Overview of Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Overview of Seafood Nutrition Partnership

at the sea food nutrition partnership we're launching a public health campaign to educate Americans about eating seafood it's especially critical now as our nation faces at public health crises it's a dire situation but we believe we can make a difference for the sake of our nation in the United States today seven out of ten deaths are from diseases that we know for a fact are preventable meanwhile two-thirds of US adults are either overweight or obese even though many of our problems are preventable through diet lifestyle changes the number of Americans with chronic diseases continues to rise health-wise it's a desperate time for our country one simple positive step that can be taken is to include more seafood in the American diet unfortunately Americans aren't eating enough seafood to make a positive health impact while each year we consume an average of 110 pounds of red meat 73 pounds of poultry 130 pounds of sugar 80 pounds of oil and 600 pounds of dairy products our annual per capita seafood consumption is just fourteen point four pounds with a declining trend the essential nutrients from seafood is widely understood in the medical community and numerous prominent health organizations recommend eating more seafood in support of optimum wellness especially for heart and brain health but in our busy day to day lives the need to include seafood in our diet is just not getting through the seafood Nutrition partnership is a 501c3 nonprofit organization we're members of the Clinton Global Initiative and the non communicable disease roundtable I really hope that if we can come together in a public-private partnership between industry health care doctors and hospitals around this country that we can really start to change consumer behavior that we can get consumers to have seafood become more important part of their diet and ultimately get them to eat seafood twice a week again in the interests of improving public health our plan for confronting America's health crisis is not that complicated but it takes time partners and resources we will start with a three year national public health campaign and educate individuals especially the underserved about the essential health benefits of seafood while helping them develop the skills and confidence necessary to eat seafood regularly we plan to educate the American public in such a way that people can easily understand how to be the guardians of their own health seafood Nutrition partnership is the best opportunity that the seafood industry has ever had to really get our message out about the nutritional benefits and the health benefits of consuming more seafood we already have a large number of important partners committed to this initiative with us you know obviously it come like one will be as predominantly in the tuna business but this is not a tuna campaign this is a seafood campaign and we're in different weather they're eating Pollock or they're eating shrimp for the reading the tuna the point is we like to see Americans eat a much broader range of seafood because it lifts the entire seafood category and in doing so it also improves the overall health of the American population and the battles are really to make sure that Americans understand what seafood means and how healthy it is for them and how they can access it how they can buy it prepare it eat it give it to their kids all those things that are so important for us to really get to that point to be healthier I do think that change a societal level is the and it takes plan and it takes time and but we've had it I mean think about seatbelts think about smoking you know these are all initiatives they took a long time but they're the right initiatives and you can say now looking back that they worked right so I hope we can do the same thing with the American diet in three to five years if we just have 50% more of America eating fish no matter where they go for it that's success and we all have to not take our share but we all have to give we're involved in a very healthy industry there's not many commodities that are involved in the industry like we are today our goal for this national heart-healthy grassroots campaign is to band together not just a health and wellness industry but also to build public/private partnerships across the fabric of our country to address our public health crisis we're inviting the sefa industry corporations government agencies media local communities foundations and nonprofits take part and support this major cause together we can inspire a healthier America but the time to act is now you

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