Nutrition Tips : What Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

Nutrition Tips : What Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic, and I’m going to talk to you about what kind
of foods to eat to lose weight. One of the big things to keep in mind when you’re choosing
foods and you’re working on weight loss is to choose foods that help you to feel full.
So that means choose foods that have a lot of fiber. High fiber foods are going to come
primarily from whole grain products, so things like brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain cereals,
whole wheat bread. Rye bread in particular is a very good choice, because rye bread actually
has a type of fiber that makes you feel full faster than some of the other grains, so that’s
an excellent choice when you’re working on weight loss. Other foods that have a lot of
fiber basically all of your fruits and your vegetables. The other nice thing with fruits
and vegetables is they have a high water content so they have a high water volume. A lot of
times when you’re increasing your food volume and you’re using foods like fruits and vegetables
that are low calorie, that in itself helps you with weight loss because you get full,
with a smaller amount of calories. The other thing to keep in mind in choosing foods to
lose weight, you still need to include some healthy fats that can also actually help you
feel full faster as well, but you do have to be very cautious about your portion size,
so when using healthy fats, rather than having them for a snack item like say for example
you really don’t want to sit down with a jar of nuts and eat out of the jar, a good way
to use the nuts would be to sprinkle a couple of tablespoons on a salad or to have a whole
grain that has some nuts mixed in it. That way you’re limiting your portion size, but
you’re including that good healthy fat that will help you actually feel satisfied for
a longer period of time. The other thing to choose when you’re looking at your lean sources
of protein, if you’re using any type of meat you want to make sure that you’re removing
all of the visible fat. That type of fat is the kind that’s called saturated. It is different
from the plant source in that the saturated fat is the kind that can increase your blood
cholesterol. The bad cholesterol. So for that type of fat you do want to really be diligent
about limiting your portion size there. So again, just a little information on some foods
to choose to help you to lose weight.

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  1. But, I followed this diet and shed pounds in no time. I can eat constantly. I've tried to high-pro thing and it didn't do anything.

  2. it does not matter what you eat. when the calories are tabulated for you, it already takes into account the fat content. its not like youre eating 2000 calories of something, then adding fat on top of it.

    if you ate 2000 calories of avocado a day then did nothing to burn it off, you would get fat! calories are a unit of ENERGY, and the way our body conserves unused ENERGY is to turn it into FAT.

    in other words, it doesn't matter whether the fat was already there or not.

  3. if you did any research at all you would find that all unused calories are stored in the body. where else would they go?

    if you had argued that calories from carbs require body energy to be turend into fat, hence burning a few more calories before storage, i would be open to that. but you can't say that calories from fat arent stored as body fat. thats simply ludicrous.

  4. it all depends on your body, we all have different BMI, the best thing to advice is to consult first your physician and then the physician shall advice you what is healthy for you to eat or give your balance diet menu ok!!!

  5. i've managed to lose 90 pounds on my own with changing my lifestyle and exercising daily. but for almost a year now, i've been at a weight loss plateau. i don't really care what the scale says, it's really all about how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. but i NEED to get about 20 to 30 more off. there is no deadline of course, but i don't know what else to try. does anything know how to break out of a weight loss plateau? (SAFELY) thanks..

  6. i already know you're supposed to change your exercise routine.. but been there done that.. can't COUNT how many times..

  7. lol.. funny you mention that.. i have the dvds to p90x. already did it once through and it helped me lose 20 pounds. i pretty much memorized a lot of the moves and do them from time to time with other exercises. i love p90x. i hope to go through it again. i never thought i could do any of it or keep up. but i can and it's amazing.

  8. yeah i lost 90 pounds total. it had been 70 and then p90x helped me with that last 20. i really NEED to get off about 30 more. for my "ideal weight" i should lose about 50 more. but i think that would be too much because i have a lot of muscle. i am 180 to 190 but look like 160 to 170. the way i figure is because my friend weighs 160 and is the same size i am. height too. but i weigh that much more? it's weird. anyway, i just need to lose some more. for health reasons. safe way would be best.

  9. it just seems like no matter what i do for exercise or how good i eat, i am not getting anywhere. i've been maintaining this weight now for about a year. don't know what i need to do. this can't be it for me. this can't be the smallest i get. i'm a 12/14. i'd like to get down to an 8 or even a 10. not trying to look like anyone, i figure that the last 30 i lose will help me reach that goal. but this 30 needs to come off. fat loss..

  10. i try to not pay attention to the scale. it's completely irrelevant to someone that works out. i'dl ike to weigh 160 though. at the most. i've taken a nutrition class and have been to a few nutritionists. so i'm pretty in the "know" of things. lol. i've actually considered going back to school to become a nutritionist myself. something to think about. i've helped a lot of my family and friends get some weight off or jumpstart their weight loss goals. but i am now STUCK. i've heard about not..

  11. being able to lose any more weight. but that doesn't make sense to me. because i've seen in everyone else that people can weigh 300+ and get down to a super model's size. lol. not trying that for myself.. but this can't be it for me. i am fluctuating between 180 to 190 and in a size 12/14. i feel better than ever and know that i am much healthier. i was 270 and in a 22/24. so i've come a LONG way. but i really need to get some more off. do i need more cardio? i do more with weights.

  12. thanks for the tips. there is no giving up for me. lol. i just don't want to go in reverse. i'd rather maintain that put back on. but i'll see what i can do about adding more intensity to my workouts. i was doing turbo jam for a while. i didn't really notice if it did me any good though.. lol

  13. lol. i actually have done burpees. they're not too bad.. very intense though. gets your heart pumping for sure. do you know how long i should keep my heart rate up? cardio for 30 minutes? i usually do 10 minutes.. and then weight lift and body weight exercises. so my workouts total 30 minutes..

  14. @17jesusochoa the best way to loose weight is NOT just on portion size, I would say to really ease down on the carbohydrates, and eat a lot of vegetables (like the kind you can buy on the grocery store that is frozen and mixed), with that you will feel full if you eat a whole bag and drink one cup of water before you have your dinner. many people do not know this but that is secret for targeting hunger, and weight loss on the nutrition part: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!!! and of course excercise

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  45. Saturated fat keeps me satiated and I am losing weight with it. I was eating 1 cup of oatmeal on the morning but it adds weight back onto my body. Oatmeal has lots of carbs.

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