Online Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness | Ashford University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness | Ashford University

Hi, I’m Dr. Eric Cervantes, a faculty
member with Ashford University’s College of Health, Human Services, and Science. The Bachelor of Arts in Health and
Wellness gives students a broad background in health while focusing on the promotion of healthy
behaviors and habits of individuals. The course work explores the
implications of health behaviors in lifestyle practices on people’s physical,
social, occupational, emotional, and environmental
health. Many of our instructors have backgrounds in
various health and wellness fields. My own background in naturopathic
medicine allows me to share my experience and practical knowledge with my students.
The course work in this program explores topics in nutrition, health
program planning, and community health. Additionally,
students may choose to add a specialization to their program. A Bachelor of Arts in Health and
Wellness is a great fit for students who wish to promote healthy lifestyles as they explore personal fitness,
nutrition, and health evaluation.

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