Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 1 | Tay thon gọn | Workout #124 ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 1 | Tay thon gọn | Workout #124 ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hi everyone Welcome to Hana Giang Anh’s channel And also, welcome to “7-day self-love and life-changing Pilates Barre series” It is the first time ever I brought Pilates Barre into Vietnam So, this is your chance to be the first one trying this kind of exercise on my Youtube channel It’s also the first time I introduced it in Inspire Boutique Fitness So, if you enjoy it, let’s come to either Inspire Cau Giay or Inspire Thanh Xuan to join me right away I have been certified for this method by Body and Flow Association since 2018 So, welcome to the “7 day Pilates Barre series” which is designed especially for self-love as well as self-development So, first and foremost, today, I will introduce to you the 30-min arm-slimming exercise Pilates is a method taking great deal of coordination of your body position and your breath during workouts You are required to really focus and pay attention to every single little movement As you breathe, remember to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth And try to breathe deeply As you inhale, open your ribs will widely towards both sides following four directions As you exhale, breathe through your mouth and squeeze your ribs together I’m gonna show you now With today arm-slimming exercise, you could use a pair of dumbbells raging from 1 to 3 kg depending on you If this is the first time of yours, I would recommend 1kg or 2kg dumbbell for your good Just google it and you could get them pretty easily through delivery In case you are not a fan of dumbbell, it’s totally fine to replace it with resistance bands It’s also available online with a range of options for you Ok, I’ll let you wait no more, let’s get started! Stand straight You could either let your feet to be about hip distance apart or place them next to each other But I personally prefer to leave them hip distance apart cause it’s more standardized Inhale, raise your arms Good, slowly exhale, bring your hands to the front of your chest Try to let your hip and coccyx tucked in Open your shoulder and your chest Slowly close your eyes to feel the energy and heat inside your chest Exhale, raise your arms Inhale And exhale, relax your arms Place them next to your feet In this position, let your whole body loose properly Then curl your body up while raising it and inhale Clasp your hands together behind your back Palms face each other, extend your arms Rotate your shoulder and stretch your chest out Exhale And keep your arms straight in the front Alternating your knees Let’s relax a bit now before coming to the main exercises today Ok, release your arms Now, move to down dog position Step backward Unfold your hands and lay your palms downwards on the floor Legs are parallel, knees straight Use your arms’ force to push your chest backwards shoulder is far from ears Slowly roll the vertebrae each by each from the coccyx first to sacrum, to upper back, to neck then end at plank position Bend you knees Good job! Now, sit backwards a bit Raise your left arm straight Stretch your thorax and spin the twist your spin Exhale, pass your left arm through your body and stretch it out Extend your right arm to the front and back Switch to the other side Reach your right arm to the floor Twist your spin as much as you can Inhale, then pass it through your body Lie deeper And reach your other arm further to the front Those are just warm-up exercises to get us prepared for the upcoming muscle exercises Ok, get your left arm back and push your body up Now, let’s train you wrist before we really workout Stand your arms straight under our shoulders Open your hands and keep your fingers firm on the ground Belly tucked in so have a straight back Don’t let it arch Shoulder is away from ears Place your insteps straight on the floor Now, lift your arms up Like this Put them back Up And down Try to catch the music Up and down Tuck your belly in to protect your back Press your belly button towards our spins And don’t forget the breathing technique Breath in and out Three more Elbows straight Two more And one Now, we lift even higher and stand on the fore parts of your fingers, and back Again On your fingertips And down Two more times Last one Good, hold and push your body forwards then backwards Elbows straight Ok, circle your body Reverse To strengthen your wrists Ok, now turn your hands upside down like this Fingers point to knees Hands are parallel, rotate your shoulder Slowly sit backwards and push it to the front Sit backwards, on your heels Good Two more times The final one Ok, let’s get to the most intense part It’s push up Stand your arms under your shoulders A bit wider will make it easier Try to create a line from your head to your butt You could either bend your knees like this or extend your legs like this If you have been familiar with this, try to lift your knees up to challenge your self a bit more But if you are a beginner, let’s start from the more relaxed position Alright! Let’s do it Breathe in deeply through your nose And out through your mouth Now, as you inhale, lower your chest between your arms Push up as you exhale Let’s do it on 2-2 Go, lower, inhale Up, exhale Keep your eyes focus on one point on the mat Raise your butt just a bit to strengthen your core to strengthen your core Two more times One more, exhale Good, now touch your hands on your shoulder alternatively and set them back Up and down Try to keep your body and your butt fixed Exhale as you lift your hands up Four more times Three Maintain a line of your body Yes and tuck your belly button in And come back to push up Down And up Raise your butt a bit Now, stand on your elbows You could lift your hip up a bit higher to support the core strengthening You are getting tired now, are you? Let’s try harder Hold it here and give your body a little pulse Front and back Engage your core Exhale and inhale continuously following your body movement Good and hold Lower your knees lightly And up Keep your shoulder away from your ears Two more Really good, we are heating up all the core muscles Ok, now raise your arm Squeeze your abs Now pass it through your body Lift it back Lower and switch Two times on the other side One more Lower Clasp your hands together and back to down dog position Then back to plank Down dog and plank Last two Ok, good job Knees down and sit up Omg, so sore! We are doing back workout next Slowly lie down Feet are hip wide apart Place your forehead on your arms You could either leave your feet close to each other or hip wide apart, it’s up to you Extend your arms to the front and stretch them out like this Inhale through your nose and open your ribs, exhale squeeze your core and your butt as you lift your shoulder up Try to press your belly button towards your spin Imagine there is an ice cube below your belly button and you are not gonna touch it Alright, stretch your arms higher Belly tucked in Breathe in through your nose out through your mouth and pull your arms backwards Breathe in and out In and out As you exhale, release all the gas strongly Pull your arms backwards and squeeze your shoulder blades together as much as you could Open your thorax Avoid bending your neck, in stead, stretch it out Eyes on mat Belly tucked in Watch me! As I pull my arms backwards, I tuck my belly in Now, hold Let’s give it a little pulse, shall we? Up, up and up Exhale as you life it up and vice versa And four Three Two One Extend your arms backwards and forwards Backwards And forwards, last two Exhale Inhale Belly tucked in as you exhale Alright, relax a bit Let’s turn your body to the front Next exercises is gonna be for our triceps Bend your floor-facing leg so that it could help you to keep balanced Extend the other leg Are you ready? Now, stand your right arm straight under shoulder With the other arm, wrap it around your belly Wrap it tightly Then slowly bend your right elbow and lower your body Are you ok with it? Do it super slowly In case you can not keep your body balanced, you could bend both knees together like this Extend one leg will be a bit harder Now, do it on 2-2, go Up, exhale Down, inhale Up, exhale Down, inhale Bend your elbow Don’t use force from your fingertips but from your wrist It’ll be easier Good, now hold it here and pulse, up, up Up, up, up Super sore, right? Four, three, two and slowly lower our body And slowly up Two more times Last one And up Ok Relax your arms a bit Let’s switch to the other side Bend your right knee and extend your left leg Stand left arm straight under shoulder while wrapping the other around your belly Ready? One, two, three, go! Bending your elbow, down and up, slowly and gently That’s how Pilates should be, focusing on mind control and move slowly Though they are kind of intense but by concentrate on our minds, things would be lighter The harder you squeeze your muscles, the easier it is I actually favour this side more than the other cause I feel much stronger and more concentrated comparing to the other side’s So, i bet you also feel the same with your favoured side Now, pulse Do it fast 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and slowly down And up Last one Done, get your arm relaxed a bit by bringing it back Ok, move on to the next one which is for your shoulder Now, stand up Standing exercise is coming You have two options here, either use your dumbbell if you have and follow the little screen, otherwise, it’s totally fine Bend your knees a little Lower your butt backwards a bit as well Then open your hands widely or hold your dumbbells Then raise your arms backwards, until they are parallel with the floor but a bit open up backwards Ok? let’s go Exhale as you lift them up Inhale as you bring them down Lift as high as you could and open it backwards Elbows straight, fingers are away from each other So that you could create a pressure from your wrists Remember to exhale as you raise them up and get your belly tucked in The tighter you core is, the more effective it is and you would feel really heavy as you squeeze it tight Hold for a sec as you raise your arms Hold and squeeze Hold and squeeze This is for shoulder strengthening Exhale and inhale Let’s focus Engage your ribs as you breathe out Tuck your belly in and out In and out In and out Two more One more Good! Now, stand up and extend your legs to the side Engage your core Then bend your elbows at 90-degree angle like this Elbows and shoulder are in line Then extend your arms straight Exhale, Inhale Exhale, inhale Try to squeeze your shoulder as you lift your arms up and flex its muscles So, if you hit your arms, it is still fixed at this position That’s how your should flex and squeeze your muscles cause it will tone your muscles up really quickly If you let your muscles loose, then it won’t work If you are using dumbbells, I think you must be super sore now, right? I recommend to use 1-2kg dumbbell only to avoid shredding your shoulder muscles When it comes to standing, remember to stand with a tucked-in bottom I know it’s really sexy to show up your curves, but standing like this will hurt your back a lot While doing exercises, make sure that your belly and butt are tucked in, your spin is straight, press your belly button inward rotate your shoulder and open your chest Neither like this nor this Ok? One more Now, turn your arms like this until they are as high as your shoulder Down and up A bit faster Exhale Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale, inhale Exhale, keep going Engage your core You can see how my elbows are fixed, don’t let them loose Don’t move them up and down, your upper arms should rotate around your elbows Like this Good, now hold it here and close your elbows together and raise back Keep your elbows at 90-degree angle Good, one more and hold Now, raise then close them here and open Close and open Try to maintain your elbows at your shoulder’s level not here At your should’s level and at 90-degree angle Keep worjing Four more times, ok? Exhale and inhale Open your mouth as you exhale When you exhale strongly, it would automatically activate your abdominal muscles Close your elbows together and give it some pulse upward and downward here Up, down And, 4 3 2 and extend your arms to the sides Then pulse, up and down Lower your shoulder and leave it away from your ears Open your chest Don’t keep your arms like this Some of you might experience this So, note that, chest is open, shoulder is straight Go on So sorry for anyone who is using dumbbell now I am suffering a lot from the pain already even without a dumbbell But, that is how we level up ourselves We develop day by day, right? Alright, last exercise Bring your arms backwards, and lift them up Again, lean forwards and knees bent 4, 3, 2, 1 Bring arms to the front and pull your elbows backwards You could alternate your arms like this with dumbbell users You’ll be less painful Good, now, stand up and lower your body again with extended arms Stand up, arms are on shoulder’s level Bring your butt backwards, arms are in line with your body Keep your body straight Last two and last one Completed! Relax your arms Omg, so tired! Next part is focus on our biceps you could choose either band or dumbbell Choose 1-2-3 kg dumbbell depending on your physical strength I usually pick the 2 to 3 kg one, and please watch me using it on the little screen down here If you are using band, watch me carefully Stand your feet on the band to stretch it out a bit Then hold it in the middle point like this Place your other hands on your hip, feet are hip distance apart Elbow is at waist’s level, wrist is straighten Pull it up until your elbow is at 90-degree angle Go, up, down, up, down, following the rhythms like this Just contract your muscle very lightly but flex it to hold the band at this height level I prefer using band more than dumbbell cause I personally feel that I need to engage my core more to be able to hold the band firmly Exhale as you pull it up and vice versa, like this And now, push it back and forth Good job! Let’s speed up a bit Elbow touches waist and simply move your arm back and forth like this 4, 3, 2 and open it to the side Keep your elbow fixed If you want, you could also use your hand to hold your elbow like this And also, keep your wrist straightened Don’t let it bent 8 more times And 4, 3 2, and done! Switch! Alright, start it exactly as what we have done Up and down One of the things that make me enjoy this one is that it’s really simple and gentle but still get our biceps extremely sore and it suits all age groups Not only youngsters but also all middle-age people and even the Baby Bomers could still do Pilates The perk of Pilates is that it’s super safe while your muscles still get super sore Not to sweat profusely but still change your body greatly and it trains your concentration, too Move back and forth Slightly move your arms Try to keep the band stretched Faster 4, 3, 2 and open to the side Out and in Out and in Speed up a little bit Do you see that my shoulder is still stable while I only work on one arm? It means that you have to always engage your core to keep balanced Ok? Now, squeeze your core, slightly bend your knees and keep balanced Fix this elbow! 4, 3 2 and done! Great, now leave this band aside And, this resistance band is also super cheap Simple search it on Google, Lazada or Shopee to get delivered Roughly $5 and we could do a lot of things with it Move on to the core workout Lie down Lay your hands behind your head like this Knees are hip width apart, slightly raise your elbows so that you could see them from the sides Curl your body up Exhale as you curl it up, and inhale as you bring it down Let’s breathe together Your body will slightly shake if you breathe correctly Contract your ribs as you exhale Tuck your belly in, press your belly button towards your spin Don’t let your belly inflated, tuck it in all the time Hold it as you lift up and pulse quickly Squeeze your core tightly Eyes are in between your knees We are toning both vertical and horizontal abs You don’t need to watch me while doing cause you will bend your neck as you watch me, just try to listen and follow cause I’ll instruct you step by step which is more convenient for you Alright, move to bicycle Left elbow points to right knee and vice versa And do it faster Exhale Exhale Again, tuck your belly in as you exhale Cause only when your belly is tucked in, your abs will work Otherwise, it’s just simple a random movement and you might even get back pain And that will never happen as you engage your core tightly Keep doing And 4, 3, 2, 1 Ok, hold your right legs and lower your left leg on the floor Elbow points to knee as you curl up Tuck your belly in and exhale as you lift it up Then hold it up and pulse Try to flex your muscles and keep your body firm and stable 8, 7, 6 5, 4, 3 2, 1 and switch Slowly lift up first Elbow points to knee But don’t rotate your arms too much Instead, twist your spin more including your whole thorax as well Not just simply your arms Again, exhale and contract your ribs Hold it up here and pulse Try too focus on these under part of your shoulder Slightly touch the floor and lift it up Exhale Ok, now, extend your legs Raise them straight up and fingers towards forefeet Then, exhale You don’t need to stick your back to the floor but but as you exhale, contract your ribs together and press your belly button towards your backbone so that your belly won’t get bloated cause that’s the most important note Your back could arch a bit as you were born with an arched back, that’s ok And if you could tuck your belly in, your back won’t get hurt Ok, let’s try Go, belly tucked in Rotate your arms and raise your arms and legs up Again Go, exhale, belly tucked in Inhale Raise Hold, slowly lower and exhale Then bring it back up Again Lift your body up higher, extend your legs Don’t let your feet touch the ground and just keep trying Let’s speed up a bit If your back gets hurt, then don’t lower your legs too much, just a little is okay as long as your back don’t either arch or move We nearly finish already Two more Good, now up, then lower your arms and legs, and hold Exhale through your mouth, inhale through your nose, keep your belly and back flat Last one Finish! Twisting your spin to both sides and relax your body And, sit up to stretching part for your upper body Now, let’s begin our stretching part which is one of my most favorite one in the end of this workout So, I’m going to stretch mainly the upper part of the body First, raise your right arms to the side and take a deep breath Reach it up to the sky and then exhale, relax your whole body leftwards Bend your left elbow, open your chest and reach higher Lower your left shoulder and keep them away from your ears If you want, try stretching your right arm leftwards to open your thorax even more Or just simple keep it straight like me Then exhale, release your right arm And stretch your neck in line with your right shoulder And switch Inhale and bring your left arm up Exhale Let your body loose rightwards and reach your arm higher towards the ceiling As you breathe, relax your whole body Don’t hold Inhale and exhale Release your left arm, pull your neck away from your left shoulder Ok, sit up Next, we’ll twist Place your right hand on your left elbow while keeping your back straight and firm And we twist backwards lightly and gently Let’s imagine we are twisting our spin like twisting a piece of wet cloth to get it strained off Good, now raise your left arm and cross in in the front And wrap your arms around your thorax and inhale and exhale while stretching your arms backwards as much as you can You could keep holding it here as a beginner Or moving to eagle pose position to be more challenging Palms are facing each other Inhale and lift your arms up Lower your shoulder and keep it away from your ears Then exhale Press your elbows into your chest and roll your back vertebrae, each by each Stretching to the front And up OK, switch Twist rightwards Raise right arm and cross the right arm in the front place it on left knee Hold your chest Inhale and exhale Lower your shoulder Back straight Good, back to the eagle pose position Exhale, lift your arms up Press elbows into knees and stretch it out Roll your body up Last exercise, inhale as you raise your arms and exhale Feel the energy coming out from your thorax Open your arms backwards, lower your shoulder, stretch your neck up One more time, inhale And exhale Collect your hands in front of your chest Take a deep breath and exhale After this 7-day series, I hope you will love and understand yourself more thoroughly You would also feel much firmer and more invigorated to support you doing anything you like We will workout for 30 minutes each day and do it for 7 days on a row We’ll start working from arm, to core, hip and thigh muscles then stretching and finally toning our butts up You only need to prepare a chair for this whole series but if you do have 1 or 2 kg dumbbell, then you should use it to strengthen your muscles and level up yourself If you are looking for those dumbbell, simply go to Lazada or Shopee, or else, you are still totally fine without them So, we have completed today’s 30-min workout and I believe your shoulders, arms and back are pretty tired And you would even feel a bit sore as you wake up tomorrow But that’s all good since we are forcing our muscles to work much harder than its normal daily routine And the harder it works, the stronger it would be, that’s pretty to understand, right? So, I really hope to see you again tomorrow for the next core exercises Don’t forget to like and share my videos as you enjoy it And if you even enjoy doing Pilates with me, please subscribe my channel so that we could meet each other in much more upcoming interesting videos So, I’ll see you again tomorrow, byeeee!

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