Opportunity In Marijuana Wellness (w/ Todd Harrison) | Interview | Real Vision™

Opportunity In Marijuana Wellness (w/ Todd Harrison) | Interview | Real Vision™

There’s going to be drugs from state dispensaries,
but there’s going to be medicine prescribed by doctors as covered by insurance. It’s that latter bucket that we’re focused
on for several reasons. Number one, as soon as medical efficacy is
demonstrated, the DEA by law has to reclassify, at which point the institutions are going
to be much more aggressive entering the space in my opinion. We’re looking at the industrialization. We’re looking at the complex building out. So we’re not a cannabis fund, we’re an emerging
healthcare fund that’s focusing on cannabinoid based solutions, and wellness techniques. This is a wellness fund. And we do believe it’s impact investing. We believe this is going to save, and help
a lot of people’s lives, and struggles with unmet medical conditions. So, we view the ecosystem through the lens
of 10 verticals that we think are going to provide the best opportunity set for the space. And keeping in mind, we’re an emerging healthcare
fund. So we’re looking at wellness and disease cure
as our primary points of entry right now in terms of our risk profile, and what we’re
looking at from an investment standpoint. But really of the 10 verticals, there are
two that are real populated right now are tradable. One of which is the cultivation and dispensary
side of the equation, the growers, the LPs, Licensed Producers and they’re up in Canada. And then the other side is the biopharma space,
which we’re more focused on because we believe that the input is going to be commoditized. It may not be as commoditized as hemp, which
will trade in Chicago. In Sidebar we think hemp is going to be farming
2.0, the Renaissance, for the American farmer. But right now, in terms of the opportunity
set and what’s populated, you really have cultivation, and dispensaries, and you have
the biopharma side. And you have some hemp ways, and I’ll get
into those. But, we’re really looking at the biopharma
side because we’re not looking at the input. We’re not looking at the plant in and of itself. We don’t touch the plant. We don’t move the plant across state lines. And as a matter of course, we let the listing
protocols for any of these stocks to serve as our first layer of due diligence. So we’re not touching any private companies. So out of the 500 or so companies, we’ve circled
about 50 that meet our criteria, and of those 50 we’ll have anywhere from 15 to 20 in our
portfolio at any one time. Rough justice about a 5% allocations, although
in special situations we will grow that, but we’re looking at a diversified approach. So ultimately what we’re looking to capture
here aside from the biopharma, which we believe is going to be powerful, and the cultivation
side, which we don’t want to touch because there’s so much supply coming on continually,
there are things like industrial hemp and farming, which we think are going to be real
positive plays. It’s already the fastest growing industry,
but also the largest cash crop in the world, while illegal in the United States. So we think that the industrial hemp and farming
side of the equation is going to be great. We think that vanity, and cosmetics are going
to be huge. There are studies right now involving creams
that remove wrinkles, and I don’t know what the world is like by you, but by me that’s
going to be a pretty good selling product.

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  1. Just need the baby boomers to die so we can make progress. The war on drugs is the biggest failure in the US governments history.

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