Pahla B:  Your Best FITNESS Friend on YouTube!   ❤ FUN Home Workout Videos You'll Love ❤

Pahla B: Your Best FITNESS Friend on YouTube! ❤ FUN Home Workout Videos You'll Love ❤

hey quick question are you looking for a workout channel that has like super intense and insane workouts and a trainer who's like all up in your face with all kinds of energy telling you that we can get in the best shape of your life because you know what that is 100% not what we do here hi I follow be from pallavi fitness calm I am a Boston Marathon qualifying runner a seven-time ultra marathoner the formerly chubby mom of teenage boys a certified personal trainer and health coach and I think most importantly a fitness enthusiast you know my philosophy about working out is really simple if you love your workout you'll stick with it and when you stick with it you can get any result you want I make workouts that I want to do and that means that sometimes they're very very gentle and sometimes they are total sweat fest oh I have over 500 free full length workouts for all fitness levels I am NOT a to rep trainer getting you started and then leaving you to finish up on yourself no way we're in this together getting real fit in real time it's a lot like working out with your incredibly chatty and very sweaty best friend you know the fact is you might actually get in the best shape of your life around here I'm just not gonna yell at you about it so if that does sound like what you're looking for be sure to click the subscribe button because I upload new workouts every week and when you're ready I'm ready let's work out together

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  1. I just found your channel. I'm super excited to try your workouts. I've been exercising consistently for over a year and I was looking for a run at home routine. :). I will try one of them tomorrow!

  2. I wonder what took long to find a channel like this. I hope to do stuff from here at least once a day. I just found this one in particular to find out a bit more of what this is about. I'm extremely hard to keep motivated in more ways than one in anything. That plus I have a fluctuating fitness level in part due to at least chronic and degenerative illness. Though I'm still considered "young" at my age, some of my joint or tendon issues make me feel way older physically (if only that made me more mature and wiser than my current level). I hope to not lose my motivation or interest in the channel content and hope to listen to more of those podcasts in the videos+soundcloud. I admit sometimes I haven't given fully undivided attention to hear what's being taught about stuff like the abdominal muscles or talks about the possible amount of calories/energy getting burned with any activities. I even needed something else in addition to therapy I'm inconsistent in, so I usually need more than one source of inspiration and optimism, not just in relation to appearance and wellness. Thank you again for trying to share your knowledge with us all who need to feel like we need to relate to someone and easily feel alone in certain struggles.

  3. The day I found your workout channel, was the best in my life! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

  4. I discovered Pahla's fitness channel when I was in search of a good low impact cardio workout that I can do while sitting down due to rheumatoid arthritis. Her friendly and supportive demeanor make me come back again and again and do her workouts. As a result I am now able to jog 7-9 miles /day and have lost 35 lbs! Thank you Pahla 🙂

  5. Pahla is the absolute best. she is fun and very informative. she also has workouts to fit any condition you may be in. She has seated workouts, walking, running jogging, and even weight training. She helps you set goals and figure out what you want to do. I totally enjoy Pahla. She is the BEST!!!!!

  6. I Love YouTube workouts because you are so enthusastic….sometimes I das things to you which I never would say when You are in Front of me…….but I love to Wwrk withYou

  7. Pahla all I can say is I have been with you two years now. You have saved my life in the workout realm. I have said before being in graduate school and working full time I just don't always have time to do 60 minutes or more workouts. I thought I should be my other social media friends and I tried it and I was getting stressed out because I did not have the time everyday. It hit me last week. Consistency is more important and valuable to health then loooong workouts. I may not be "skinny" but I am fit and strong. I have you to thank for that. I appreciate your professionalism, friendliness and candor. Love, peace and blessings to you.

  8. I started doing your videos a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them. I like the way it's always something different, and the conversation throughout. I'm a full-time high school counselor and mom of two tiny boys. The lengths of these workouts are perfect. Thank you!

  9. Okay. You are just too dang cute! I totally, love, love this video. Yes, you are like a sweaty BFF! Have I told you lately that you ROCK?? Well, you do….

  10. So great Pahla! Shared with all my friends. Thank you for all of your encouragement and hard work!

  11. Pahla, this was so well put! I cannot tell you how much I detest those workout videos others put up and give us 2 reps and leave us to do it on our own! We want to work out, we need guidance, we need a little push here and there. You are IMHO the best there is, for me. I am always going to your channel first, and I always always always….feel like I've "worked" out after any length of video you put up for us out here. I thank you , and PLEASE don't change your style, you keep us laughing and sweating in the same time period. Also I cannot speak for others but I very much appreciate your words of wisdom during your workouts, whether it be about what muscle we're working or why, or food or just your life challenges! I love you too Pahla, keep it up! You're #1 in my books!!! 🙂

  12. Pahla is wonderful! Her videos are great. She inspires and encourages me to challenge myself. Pahla does not set unrealistic goal nor do her workouts "belittle" you. If anything, her workouts will empower you and give you confidence! You won't go wrong with Pahla. Be one of her killer bees!!!

  13. Incredibly chatty…check Fabulous workout coach…check Fun workouts that fly by every time…check! Click Subscribe !!!

  14. I recently started doing her videos again. I'm in love with them. She has so much energy and she inspires and motivates me. I just love it. ❤️

  15. Pahla's channel is great and her community is so supportive. Her workouts got me running again when I thought I was unable to. She strikes the perfect balance between encouraging/fun and kick your butt! Speaking for "the Hive" we love her!

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