People Power group wants more for health and education

People Power group wants more for health and education

regarding the fight against corruption the president expressed hope that the newly created state house anti-corruption unit will nip corruption in the party we believe that when institutions are weak was struggling you don't create parallel ones he strengthened the existing institutions the igg has always complained about poor funding and the staffing and has it been gone I hate to say that the big fish always hide behind the president so we are saying empower the institution's empower the igg to do her work if she fails then replace her much creating a parallel unit simply increases our post of administration our health sector is still in a worrisome state little Wanda government dignitaries always access medication out of the country at the taxpayers cost to the tune of 350 billion chilies yeah as people power we are bothered by reports for plans to establish a hydropower dam at Madison Falls which will decimate that great piece of tourism as a country we export power so I can trick balance things up such that will retain the power that we need and be able to deal with the shortfalls it's also high time we invested heavily in other alternative energy sources such as solar and biogas

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  1. It's True 1000% all big fishes are behind museveni back coz they are all relatives and inlaws in govt well said by people power keep on fighting for all good and clean services for all Ugandans not for individuals

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