Open Gym: Presented by Bell | Round 3 | For The North

Open Gym: Presented by Bell | Round 3 | For The North

believe it or not it is if we turn around and now that we are happy excited and they're so much into a series and come down to that you know that last shot but now it's another test not at the challenge and and another team and you know we you just have way too what we want to be so we're gonna I'm sure that we all learned a lot from this series just like we learn a lot from Orlando series and you know we continue to grow as a team and when we face a challenge I like how we approach the next game so and it definitely will be challenge you know in the next series Game one the one to be compressed and I just really enjoy it and then we'll get back to work tomorrow look at some films here we can be better ourselves and start trying to get locked in and lock down to Milwaukee to obviously you know it doesn't get any easier here so we know we know what they bring to the table that moment on Sunday the shot of course from Kawhi Leonard and it kind of plays into the series in the sense that the Raptors 72 hours later on the floor in Game one of the Eastern Conference final meanwhile the Milwaukee Bucks have had nearly a week of rest or is it Russ but for Toronto it's trying to put behind them a very emotional moment and focus on the task at hand I like the fact that you get back on the horse quickly I think that's a big factor in the fact that Milwaukee's been sitting here for six days or so I think they'd have to be a little bit concerned I think the pressure is always on the home team in Game one [Applause] welcome everyone to Milwaukee Game one of the best of seven series the Eastern Conference Finals for the Toronto Raptors this is the second time that they have been to the Eastern Conference Potter's last time they lost in six games to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016 if you want a great start you're going to get shots this is gonna be a different series that we saw in the first two rounds there's gonna be scoring opportunities that are rappers we have to be ready to take great fire rabies made back-to-back threes and the Raptors grabbed their first lead to six over on Kauai connects six main threes already [Applause] we had it you know I'm gonna call for 3/4 or splitting off and putting our pace making them play half-court and then obviously you know the fourth [Applause] [Applause] Yanis [Applause] [Applause] your best twenty nine [Applause] we'll take Game one we was playing so well and early in the game was moving the ball and I felt like you know we stopping to move the ball a little bit you know or so we are a couple time where guys are shots let me shoot you know so I think we ought to shoot those shot with confidence and then try to keep reading the right way like we're starting in the beginning game play we do some shots um I think we have some opportunities missile eyes open looks missed layups open threes mister we miss opportunities to keep up the pace I think that's we really heard us in and they started scoring so they scored it we took the ball a little slower than we should have and there's a lot of things that you know throughout the games and I changes to a course of the game but we let them get more aggressive than us and the neighborhood do they got comfortable oh you know if it's a different you know and different matchups you know so like I said it's only one game you know the good thing about our playoff seven game and we have another party tomorrow and I'm gonna watch him today in the learner and the truck be better next game watch the film and see where we can get better and make an adjustment one game is it going to decide the series you know that's the one thing about a series is first before [Applause] the Middleton [Applause] and another turnover for Toronto the forest [Applause] [Applause] I mean we didn't play very well tonight and we did play pretty well in Game one you know and they've they've done what you know they're supposed to do and protect our home court and we've got to go now to do the same and get ourselves you know back in the series but it's got to be more of an effort like like Game one then tonight because again we were we were just uphill for almost three quarters tonight [Applause] Easter welcome everyone inside Scotiabank arena as we get set for game trade with the Toronto Raptors down two games to none oh man I don't think anything's gone wrong I think Milwaukee took her took care of home court I think that's what you play for to have home court advantage in the playoffs so where you can have the energy of your crowd have the comfort of your own bed playing your arena no I think we let Game one get away you know we had an opportunity to win that one Game two you know they came out with some really good energy they shot it well they were they were aggressive but ultimately and that's what playoff basketball is about now you you take care of home court so they did their part they want to games in Milwaukee you know now we have to do our pardon and win this game tonight starting with this starting with Game three well you're right when you talk about the Raptors potentially going down Oh three no team comes back from that so this is a game seven of sorts for the Raptors when you think about the intensity that they've been after approach this game with the execution on the defensive end and bench production that's going to be meaning to count Milwaukee breath last year and Eastern Conference Finals in Cleveland we were down to 2-0 to Boston went back to Cleveland wanted one or two games and then it became a seven-game series the guys in the locker room really good you know quas been here Danny's been here chalo has been here Marc Gasol has kind of been through some some things in class so we have some guys have got extensive playoff experience and again they understand when Milwaukee took care of home court and I back to get the ball you back to having fun saying working [Applause] you know what took place at Milwaukee Game one and two behind you I think the fans are gonna really get behind that team they know the importance of this game they know the important said if you win this game tonight you know you're right there here you go and so I think people really pumped up [Applause] Pascal slows it down [Applause] the team and Fred stepped up gave me shot Billy still was out there doing his defensive thing Kawhi Pascal do some great early tonight Martha's unbelievable no one came and gave us a big lift a scowl your time [Applause] oh boy [Applause] [Applause] how do you have renown very proud of you words cannot express this hours away from here Pig been waiting on you know I remember he was an athletic guy that people weren't sure if he could chew right that was kind of the thing about he's supposed to be a top ten pick you thought maybe he'd go to Washington with the six pick they took Yan Vesely instead thought maybe go to Sacramento with the 10th pick they took Jimmer Fredette instead right started to kind of slip down the board and then get to the 15th pick the Spurs jump up trade George Hill was in this in this Eastern Conference Finals over Milwaukee for him and the Spurs sent him with chip angling for a few days for the lockout game some instructions on what to do and when the lockout ended he came back a totally different player and that's really the start of you know kind of the mythology of Kawhi then that that lockout summer when he couldn't be with anybody from the team he kind of went by himself filed those instructions reread his shot and you know start himself what's gonna be a Hall of Fame career I don't really compare myself to the lot of people I'm trying to go in and be my own Clair myself you know I'm not trying to live off in nobody else's name named for myself and hopefully it could happen just for butter hardwork uppity throughout the offseason but Ryan aniline I really can't compare my games we know by being a MBA I'd seen him play his last game in San Diego say that just happened to be an NCAA Tournament game which wound up being his last game I thought he was a nice player but I didn't I didn't see this I didn't see what we saw in San Antonio or this I didn't I mean there I know there are a lot of people who did project it and they saw his work out so they thought this would be a great two-way player and then wow you don't want to put a ceiling on a guy after his first year but I remember writing at the very least the Spurs have an Elite 3 nd guy at the very least like it's it's clear he's gonna be an elite defender who can shoot three that's a good place to start now this this stuff I don't think anybody saw this Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant mid-range game stuff the thing about Kawhi that people don't maybe necessarily ascribe doing as much because of his personality just kind of a quiet guy and he doesn't say a lot right it's just how hard this guy works all the time this is a guy who from day one had to fight and claw to turn himself into the player that he's becoming out what is the best player in the playoffs Kevin Durant was that and then Kevin Durant exited with that injury sadly and Kawhi Leonard's been that he has had a one-off game and the other night to win game three in here down to Oh a must-win situation his quads had to be bothered him is at least one knee is bothering him he's playing against the presumed MVP of the league and on to the coop Oh to come up with that performance both ways I mean that's what stars do that's why Masai Ujiri took a chance and said okay I'm gonna bring him here even though he's not signed long term getting him here one year is worth the risk it's worth to taking the chance career high 52 minutes which brings his postseason total up to 581 you don't want to go down three why you got this game at home to tie this series up to to go back to Milwaukee but that decided game by a 0 we know 84 percent of the time the winner of Game five went silly go make some shots to make more home court Kyle attacking [Applause] [Applause] driving siakam friend [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and Kauai comes dead but he's hot bullying as he walks now towards center court we have to do this we have to try to be more aggressive and assertive even start the games I think we rely on him a lot he definitely does a lot for us but we have a game like this matter who steps up it's a lot easy to pressure office in doing so much office of course [Applause] okay one on the road getting five yeah we know you know being on they're gonna come out with do some energy in or their home and you know just gotta got to be able to keep our composure and play our game you know it's gonna be it's gonna be tough there's gonna be a tough you know crowd it's gonna be a tough game but that's what the play was about you know and an hour and the day we know that for us when we in this area we got to win here so that's what we got to do these guys should be able to think back and say hey you know we had a series with I don't know OKC in San Antonio or Memphis in San Antonio or San Antonio in the Clippers you know those guys that have bent on all play three different kind of teams that have gone a long way so I hope so but I hope so it should give us an advantage if our experienced guys can can learn from from the past but you know that it's we can learn from last series right what was – – in the last series we can learn from last series we've got the hard to make one on three one two three wolf seemed like you know why I've got to win two times in total to go to China so that's nice it's gonna be tough he's gonna be tough as hard as the playoffs and and intensity is doing with doubles so it's going to be definitely you know a lot of mental strength you know and and I think we did good team you are the stronger to do with [Applause] [Applause] Blayne Watson he's got 18 [Applause] with Lopez [Applause] Dursley hearing game [Applause] ters take Game five [Applause] [Applause] the series on Saturday our work they lock ocean's largest I'm humble you get to work again man let's go wraps one two three it's been crazy I mean today is one day removed from the 25th anniversary of when the team was given its name we're not even talking about playing just given its name and all those all that preparation all that vision all that stuff that went into getting to this point has finally come true there have been 17 win seasons 21 win seasons Glen Grunwald taking boos at midcourt and may believe Gardens playoff heartbreak sweeps and it's what makes you it what defines you it's what toughen you you know they always say pressure makes diamonds or pressure breaks pipes and right now the pressure and all the stuff that the team has been through hopefully for them it turns into a diamond 26 years is a long time 1993 was the last time a Toronto team from one of the big four North American sports sat in this position one went away from advancing to the championship series to borrow a phrase from those glory days win tonight and for the first time in history the Eastern Conference championship banner will fly north of the border the Raptors and Bucks getting set for Game six I know that Toronto is an amazing city I've been here a bunch of times it's one of my favorite if not most favorite city in the NBA I love coming here but the NBA world doesn't know it like we we we hide the Raptors we hide Tonto a lot of ways I think because the TV writers you know and it's unfortunate you don't see them on Christmas even though they'd been deserving to be on Christmas for years you don't see them for reasons that are our only default of the locale which isn't really fair so it finally allows not only the NBA world with the world to see basketball in another country of that debt is championship worthy I think it does a tremendous that takes a another chapter I have from the Vince Carter effect brings it to another level I think this would be not only emotional for people in Toronto be emotional for people in Montreal be emotional for people in Vancouver this is something that represents a whole country not just a city even though it says Toronto on your shirt if it's the north right so they make it it's basically a screen I guess you could say like a raptor scream that will be heard around the world give nothing back they're gonna play desperately I played just as desperate my name is you tonight let's go make it happen all right I think it means something for this city but I think it means something for the NBA to that their international franchise is on the map in a big big way bigger than they've ever been and and I think it's it it could potentially be one of the greatest moments in Toronto sports history this is game six the Toronto Raptors are one game away from reaching their first ever me finals [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now drive the tax hikes to [Applause] Oh [Applause] 17 Riga [Applause] you're watching tonight throughout [Applause] [Applause] Cerrano this was the 100th playoff game in franchise history and we've had for the first time ever Toronto is heading to the NBA Finals [Applause] congratulations to the 2019 Eastern Conference champions Toronto rapper [Applause] a tough playoff runs for us you know my rookie year two wins away from going to the finals battling LeBron James next two years after that we guess what you know but it's been a constant a grind here you know to get over that hump you know and uh we're able to do that this year we know we have a great group of guys so I'm really believed it since day one the training camp you know that we're on a mission that we could do something special that we could make history you know and I think from that day forward we just continued to work each day towards that goal that was you know work so hard to get to this point with the season I had last year you know just always betting on myself and you know what you know just knowing what I feel and you know what's right for me and you know end up coming here with a great group of guys a lot of talent then I'll just um you know strive with him everyday he's taking a long time gear my career thirteen years seven years here I've ran said one guy for a while and you know we were given opportunity left and we beat a really good team in Milwaukee for me you know to savor a moment but you know I'm not satisfied you know our goal is to win it with the clean NBA championship we just keep getting better and plugging the way you know and you can see it you feel the vibes around the city you feel the waiver on the city you know it's it's special you know what we were able to do you know create history and I think since day one the fans really believed this season that we could uh you know achieve and get over the hump finally and and make it to the finals you know so I'm just glad we were able to do that you know I'm glad I've been able to experience every playoff run since I've been here on the ups and downs of it and you know we're really excited you know to be able to go out there and continue to shock the world and who people warring and we're not satisfied I love just making it to the finals you know the the main goal is to win the championship [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Here waiting for the last episode of open gym,…championship episode,…but cant help to watch in awe…that now The Raptors are NBA champions….its still unreal

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  7. If we win tonight..sorry WHEN we win there going to be a Raptors float at Caribana this year?

    My best bet is YES.. with a few of the Raptors in attendance.

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