OVERCOMING BODY INSECURITIES | Full Body Fat Burning Workout // Fitness Event With Ryderwear!

OVERCOMING BODY INSECURITIES | Full Body Fat Burning Workout // Fitness Event With Ryderwear!

when I wake up good morning everyone today I've got a very very exciting day I'm actually on my way to my first ever fitness event where I know we're which is so exciting it's what we like my first event was right away but it's like my first ever event in general I'm honestly not as nervous as I thought I would be last night I couldn't sleep because I can't be thinking that my alarm had gone off and I didn't get up in time alright now surprisingly I feel as nervous as I thought I would as you to see I made breakfast is running up some of the ingredients here but yeah really really excited like we're doing a work and it would just be really fun to doing YouTube or doing Instagram because I don't personally know anyone that is doing that so it's gonna be really really fun to just beat everyone behold me wearing that you launch this launching today so I'm very excited about that always see people and like youtubers everything going to these cool events and I've always been like Michael Phelps so much fun and just never really thought that I would be one day going into one of these I got it so it is out of gym and yeah as I said we're gonna just like a workout I honestly don't know what to expect whatsoever I know absolutely no one yeah anyway I can see everyone walking in now so what [Applause] I'm all done at the event now that was so much fun as I said before I've never been to one of those events before so I literally had no idea what to expect I was like walking in I was like anyone but it was honestly so much fun and most of the girls didn't really know each other so it was good to be honest I was a little bit like I wasn't nervous to go but in terms of like my body and you went to be like working and a crop top and tights and I was like oh my god I haven't been training as hard I've been going on holidays so much I'm definitely not as lean as I previously was but honestly going to that and talking to the other girls like just made me realize how insignificant that is it was so good to just not really care about that and I did notice when we were doing the workout that I just need to get fitter become definitely not my fetus stay at the room I woke up to my period this morning and I was like for one day I do not want to be bloated as I said this morning like doing stuff like that is honestly something I've always dreamed about and a guy came up to me when I've like the writer where they just like one of the right away workers and was like chatting to me about everything it was just so inspiring and right now I feel so inspired to just go home work so hard on my goals and on YouTube I just feel so motivated and inspired at the moment all the girls were so so lovely and we're all chatting about food all the time which like anyone who knows me knows that that's like my favorite thing to talk about like I'm on such a high at the moment he also worked out at plc and I was talking to some of thanked the people who work there and they're lovely and because I'm actually moving to Brisbane soon I so I want to join this gym honestly like you just feel so good and motivated working out there so anyone I think they're on like the Sunshine Coast the Gold Coast and Brisbane so if anyone's looking for new gym seriously recommend looking at PLC it's also it was so cool all the girls like there right away acting we're in the new launch it was so much fun to see everyone just like matching like heaps of photos and heaps of videos you also would have seen the workout which oh my gosh I you to track that all the time and then I just kind of stopped definitely shocked me and I was like hope I need to start training like this again because I've definitely lost a lot of my cardio fitness also I think that this like set is probably my new favorite set I think it's so flattering like this scrunch bum also he doesn't show any sweat and when you squat it doesn't show your undies like it's on a suit and this whole new collection actually launches today so the 13th of July so as soon as this video goes up it's already launched so definitely go check it out my code is so p.m. candidate so that can get you ten percent off but yet like seriously absolutely love it anyway I'm hungry now I'm gonna go home I felt like an hour and 20 minute drive so good like all the girls were like I'm gonna go home and eat and I was like these are my kind of girls yes I'm gonna go home now I'm so hungry I'm sorry ready for some food food a meal prepped a bunch of rice say cheese last night so I'm just so excited I click a massive salad bowl how good's traffic Hey like that's just so good I'm so happy about this okay I've just spent the past like two hours editing at the vlog so far finished off my lunch and now as a little bit of snacks I made myself a cup of tea as I said in my last vlog I usually detest English breakfast tea but now I'm kind of obsessed with it and have one like every single day I add in some milk and some honey and it's honestly just like so good I'm really excited because it's actually my dad's birthday today and tonight we're all going out for dinner at my favorite sushi place ever I have not had sushi in way too long so I'm so excited so yeah I feel like I'm just like still coming down off the high like I was so like the grand mummy needs her little cup of tea and to just chill for a bit Sam's actually on his way he should be here like any minute now there yeah that's a bit of an update I'm now going to continue my team I'm just relaxing really because I'm not I wouldn't say I always think this but like I'm not an extrovert but I'm also not like an introvert like I honestly say I'm like 50/50 and so sometimes I get my energy from like being with people and it's sometimes I get energy from just like having someone time but I do feel exhausted from today like the workout and just like meeting so many new people will see we're just segregating because I'm you say me so what is that oh well they're doing yelps – the segregating turnaround times if he had attended him set off you

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  1. I totally relate to feeling intimidated and insecure. I feel that way all the time and mostly not just when I’m working out. But slowly I’m getting there to just letting it go. Congratulations On your Ryder Wear Event! So many more opportunities are coming for you Sophie!

  2. So so proud of you and you are just so adorable and positive it honestly brings me so much joy watching your vlogs! I wish you were in Sydney we have so many similarities!! can’t wait for your next vlog! Xxxxx

  3. This is such a cool experience you deserve it hun you work so hard and are one of only a few that actually cre and true! I TOLD U THO YOU WERE GONNA BLOW UP!

  4. So exciting that you’re moving to brissy!! Also your body is insane, you shouldn’t be shy about it at all!!! X

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