Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 2 | Đốt cháy bụng ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 2 | Đốt cháy bụng ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hello! Welcome to 2nd day of Pilates Barre series 7 days of loving yourself Today, we will take up a challenge 30-min core workout with pilates In today’s workout, we’ll work on every part of the core Normally, you may only work the abs but for me, it’s definitely not enough The core includes all abs muscles such as Rectus abdominis Internal oblique External oblique Tranverse abdonimis and back muscles and spinalis It means that the core includes this whole area surrounding the spine The core creates movements in all positions and daily activities So if you have strong core, you will not suffer from back pain and you can work out as much as you want without being injured Of course, core workout can help you to have nice abs and also create a small waist As you can see, today I wear latex of Vietcorset This is produced by a Vietnam brand and especially produced for Vietnamese so it fixes me so well Anyone who subscribes me will know this I often use latex of Vietcorset when I work my core because it helps me to straighten the spine engage the abs and I’ll never feel back pain when working the core even when I’m exhausted If you want to try out this latex like me scroll down and click on the link of Vietcorset I put on the description box In today’s video, we don’t need any equipment except for a mat So now, let’s stand up, grab your mat and I will meet you in a few seconds! Firstly, inhale and raise your hands over head exhale and put your hands in the front Inhale through the nose expand your ribs out to the sides Exhale and pull the ribs in draw your belly button to your spine Squeeze the abs Repeat Inhale Exhale through the mouth Inhale Open your mouth to exhale and engage the abs Remember to squeeze the abs 1 more time Good Now, we raise our hands Inhale and exhale Step back to Downward- Facing Dog position Look at the ankles Press the palms on the mat Open the chest Moving your legs slowly Good! Put the left legs between 2 arms You can lower the knees and extend the feet And lower your hip deeply to open the hipbone or extend the leg and raise the right hand inhale reach your hand toward the leg Repeat Inhale Imagine you are moving from the chest, not the arms Good Then lower your knee, extend the feet Back straight Keep your hip balanced Raise your arms and inhale Exhale Put your hands behind the head And lean backward Squeeze the abs Push the belly button to the spine Well-done! Repeat Lift the leg We continue with the right leg Step back You can lower your knee Open your hip Or you can extend your leg and lift it up Raise your left hand and inhale deeply Exhale Reach your hand toward the right leg Inhale and open the chest Turn your body Lower your knee Now raise your arms Lower the hip to open it Let’s inhale and open the chest Exhale and put your hands behind the head Inhale one more time Now when you exhale you close the rib push the belly button squeeze the abs and glute and lean backward Good! We lower our arms Now we move on to Down Facing Dog position That’s the end of the warm-up Now we’ll start our workout In this position, you have press your palms on the floor open the chest toward the legs Lift 1 leg up Exhale and pull your leg back in Scroll your body and lift the hip up Repeat Inhale Exhale Lift the hip up Exhale Move slowly Engage the entire body and lift the hip high Good! Put your legs here Continue to lift 1 leg up and come back Keep your body straight Lift your legs and abs Good! The other side Back to Down Facing Dog position Lift the other leg up to the sky Open the chest and pull your legs toward the chest Lift your body up Follow my rhythm and breathing rate you will feel more comfortable Inhale Open the chest and hip Exhale and pull your legs back in The last one This time, try to pull your legs as high as possible Well-done! Extend your legs Your body is in a straight line Lift leg up and down 4 reps more 3 2 and 1 Look at the middle point of 2 hands Come down onto your elbows Raise the left knee up to your left elbow Extend Your body is in a straight line Engage the core The other side Good Slowly bend your knee and move back Stretch your back and shoulder Release your body Now slowly scroll your body Rotate the shoulders to the back Release the shoulders The other direction OK! The next part is abs workout Lie down on your back, please Place your heels feet-wide apart from the glute Lace your fingers and put behind your head Slightly raise your elbow and crunch and down Feel the shoulder-blade Touch the floor and then lift it up Exhale when you come up Inhale through the nose Exhale Inhale Though out this exercises, perhaps I cannot look at you guys because when working the abs if we turn our head like this it’s not a correct form Try to look at the middle of 2 thighs And you needn’t turn your head to look at me You just need to hear and follow my lead Keep going Exhale when going up Inhale when going down Now we do quickly It’s almost like we open the chest and raise it up Breathe out We don’t need to use the neck You can put your head on your hands to reduce the pressure on the neck Feel the ribs contracting Squeeze the abs Draw your belly button to the spine The same exercise but we extend a leg, raise it up Do it faster Extend the legs and squeeze Right now, we’re working on abs and thighs Breathe out Keep the breath long and deep Breathe out more and 4 3 2 The other side Keep pushing. Do not stop Breathe. I’ll do it with you 6 5 4 3 2 1 Hold it here. Don’t let your head down Lower your leg slowly Then your raise both legs Extend one leg Opposite elbow to the knee and the other side This exercise is called Bicycle Twist We’ll do it quickly Fast! Do not stop Exhale when you switch Draw the ribs in Draw the belly button inward Expand the chest Legs reaching toward the wall 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 And lift legs up Raise the hands or put it behind the head Continue to crunch quickly You can see that head is at the fixed position We bend the chest, not the neck Neck stays still Crunch the abs Pull the chest up Extend the legs and foot Squeeze the thigh muscles work on the legs Keep going 8 more 4 3 2 1 Grab your legs Good! Then we put the legs to the side Turn the head to reverse direction Twist the torso And the other side Extend the arm Slowly scroll your body and sit up Legs forward Feet shoulder width apart Foot parallel Place your hands on the thighs As you can see, in this exercise, my back is scrolled And we slowly touch the sacrum on the floor This lower back Touch the floor And up Make the sacrum touch the floor and up Hands free on the knees or thighs Keep going Exhale when going down Squeeze the abs Inhale when coming up Exhale when going down Remember that we do not lean backward we’re trying to make sacrum touch the floor One more time Hole here Extend the arms Touch the floor Repeat one side Lean backward more Press the sacrum Try to lean backward more Lower the sacrum Exhale, squeeze the abs Don’t forget to squeeze the abs or else there’d be no connection with the abs and it would not hurt anymore Good job! Now, hold it here and pulse 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and the other side The same for the other side You may feel hurt in one side of your waist Try to lean backward Lower the sacrum Hands touching the floor It’s not only moving the arms we have to twist the chest, shoulder, and the whole upper body Keep the hip bone stay still No need to shake the butt Good! Hold it here and pulse pulse 4 3 2 Done! Circle the shoulder Back straight Next, grab your legs and stand up Feet shoulder-width apart Feet shoulder-width apart Raise the left arm, breathe in deeply through the nose Exhale, slide the right arm down deeply to the knee Slide along the leg Reach deeply Hold it here and now we engage this muscle pull the body back and release Pull it back and release This is not a stretching exercise it’s an exercise for the obliques To work on the obliques, when you reach upward, you have to use the obliques not standing up Use this muscles to pull the body back Imagine like we’re holding a huge bucket of water and trying to pull Quickly Reaching Engage the obliques and pull it Exhale Inhale The other side Slow Pull back Use the obliques Inhale Exhale Contract the ribs and draw belly button inward Feel that the abs is closed That’s right Keep going 2 more. Are you breathing? Open your mouth and breathe out Do it faster Engage the core Hold your body tight OK. Slightly bend your knee Squeeze the glute, bend the knee Back straight, chest up and twist side to side right left Remember to contract the ribs Draw the belly button in Engage the core Imagine you’re selfie in front of the mirror and you want to take a photo with your nice and flat abs how will squeeze the abs? now squeeze the abs like that squeeze Don’t put your hands behind like this The importance is twisting the chest and engage the abs make this part firm and twist Do it faster Squeeze the abs you can bend your knee to have more feeling Don’t shake your butt Try to hold the whole lower body only the upper body is moving 8 more 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Alright! The next exercise Just the same We gonna slide down to the knee and pull a huge bucket of water up The other side Pull up Get ready. Go! Down and pull the bucket up Down and pull the bucket up It’s really heavy You have to engage the muscles to pull up Imagine you are trying to pull a heavy bucket of water Engage the muscles Reaching deeply and up Keep pushing Don’t let your body come down too deeply without control Squeeze the abs all the time to pull the gravity of the body The harder the better Pulse 2 1 Back to the beginning position The other side Use the muscles to pull the body back 1 more time Alright! And up The next exercise and also the last one in today’s workout Lie down Raise your legs up You can put your hands under your butt to have more support Shoulders far from the ears Inhale Before doing this exercise I want to remind you that Each one has different level of natural back curve Some are big, some are small But we have to maintain the natural back curve Don’t let the back bend like this Just a little bit about 1cm If the back is bent, you may feel the pain Try to keep the natural condition of the back of the spine But we don’t need to press hard on the floor like this This will not work the abs Keep it natural Close the ribs Draw the belly button in Squeeze the abs Get ready! Exhale Slowly 4 seconds Squeeze the abs Push the belly button in and up Repeat I’ve forgotten to breathe Did you forget to breathe? Do it again Get ready Breathe out Inhale when going up Breathe deeply Repeat Exhale Inhale Don’t move your body even 1cm Exhale Inhale Do it slowly Engage the abs Like we’re tightening a belt around the waist Keep going 1 more time Good Now we lower the legs in line with the hip Cross the one leg at a time This’s called Scissor Press the back Good! New exercise Bend your knee toward the chest Extend. Kick it out In and out Draw the back inward Squeeze the abs Quickly Back to the beginning Go down slowly and up Repeat Exhale when going down and up 1 more time Hold it here And scissor Squeeze the abs and 4 3 2 Bend the foot In and out 4 reps left 3 2 1 Done! We move on the the last part: Stretching Open the legs wide Hands on the hip Release I feel so relaxed Inhale deeply through the nose Expand the chest Exhale Now, we put a leg to one side Turn the head to the reverse direction The other side And sit up Knees on the floor Hands under the shoulders Cat-cow position Top of the head towards the ceiling Sacrum towards the ceiling round your spine up cat-like shape and then cow-like shape Inhale Exhale push the back up towards the ceiling like a cat and we sit back on the heels Hands reaching and up Sit straight Inhale, raise your arms Exhale, hands in front of the chest Breathe in deeply Open the chest Exhale, draw the ribs in Feel the relaxation going through your body from head to shoulder to 10 fingers Feel the energy inside the palms spreading out and exhale And you’ve finished today’s workout As I said at the beginning of this video The latex I’m wearing makes me feel so comfortable through out this 30-min workout Especially, I feel the burn in some exercises while wearing latex Normally, without latex when we lie down and lift legs up and down I can do it 3 times more than normal days But when I wear latex latex forces me to keep the back straight so I cannot press the back on the floor hard it makes my core work more so it really really hurt, 3 times more than normal So it’s really effective to wear latex while doing lower abs workouts Besides wearing latex is comfortable in daily activities A special thing is that it doesn’t come out when we wear it under our clothes Today, I’m not wearing latex outside my pants but inside If I wear a longer tee you will not know that I’m wearing latex, right? So it’s very convenient You can wear it while working or studying It helps you to keep your back straight never suffer from back pain and also get a smaller waist I wanna show you that In fact, I’ve told you guys before that I’ve lost 3cm of waist since I wore latex in only a week I don’t know what it’ll be if I wear latex for a longer time It has been 2 months wearing it and it’s around 3cm cause I don’t wear it often Some weeks I wore often Sometimes I were too busy going on business trip so I didn’t wear latex and remember that Vietcorset will give you 15% discount code if you enter code: HANAGIANGANH Link to buy is on the description box Day 2 has come to an end How do you feel? You may feel your abs sore In fact, pilates doesn’t make us try too much but it’s really hard to do correctly and control our breath To do this workout in a easy way I have to work out for a very long time so if you are a beginner just take it easy just pause when you feel too tired pause when you need Then you continue with the workout It’s not so serious and you don’t need to press yourself because the importance is your mood whether you feel relaxed, enjoyed and comfortable or not That’s an effective workout Thank you for watching this video Don’t forget to like and share Remember to click subcribe my youtube channel if you like this video to encourage me to produce more videos See you tomorrow Remember to eat clean go to bed and wake up early keep a balanced lifestyle Bye! ^^

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