New Statement On Trump’s Health | The Last Word | MSNBC

New Statement On Trump’s Health | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. I bet Trump is dictating what this doctor says as well, I wonder if he will break into his office too if he ever tells the truth?

  2. A ploy to distract, gain sympathy and attention! He can't stand not being the center of attention! Pathetic!!!! He can't let Bernie upstage him, he had to get in on that health scare action!

  3. Adderall overdose? Too much not-available-in-the-US Sudafed? Syphilitic brain giving him trouble? Could be anything, really.

  4. At this point.. I’m convinced EVERYTHING is a planned distraction. It’s clear he’s an obese and unhealthy lump of lard. No one actually thinks he’s fit. Not even Trumpers. Anywayssss —- more open hearings are on the way!!!

  5. Trump started to rat out putin, so they sent him some shrinking fluid on a custom made hamberder that made his hands even smaller…. =D

  6. Do not be wise in your own eyes;
    fear the Lord and shun evil.
    This will bring health to your body
    and nourishment to your bones.

    Proverbs 3:7-8

  7. No reporters got a picture of Trump leaving the White House or entering the hospital?
    Trump is probably hiding cuz he knows he's been caught!

  8. Yes, since trump went to Walter Reed he has not been seen! I mean trump loves to be seen daily, often a few times a day. On a Monday especially.. This is what trump gets for having such an insecure ego that he needs our daily attention. Now SUDDENLY he is not seen? He is not doing well. And I will never believe ANYTHING Stephanie Grisham reports or tweets about trump. We have all read and seen that she has been lying about trump in all of them. You talk about Sarah Sander's lying as press secretary? Grisham is ten times worse than Sander's when it comes to stating outright lies. When she stated in one of her "official reports" last week that trump "is a genius"…oh my God! Seriously?.

  9. New chapter, new act of his play, good way to get pitty and attention…..he needs Americans to show how concerned they are about "their mighty man " the president ….but on the other hand if he REALLY IS SICK THEN THE DOCTORS WILL HANDLE IT..

  10. Simple: Release the test procedure and lab results. 😌

    And while you're at it, release your tax returns. Also all the stuff you hid on that top secret server that does not belong there, like the full Ukraine call transcript.

    We could have a litany of items on this list of untransparent behavior by this administration, and that is why nothing that comes from it should be taken at face value.

  11. You can see that Trump is overweight. And, the impeachment hearing is taking a toll on him. Sleepless nights, mind worries, and losing Republicans in the elections in Kentucky an Louisiana where he actively campaign for his GOP guy. Red states are changing to Blue states. Trump is definitely popping something at nights.

  12. MSNBC is the new hate network. I do not know what drives this network to attract the hate but they are doing a good job.

  13. For health reasons plus mental illness Trump claims, mafia Trump can be above the law and is not fit imprisonment.

  14. Maddow is part of the disease that creates a bubble of hate thought. Thank God there are no laws yet for that. The truth is that if you do not like the president, you can vote him or her out. NBC at one time was in the business of journalism. Not so much anymore. All their broadcasts are opinion pieces by the far left. It has become propaganda. If i do not like Trump, I have my reasons. I do not need NBC telling me anything.

  15. We all know what happened. White House aids couldn't fish it out.

    This was inevitable after he stopped crushing his Sudafeds and started snorting them whole.

    Neat trick though, going to the hospital to ride a lard tractor a few rounds inside, then go home – to draw some attention away from the impeachment stuff.

  16. It was a perfect visit. He is the healthiest president ever, probably in the history of the county, like never before. People, many people are saying "sir you are like a god, can i bask in your glow"……………he was also working on "the bonespurs defence" for impeachment.

  17. There may have been an attempted poisoning. His head chef food tester got sick. Previously one if trumps secret service agents tested his food and dropped dead. Coup attempt?

  18. That doctor is good, he just told everything. Trumpty Dumpty is a high risk stroke/heart attack patient. Must be the anxiety and stress of Stone being convicted, impeachment, and his taxes becoming public. God only knows the torment Putin has him under. Can't wait for the peepee tape to get "leaked".

  19. Shame the doctor can’t do House calls. We know Trump writes his own reports.
    Drug addiction… panic attack, bone spurs. Inhaled a hamburger,,, you choose.

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