NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja Pro Review Green Smoothie Test

NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja Pro Review Green Smoothie Test

Have you been researching blenders and
still can’t decide which one to get? Then you are gonna love this video! Hi, I’m
Tarashaun and for those of you that don’t know me, I’m the founder of Your number one resource for blending smoothies and healthy living and we are back for one of our famous blend off competitions where we put two blenders against each other to see which one performs better. Today we have the nutribullet Pro and the Nutri ninja Pro. For this contest
we’ll be using a healthy greens recipe that I love and you can find it on It’s the almond kale green smoothie. Now
almonds and kale are extremely nutritious powerhouses, but they can be
really hard for most blenders to handle so you will really be able to see which
one of these blenders can handle these challenging ingredients. Today we’ll be
joined by two members of our community and blender babes that are going to help
with the blender testing. We have Jamae. “hi how are you?” I’m good, thank you, and Kim, “hello”. Thank you ladies so much for joining me today. So, let’s get to know
them a little bit. So, Jemae do you drink smoothies? “Not often, occasionally”. Do you have a blender at home? “I do have a blender, but my lifestyle is so active
that I really just don’t have the time, but that’s why I’m here. I’m so excited
to try. Because I want to get into a more healthier lifestyle
especially for myself and my son.” Does he drink smoothies? “He does, he does, yes
and he loves them.” Awesome, so you need something that’s quick and healthy and
on the go. “Yes, yes. Very much on the go”. And what about you Kim are you a smoothie lover? “I love
smoothies. I do I make them almost every day. It’s a great replacement meal. I
sometimes can’t get a full meal in, so when I can’t, I definitely will
make a smoothie. And so do you buy them too when you’re out or you always make them at home. “If I’m not gonna get a chance to make it home I will definitely
grab one, but more than often I make them at home. Yeah especially here in LA, they’re like ten bucks.. (chuckles) “Exactly, at least, right” Awesome! So
we’re gonna get started! The Nutribullet Pro is a single serve blender with a 1.2
horsepower at 900 watt motor. It comes with one extractor blade, a
large 32 ounce cup, and a 24 ounce cup as well as an interchangeable lip ring
handled lip ring and flip top lid. It also includes their life changing recipe
book and pocket nutritionist guide. The Nutri Ninja Pro, is also a single serve
blender with a 900 watt motor. It comes with one extractor blade, a 24
ounce cup, an 18 ounce cup, and two sip and seal lids. You will also receive a
recipe book and wellness guide. Jamae will be testing the Nutribullet Pro. This is a single serve style blender that retails brand-new for $99.99.
There’s no knobs or dials; there’s just one setting which is on. The way it works
is by locking it into place and it’s also hands-free. But with the Nutri Ninja,
you twist it and lock it into place you must hold it down to operate. So, it’s not
hands-free. Alright are you guys ready to blend? “Let’s do it.” All right so now we’re ready to load up our ingredients and we’re gonna do it in the suggested way from each
blender company. So, with the Nutribullet Pro you’re gonna want to start out with
your leafy greens. Next you’re gonna do your soft fruits and veggies. Then you’re
gonna do your liquids. Next are your boost. So, your nuts, your seeds, protein
powders, goji berries, and finally your frozen fruit and ice. Kim is gonna have the Nutri Ninja and that one is very similar. It’s just
that you start with your soft fruits and veggies. Then your been nuts and seeds.
Your liquids and finally your frozen fruit and ice. All righty guys, ready to
blend? “Yes” Okay so we’re gonna blend for 60 seconds. ready, set, blend! Alright! Alright, so first we’re gonna
start with our taste test. What do you think Jamae? “This is delicious! It’s nice
and smooth and silky. I love it!” Do you think it’s something you could drink more often? “Most definitely, I could do this every
day. It will really help with my busy schedule and help with my son and just
make my life way more convenient.” You would take that on the go? “I would!” “For dance class, all those things, everything” And Kim what about you? How was yours? “So it tastes delicious but I can taste or I can sense the grits on my
teeth and in the back of my throat and I hate that, so…” So, it’s a little bit
gritty? “Yes, definitely” Okay So, it sounds like the Nutribullet Pro did a little
bit better, but we’re gonna really see and feel with the smear test. So, you guys
are gonna pour a little bit of your smoothie onto this flat surface. Alright. So, you guys can kind of see if
there’s any like little pieces or, or anything that maybe didn’t get blended
completely and you can also feel the consistency. You can even feel each
other’s if you want us to feel a difference. So, now we’re going to
take it a step further with the sieve test and that’s gonna really, really, show
you what is left over in this smoothie. So, with the sieve test you’re gonna pour
the smoothie through this mesh sieve and it’s basically gonna separate the fibers
from the liquid. “That’s cool, let’s do it!” So, you kind of have to help it out a
little bit. So, you’re gonna kind of use your fingers and just push it through. This is a professional-grade sieve so it’s a very fine mesh sieve. “All
sorts of chunks in mine. Yeah you can definitely see it already. “I see
the kale, yeah almonds…” Like I said, Kale and almonds are two of like the top
hardest ingredients to blend. So a really good blender it’s a good way to
test it. Especially because kale is so good for
you, it’s one of the you know top cancer fighting foods everybody wants to have
kale. You know it’s like the superfood of the year, so if you can’t blend kale well…
“It’s all about being Kalelicious” Kale Yeah! (chuckles) If you want to feel the difference
of each other’s. So you can get an idea of what the difference is. So, I’m just going to kind of show… So,
what do you guys think? “I think that was very smooth. I like that the nuts weren’t so choppy and big and I like that you could drink through the small straw.” Give me the Jumbo straw. “So, it worked, it was fabulous.” mm-hmm And what about you, Kim? “Yeah I’m disappointed with mine. I didn’t like the chunks in it, you
can obviously see the pieces of kale and almonds in there and hers is much more
smoother.” Yes I you like pushing that thing down. “oh, I had a struggle, yeah” We were gonna help you but you know, it is a competition. It looked like you were tired at the end. I mean is that a blender that you would use? “No, not the Ninja, of course not.” So, would you buy this blender Jamae? “Most definitely buy for myself and for some friends.” All right, well I would say the Nutribullet Pro won
this blend off. So, these are both similarly designed blenders and they’re also both
900 watts so it’s really interesting to see which would actually performed
better with our kale and almond green smoothie. So, I want to thank you ladies
for joining me today. Thank you so much Jamae. “Thank you for having me. This was a really great time, thank you so much”. You’re welcome, and Kim thanks I really appreciate it. “Thank you.” All right if you want to see these two blenders blend
ice cream and nut butter and grind flax seeds and all kinds of things you can
see our full Nutribullet versus Nutri ninja pro at or by
clicking the link below. Give us a big thumbs up if you liked this video and be
sure to subscribe to our Channel. Thanks so much for watching and remember, live healthier, get a blender!

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