Nightwatch Nation: Too Much Medicine (Season 1, Episode 10) | A&E

Nightwatch Nation: Too Much Medicine (Season 1, Episode 10) | A&E

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  1. Glad baby boy was okay!!!
    Paramedic yes need another baby, always good for little ones to have a partner in crime!😁

  2. I had bubblegum flavored kids mouthwash,it tasted good for mouthwashing but It did not taste good when I drank it. Go figure!

  3. Can you say cringe from the huge unnecessary headset that’s used by pilots on helicopters to the weird sarcastic personality ewww I’m still cringing!

  4. My daughter ate some hair grease when she was a baby. ER doc said since it was organic wih herbs she was fine. Her poops were very manageable and smelled great for a couple days.

  5. I love these ones in Austin because I know everywhere they go. I live in Austin and there's just something exhilarating about seeing familiar locations on one of my favorite shows.

  6. She’s a loving mother! You can tell the way her kids come up to her. Why are people making negative comments about the mother?

  7. When I was a kid I ate half a bottle of grape flavored fluoride tablets. I tripped around the house projectile vomiting everywhere and my parents got so mad but never found out why lmao

  8. my son tried to paint his tongue with nail polish when he was 2… that was fun. poison control said he would be totally fine and he was 👍🤦🏻‍♀️ no more nail polish for him!

  9. See, when I was younger the medicine tasted so good that like when I was like six I'd wake up at night and climb onto the kitchen counter to sneak the medicine off the fridge just to drink it. Luckily I didn't drink a lot because I thought my mom would notice, but it seriously tasted so good I can taste it in my mouth while writing this comment lol.

  10. I drank a whole bottle of children’s Tylenol when I was 3. All I had to do was drink a charcoal and get bloodwork done.

  11. My baby drank like a tinny bit more then hafe of his man lotion and had to run to the urgent Care but they said he was fine …. It actualy can happen to the best of us that the kids eat something that they shouldn't it's not always on the adult kids are just curious….💁💁💁

  12. Accidents happen. Even if you're the best mom in the world things happen sometimes. I am not a mom but work with preschool age children, and I know first hand that kids are unbelievably fast when it comes to grabbing stuff. I defiantly don't think the mom was to blame here. Glad to see everything was just fine!

  13. My little bro and sis ate a whole thing of Tums. Because they thought it was candy. In their defense, it does look like candy. 😂😂😂😂 In all seriousness though, they were okay after a quick hospital visit.

  14. I take that stuff every night my mom says “ my allergies will not attack me “ but she’s gets the grape flavor and it’s bad

    Also if he was my kid he’d be in that ER room hooked up to those heart monitors I don’t want my kid to die

  15. Even with the most watchful parents , kids sneak things. Accidents happen, I know I had two with my son , and maybe a few more in his tea years. She was able to notice it right away , so she most likely turned away for a second and he got it , like she said that meds were being given to another kid. It takes a second,it could happen to anyone

  16. When I was younger there was this one medicine that tasted soooo good I would sneak out of bed to eat some every night but I never ate too much cause I thought she would notice.

  17. I drank laundry detergent that was in a chubby pop bottle when I was a kid in the 90s. I don’t think I got sick from it, my grandpa just laughed as a burped up bubbles for a few minutes lol

  18. Years ago, when my, now 25
    Yr old daughter, was 3 years old, I accidentally gave her too much medication. I can’t remember what the medication was. I was supposed to give her 0.5 m. I gave her 1.5 m. I gave her the medication, laid her down for her nap, and decided I would also nap – I was exhausted from taking care of her all night. She was really sick. About 10 minutes after I gave her the medication, I went to lay down. I don’t know why (actually I do know – God), I got a strange feeling in my stomach. I questioned myself about the dose I gave her. I ran to the kitchen to look at the dosage cup. Residue was still on it. Yep, I gave her too much. I immediately took her to the ER. They pumped her stomach – as a precaution. Dr didn’t think she was in danger. Everything turned out fine. But I still have that guilt, all these years later. For about a year after, I refused to give the meds to any of my kids. I had their daddy do it

  19. I think this momma did amazing. She called the ambulance to arrive super fast then they did what other people have done …call poison control…babies are crafty this bugs. We didn't see the entire thing. like this could be a reenactment….

  20. Loved how super chill
    this Mama stays in a
    situation that can be scary😏;
    I worked in a really busy S. Cali
    ER, and most Parents would come in quite upset, even over a fever.
    Yet, as a Parent, I do get why❣!!

  21. I've hit a deer, but never a cow, I guess because I live in Delaware?? But that is hilarious to think of putting reflectors in cows ears LOL LOL! But do cows always have their ears up?

  22. Woooo when she said they're always hitting their cows because they're black I was like woah. Race has got nothin' to do with it.

  23. Black cows?? Omg this has turned racial🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️here we go start the justice for black cows march ..

  24. Up here in WI I have seen farmers use reflective paint on their cows and they write COW on its side. I have also seen them use black or white pain to indicate COW during deer hunting season.

  25. in Saudi Arabia and the other Arabic gulf union countries Kuwait UAE and Qatar electricity water health care housing and education in school universities and out the country are for free for citizens thanks to GOD for this

  26. When i was a kid i ate a bunch of tums i wanna say like 16 of then cause i thought they were smarties 😂 i was fine but my stomach ironicly hurting

  27. I went on an EMS call for an injured child one day and when I arrived the little fella was balling his little eyes out. I asked the Mother what happened and she told me that he broke his peepee. I said what ! and she said that he was trying to pee in the commode like a big boy and the toilet seat fell down and broke his peepee. I advised that while I am sure that must hurt, but a peepee does not have a bone in it. LOL I told the little boy that he was ok and to try to be a big boy about it, He smiled and said OK I am a big boy. LOL

  28. Maybe they should keep their cows where they belong and people won't hit them and the cows don't need the pain of additional ear tags. 🙄

  29. Oh I remember that bubble gum cough syrup. My sister and i loved it as kids and would ask for it. No wonder he drank half a bottle.

  30. Can’t wait to read the comments and see all the perfect
    Parents who magically never make
    Mistakes and know all the answers .

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