Nerd Asking Girls If They Like Abs

Nerd Asking Girls If They Like Abs

it was good where you Sam Perone we're downtown right now in Canada and we're trying to see what girls are saying wasn't disguise isn't nerd perhaps a bunch of questions we'll see what's good so stay tuned for this right now it'll be all banger bro attractive we're looking forgot you camera guy works at or not I don't we're looking for a guy would you mind if a guy's like home playing video games we're going up to the club on Saturday night looking for graduate visits to fucking much opener can you Billy took the towel off okay we're looking for a guide you mind of a guy for the middle game for anything like that – or a gamer oh good that's good to know who forgot you've been after on good to know thank you because we're looking for I don't Salo good no it's all good and we're looking for a guy if you can't fix they were going on for the recovery yeah you carefully hurt No they were looking for a guide you find other guy no absolutely hey the mud shaking your booty oh go to the camera I'm in the lab right now putting the final touches on the video when I realized I didn't even film an outro for you guys probably as it was 10,000 degrees outside of the current think properly but either way hope you enjoyed that video there wasn't too many girls out today so he's me best do with what we had but still a banger nonetheless and I appreciate all the love and support in the past videos it goes a long way a little bit but the boys back on the grind now so let's get it Cooper girls throw that video span out like butter on your before that actually before that on my last add video to all the haters out there you don't we tell us I see a lot of men's gels in the comments don't be jealous boy you couldn't get this – and you can do this – you won't know how check out the website maruko-chan jerk oh my god whatever you need help reach your goal stop custom meal plans custom workout programs or even his online coaching so fine with rescue even if you're not a hater you just want to help reaching your goals I got you so check out the website to see what's good like what I have to offer in known if it's not for you so I'm good just keep watching the videos and get some get some good info for my videos but either way do everything I just said to do spam that like button come whenever you let us say subscribe turn notifications you know what I'm the first or star users you know when I upload a little bit the first to comment be the person like do your thing bro but either way we're enjoyed that check one the next one ciao

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  1. I never watched your videos and I only wanted to know if you're awake that your haircut is mafioso as fuck.

  2. # single forever damn and body diggers ass girls damn. damn show them abs they say YES SHIT . RESPECT AND PERSONALITY ARE BULL SHIT . for those how say no abs bless them cause they no for 6 packs abs guys when you turn 40 years old you lose all that shallow ass girls .

  3. Your vidios is just like good than nothing you know you just can't wait can't little talk clearly with guyz just can't wait from pull up your T-shirt dude sorry for that I'll just Unlike your vidio

  4. What makes him a nerd? The glasses? I wear glasses. I take advanced classes. I read manga and watch anime but I’m still not a nerd. Im dumb af. Omg I sound like a pick me bitch. Imma go shoot myself

  5. All the thots went for you. Makes me sad(Not a bad thing, just shows how shallow some people can be)

  6. Asking College Girls What Body Type They Prefer… Steroids or Natural

  7. You now I'm a nerd but kinda cool because I don't need to get b I always get a so far but wen your older nerds tern automatically cute

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