Savion cast kashfaris Obinna ser always remember this is only July 2 this July and remember PS alone PS what naman yung commercial contracts Piersol own personal services we're gonna spend about 300 more or less million every month now you're talking of 1.8 billion in six months no sustenance or involving animal hospital or alien in manitoc want rata young basura knockin trata so before you know it Karen hey Allah Allah will ania wrestling uni in the morning proposition where will you get the money to survive til the end of 2019 how much is the budget of Manila a year twenty fourteen point eight but that's quite small I of Castle frankly hitting 21 billion overtaking a homonym Manila yeah no Berta can I come in and McCarty we're about to be overtaken by the gig SEC team a Tagalog Amina over me know so but the thing is our approach in our own little way this is now the problem I don't want a Yoko Ono motion our o Kekaha boon satin ela justo Coonan Harappan your own problema how can we survive I think we can in a way in a just don't expect don't expect major development in the city of Manila but to survive it and to correct mistakes through policy for example taxation tax plan immense OSHA limine Eurasian program Naaman Elena Elena Oh matter of prioritization with regard to be shown the city ambitious operators do not babble episode 80 we have to be very frugal or McMann Anatomy the monitors too simple by animals or I wanted to say during Manila mayor Arabs first term you even praised him because he paid off the depth yeah Manila which was something like under beyond 500 million seven hundred seven hundred million and you even you were running for the Senate and you said he did a good thing by paying of the seven hundred million peso death aunt and uncle did mayor Arup leave Manila worse than when he first took over in terms of Finance Mona well una known a solution onion I was there I am the vice mayor the head of the city council policies ordinances senior Naumann yum problema first our true legislative actions okay so he cannot do it on his own let's be technical about this an executive branch cannot just run without the support of the legislative branch so it was resolved but Karen I would like to remind you also I was out of office 2016 second term to 2019 and here we are in less than in less than three or three years from now you have a four point three billion problem you're worse than if it is true if it is true you're worse than losing on you and in a pending complete now that's why and remember Karen when we toe you we have an information that they spend 2.9 billion in 30 days immediately after election in May 30 oh yeah explained that because you did even the DILG actually gave manila a failing mark and when they said that Manila spent 2.9 billion pesos for commercial contracts right after the May 13 elections for 30 days near Arab allegedly kept signing checks explain that to the public what does that mean 2.9 billion pesos of Manila's budget a beret mannan Latino militia ok let's be honest Toto pelota you may problema es is a 240 million en Sonnen support pocket in Dimona Naughton in una human abigai na obligation ensued odd Nana kapa haka capito semana employ a doe and here we are spending commercial contracts no paedon among McGinty Oh Aloha Aloha contract specifically for Manila when they see commercial corner mana by H a supplier contractor the 15% infrastructure not advance payment an Tipton / a parent with the down K sub contract or vinegar Mamiya top assume baja hindi panna really Shabnam end-user hume producto be malicious io kumuk militia but my point is the app how can we go ahead of ourselves and owner number delay no now comes on merit I am NOT a job order not current this is undeniable Aparna ban Lehmann one in this world oh how can we afford to live in luxury we're in a tone I think mana Playa de Malaga al-anon Enoch Allen retirement protection semana angel Jesus is like Jesus is pag-ibig at least well do Kanaka in but do you think me or Arab knew about this I mean you know do you think he was on top of the situation I mean given his age health I'm just curious you knew him very well do you think he knew all of this was going on no I don't know I don't know I don't want to know okay but you know shame pray Alamo but the liquor sing illegally and later came the monopod passing current I go down I check I reckon firm I revalidate even to the point column Coonan may have of Nguyen the focus upon attendance not until it is an official communication to us then we go to the public it's confirmed you've been asking me about the poor poetry good thing that Kovac came up with that report now I read it now I did I receive it or not yes okay very quickly the DILG is mulling charges against former mayor Erik Estrada and his team I'm curious are you gonna go that way no no get it will you be filing charges against the former administration with regard to non performance of the obligation and the basis of that memorandum Alamo I own an excess baggage abou hi problem – so no you don't wanna waste time with that particular memorandum you violation alleged transition well a nominee appear upon Langerman de la la la casilla novel men Tony and Karen mange union somewhere in camp in hama be Xianyang I just go to Kauai they have all the copies of the document but I always give opportunity for any individual so you know redeem yourself no but the reason I'm asking is it seems clearly that you want to move forward with Manila you don't want to be bogged down by filing charges because he not passing cosa bands nothing we had this habit Papa Legba baboon and leader Otto will spend the Parana tambien time and effort energy going against the past administration that's why in a few years or the preview years well a tomato – okay yeah Yoko not until not until Alibaba apparent abandoned by an aid they no longer saw you know I know that is now my obligation to the city para maana Petty and Langman appear upon Talyn bottle and a lament Aleppo no among those things elevate the onion air alright the cool also came out in their report that there are over a thousand four hundred eighty nine businesses in Manila in ninety two barangay nice that have no permits which means that they were not paying taxes properly to the city have you discovered this 1489 businesses already we will soon okay but in my mind I have an idea already where it is especially somewhere in the heart of Manila nearby the seat of power alumni I'm just curious regular business stalls at the back of our tenemos una gaita million video let go Dumbo MOBA coastal action underpass chenna keshava Kanchana know you mordern attained in a box on young underpass 24 hours a day oh yeah that long shops that long shops naka de la bajo alan permit the best excuse in random checks is i sir nasa admin so been a process pas so aloha media SATA gal corner is a local la mañana and these are the same things that you hear when you are magnifique atomic alimony 18 otago Catalan and Karen sorry Ani total nagging a boy in a man phenomena manga regulatory piece mr. regulatory pitch this is nothing to them sir gimmicky Tamila yes we're gonna go after them they're welcome to do business in the city of Manila but you have to do and you know you do your participation your obligation that's your obligations it so have you hired an uncommon yes house mayor is Co hired the right team yeah do the work with you and for you for example checking out these businesses who's not paying the permits that who doesn't have a permit who's not paying the right taxes you need a tough team for that I came up with a group who is not familiar with with not with Valen familiarity with their colleague a few a handful lawyers are coming in some of them are in already vanilla indie salami okay yo-yo in the taiga Manila is at Agra Manila pero hindi poor Indian poor pasilla is public service porpoise nila is ponine ABBA Naboo butas and drum yeah so this is now okay we have a tax plan nabob an Emmy nominee are ya – East Union Tau Chi papa Omaha gang camisa permanent ow pero at the same time how are we going to raise that 72 percent efficiency level Manila 72 percent l'homme what if we know you're not 72 it would be less it made it this point with a core report that's why no just for the sake of conversation a venti – Oh Papa Banamine or the Maha Valen coming but if we are going to be very efficient collecting just proper taxes then 18 mockup imamova come in and my ugly liquid come in a knife okay very quickly koa also said in their report that the city hall must stop the practice of certifying just explain this clearly so we can go to other issues certifying cash availability in the absence of actual cash so akoa said the lack of funds will result of a continuous sourcing from revenue collections from succeeding budget years so it was the former administration doing that in effect drained the city pardon gareth.alanna anteron as well demo a piece off and got some gases in a Patna piece over but you oblique ammu is a really more sadhna piece or a lemon among hindi mo cotta I mean but who was doing it was it a treasurer of say it's a group of departments now around the local chief executive should cases be filed against them a very sly ability administrative Li or criminal India administratively for those who are still existing in city remember Allah WA Allahu analysis and happen now those who are still existing in government service and those who left already yeah to go after them criminally why not because this is now how are we going to spend our time going after you but legitimately not politically okay any even come Messiah no no Roscoe ahaha Bal de la política para me press release lon pochamma in : you mana that come on Anna Caliban new don't be rude do you want the DILG if something is found wrong it's up today it's up to them but you won't neither 100 mana nanobot Papapa here obsession denying a cakey pitbull economy ah but if they will pursue because and abastos datura Karen DILG DILG is the office of the President and ministers little Hindi cenote non-local Pamela salmon your supervisory authority of the opposite the president still there especially in a highly urbanized cities under our release event 160 so kya kool EK Merriman Apopka Coulomb so functional chat ago billing an angel like DILG one way or another you will be a minimum you will be administratively liable you

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  1. miss karen, maybe you should let the mayor finish his explanation BEFORE interrupting. it's useless for the program to air this kind of public information when you dont' let the Mayor talk.

  2. Si karen pa bida , nag iinterview ka, pero di pa nga tapos magsalita yng tao, kumukuda ka na, broadcaster ka pa nman, wlang respeto ..mayor pa nman kausap nya, ????dpat pag interviewer ka marunong ka din mkinig, haha! ????dpat bumalik ka sa pagaaral mo ng ethical journalism 101..

  3. Wala na po bang ibang mas magaling na interviewer kasi clearly Karen is not doing a good job. Bakit iniinterrupt si Mayor… Aba ba't nagtanong ka pa kung ayaw mo makinig? Gusto mo lng mrinig yung gusto mong sagot. Sa palagay po ba ni Karen ang galing nya? Makireview nga po Karen ung mga interview nyo po, mag self-reflect, kumuha ng feedback sa iba. Psshhh trash interviewer.. Wala ka nga sa kalingkingan ng nagagawa ni Mayor. And people, don't go about saying kailangan icontrol ung interview. How are you to know that Mayor's next words are not important so you cut him off? Hinahangaan ko sya for his composure kahit ganyan yung kausap nya.

  4. Paulit ulit nyang sinasabi ayaw nyang mag turo, kasi wala pasyang klarong report pero itong si Karen parang gusto nya agad mag conclude at idiin si erap it only shows how bias this reporter is. Tapos nakakairita pa yung pag ka cut nya kay mayor isko everytime he is trying to pin point something. Nabibitin din ako gusto ko marinig yon. Sana sa GMA Kanalang nag pa interview.

  5. Hindi ako taga Maynila at sobrang walang kaamor amor yang si karen (mejo bias din kasi minsan) , pero gusto nyang ipaliwanag ni mayor isko lahat ng naiwan, nagkulang, at pinag abusohan ng huling nakaupo sa throne. Hahaha. Pero mayor isko gave all the proper answers profesionally with no bias and not pinpointing other shittards who used the freakin seat. Always remember, Lanisters always pay their debts hahahaha peace!

  6. Wow. May God protect u Isko. Marami kang makakalaban ang masasagasaang demonyo. It's nice to know na ganyan pala nangyari sa Manila. Sana masolusyunan mo. Kawawa ka naman na naka inherit ng ganyan problema.

  7. Ano ba tlga ang pinaglalaban mo ha Karen?! Mkhang di ka nag iinterview eh..prang nkkipagtalo ka eh ,patapusin mo mna un iniinterview mo bgo ka magbato ng isang tanong


  9. Narative of the interview.
    Karen: lets take it slow
    Isko: slowly explaining things.
    Without waiting isko to finish….
    Karen: do you think erap is corrupt and take all the money of manila and you have nothing to start with, and you have alot of work ahead of you, knowing with a limited budget?
    Isko: i am. Working. And. I. Will not. Bite. The. ………. That. You. Are trying. To. Imply



  10. Mayor or leader of any land in the Philippines should be ready to kill and die for it. I wanna hear it from Mayor Isko's mouth that he is one.

  11. ang payat mo na isko bilang server sa manila. kesa artista ka nung sa abs cbn. pero mataba pa karen sa abs cbn. pero ang payat na otak Ni karen hahahahahha

  12. I find Karen very annoying for the first time, not an intelligent way! Major Isko answer with pure reality and honestly.

  13. Why is Ksren Davilla kept interrupting the mayor before he can finished his sentence. She gets on my nerves.

  14. Sana Pinapatapos ng interviewer magsalita ung iniinterview nya, hindi yung nasa kalagitnaan sisingitan nya. Sana lahat ng Mayor sa Pilipinas nag iikot sa kanikanilang nasasakupan. hnd yung nakaupo lang sa office tapos iikot lng kapag may mdia coverage or ground breaking ceremony or dadaluhan. mag lakad lakad nmn po.

  15. Mayor Isko, Col Bong Nebrija.. sana po wag po muna kayo tumakbo sa mas mataas na position. Alam ko po it is selfish on my side, pero sa nakikita ko kelangan po kayo ng mga respective na position nyo. Mahirap at nakakapagod pero sana po ipagpatuloy nyo po ang trabaho nyo. Saludo po ako sa inyo. Kung magiging katulad nyo po ang mga ibang Govt Officials at Employees, naniniwala po ako na uunlad ang Pilipinas.

  16. iba talaga pag alaga mo ang sarili mo, gusto mo pati paligid mo maayos pati trabaho. sana hindi lumaki ang tiyan mo sir.

  17. Street smart, masipag, masigla, pinag aaralan trabaho, alam na alam ginagawa, magaling! We need more leaders like him, for the transformation of our nation

  18. Hindi mo mahuhuli sa bibig ang batang maynila karen … magaling ka sana mag extract ng info sa ininterview mo, kaso … u'v messed with the wrong guy.. ?

  19. "JOs na 4 to 5 month na walang sweldo" is so true.. not only on Manila but almost all government agencies that have JOs. Sad reality.

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