PhysioMum - Emma Brockwell - Love activity, Hate exercise?

PhysioMum – Emma Brockwell – Love activity, Hate exercise?

when it comes to exercising I try and encourage especially people that don't like to exercise to do it more in bite size chunks I have a lot of patients who are quite scared to exercise because of their symptoms as well and so I try and reassure them and make sure that it's not too demanding and also what what to expect from exercise so I have the new mums that want to get back to running so things that they can fit around their new life's if you like we meet every Saturday at 7:30 we there is a long run a shorter run and a walk so when I was pregnant I did the walk and the walk is a proper speed walk and sometimes harder than the run I think and we chat we spend a lot of time chatting and running every time I do exercise I feel so much better afterwards and like I feel now I'm just so delighted that I've done it I develop the group really as a means of making it's accessible to women so that on a Saturday morning we could all get together and become sociable or a platform where I can make running accessible in a non intimidating way

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