Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 3 | Giảm mỡ đùi ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 3 | Giảm mỡ đùi ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hi everyone, glad to see you on the third day of our “7-day Pilates Barre series” for self love and self embracing with Hana Giang Anh I believe after yesterday’s exercises, it must be really tough for you You may be even unable to get out of the bed confidently with your core muscles but with little support from your arms If you are a beginner, that’s totally worry-free And, for today, I’ll take you through a whole new journey which is for the sake of a nice and firm pair of thighs It does not sound that difficult If you are expecting to own a solid yet thick
pair of thighs, heavy weight lift would be what you need But if you are chasing for a firm yet slender pair of legs, let’s follow me to finish this Pilates exercises up And today’s required equipment is just a regular chair It really doesn’t matter which kind do you choose as long as its back is high enough for you to lean on Ok, let’s get started with the mat first Breathe in, deeply and raise your arms Stretch your spin out, breathe out, bring your hands to your chest Repeat it, inhale Open your thorax, exhale Contract your ribs, your coccyx and tuck your belly button in One more time Exhale Inhale Bottom tucked in, spine stretched and exhale, lower your body, each vertebra at a time Place your hands next to your feet Then on your knees with a bit pressure while stretching your body forwards lengthen your spine with knees straight Exhale, let your body loose Repeat, place your hands on your knees and inhale Stretch out, even your neck Imagine some one is pulling your spine forwards Then exhale Relax your neck and your vertebra, each by each Next, you could move your knees a bit Push your hip from side to side to get your legs relaxed Alright, now step your left leg backwards further Rotate shoulder, open your chest Next, get your knee down, straighten your instep lengthen your left hip and groin parts Back is flat and balance your hip Exhale, sit backwards with straightened right leg Slowly lower our thorax and heart towards right leg Again Exhale As you exhale, relax your whole body and exhale Now, step your right leg backwards to down dog position and bring your left leg up Left foot is between hands, straighten right instep and keep your back flat And stretch your left leg out Exhale, lower your hip, flat back, chest opened Keep going Now, stand up, step forwards Hands are on knees, stretch your back forwards Keep your legs straight and use your hands to push your knees You could feel your biceps is getting taut Relax and one more Step backwards at down dog position Lower your body and roll your vertebra each by each to plank position and here we go Lift your right leg up Then bring right knee to your chest follow the beats Up and down Maintain your body in a straight line engage your core and push your belly button upwards Good, let’s switch! Combine with your breathing skill As you bend your knee, exhale strongly through your mouth Good, now step your forefeet to the side Try to control and fix your whole body and your feet just slightly touch the ground Ok, now bend your knees, push your body backwards then pull it back forwards in plank position body is in a straight line Inhale Exhale through your mouth Keep your body stable Now raise your knee Each by each, towards the opposite elbow Exhale as you bend your knee Last one, we’re gonna jump out and in continuously Out and in Butt lowered Done Sit back, stretch your arms, back and shoulder out And roll your vertebra up, each by each Next part, we will need a chair Stand up Pull it closer to you First, turn out your toes Heels touch each other, imagine that we are ballerinas Now you could stand on tiptoe and get even closer to the chair as long as your heels touch each other Pressing your inner thighs together while tucking your butt in Engage your core, back is flat and standing tall No need to stand your hands on the chair, just slightly place them on the top to balance No slowly bend your knees to the side and lower your body Back is straight and in line with our bottom And stand up with your inner thighs pressed together Don’t loosen your butt as you move up and down Butt should always be tucked in, don’t let it perk up Exhale Inhale Jam your legs inwards as you stand up The more tightly you jam your legs inwards, the more strengthened your inner thigh would be Now, lower and pulse Your knees track over your toes Pull your butt in Back flat and relax your shoulder Your knees would not be under pressured if you turn them out So, don’t bend them straight forwards Try to turn them out as much as possible 8 more 7 6 5 4, engage your core and 3 2 1 and stand up with legs jammed tightly inwards Repeat, and up with butt pulled in Last one Good and pulse, keep it low Keeps your back straight If you want, you could also raise your arms rounded forwards as if we are doing ballet Or upwards to support your balancing Or just simple on here to make it easier 8 more 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and up Next position, Keep your feet turned out and lift your heels up Sorry, better lower them first Slightly bend your knees and turns them out Lift one leg behind you Note to not turn your knees inwards like this, turn them out Open your hip This is us actually doing ballet so your hip will always be opened which will tone up our butt muscles So if we turn our knees inwards and close our hips, it won’t works Back is straight Now, slightly bend the other knee and up Fixed the lifted-up leg and bend the other knee As you your knee is bent, pressure should be on your heel Engage your core even stronger and pull your belly button in as you bend your knee Faster, down and up Exhale as you go down and inhale as you go up Open your mouth to breathe out strongly As you exhale, squeeze your abs, pull your belly button in Make it solid And pulse 8, 7, 6 5, 4 3, 2 and lift your heel up and down Raise your ankle higher without moving any thing else Keep going Open your hips, your pelvis Back is flat and body is fixed Do it slowly as if you are performing Now, lift it up and Hold And pulse It’s getting sore 8 more, 8 7, try to keep your back straight no matter how sore it is 4 3 2 and completed Relax your legs a bit before we switch Alright, it’s turn for the other side and we’ll do the same Heels are next to each other, turn your toes our Bend your knee a bit and raise the other leg up behind you Remember to turn your knees out and open your hip and pelvis This side is opened as well Bring your shoulder back, open your chest and pull your belly and belly button in Slowly lower and up As we lower our body, try to control your body through your mind Balance your body and fixed it in a line Faster Try to turn your lifted knee out further and higher Pull your abs in Back straight Press your belly button in Now, hold it here and pulse Pressure is on your heel, relax your toes And always engage your core Good, now lift your heel up and down Up and down Oops, better move the chair a bit further Yes, lift your heel up without moving anything else And raise the other leg higher Faster I have to really focus to keep it balanced in this position and to keep my body fixed Hold the lifted leg high and pulse 8 more, 8, 7 6 and 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 Done Good job! Super sore Relax a bit Now, leave your chair aside Move on, Now, get down on your knees Jam your legs together, sit backwards and relax your butt a bit And lift your body up Lie on your stomach Join your hands together, your forehead is on your hands Knees are wide apart Then bend your knees, lift your feet up close to each other and flex your toes Good, relax the upper part of your body Contract your butt muscles and lift your legs up Exhale as you lift them up Engage your core and do it faster faster Inhale Can you hear my breath? Try following me As you exhale, pull your belly in and lift your belly button up a little If your public symphysis is pressurized you could place a thin piece of cloth under it to help you avoid suffering from pain This totally depends on your body structure, so, no worry 4 more times Good, hold it up here and pulse Up, up Knees are off the ground Engage your core, relax your shoulder And 4, 3 2 and finish On your hands, lift your body up, pull your butt in, stretch your back Raise your butt Sit back on your heels while stretching your butt and your back out Roll your vertebrae, one at a time Always do that as you sit up And now sit up with your legs extended Another interesting exercise now Place your hands behind your back Bend one knee to create a momentum With the other leg, flex your feet, knee straight and flex its muscles make it solid and now we’re gonna work for the inner thigh Lift up and down, up and down Slowly and lightly You can see, how solid my leg is as I engage and activate the muscles You could try hitting it, as your actively engage its muscle, it won’t hurt It won’t be effective if you fail to engage them cause as you loosen the muscles, only your hip will work to lift your leg up So, if you want to tone up your quadricep muscles, try engaging them as much as you can Alright, hold and pulse quickly It’s really painful Your muscles must be burning now And 4, 3 2 and rotate your leg outwards Out and in Your leg is up and off the floor 4 more 3 2 and 1, switch Some of you might lean backwards like this But try to sit with your back as straight as possible, not necessarily straight like this cause it might be hard for you to keep your knee straight if your have short hamstrings. So, it’s up to you as long as you keep you back flat Go Exhale and inhale Exhale as you lift your leg up My body doesn’t move, does it? That’s what Pilates exercises should be Pilates exercises means as you exhale, your body position would be fixed and firm It’s because your core has been engaged Hold it up and pulse 4 more, 4, 3 2 and turn your leg outwards Out and in It’s super sore 4 more Omg, 3 2, fighting and 1, done! Pull your feet closer to your hip and relax your knees Some would feel really painful and some might not, it’s because of your body type As long as you follow me correctly and until you feel it’s getting super sore, try 10 more and you will be on fire Now, stand up Next one, this’s gonna be a bit more intense and faster, it’s squad Feet are about shoulder width apart, turn your toes out We do have Pilates squad as well Now, sit back and push your butt backwards Open your knees to the sides and pressure is on your heels Back flat, chest opened And up with your butt pulled inwards Most important thing to note here is that, don’t perk your butt backwards too much cause it would let your back arch In Pilates, we focus on this part, so as you lower your body, your need to tuck your belly in Press your belly button in Alright, got it? Ready, press your belly Again, tuck your belly button in and up Ok, do it slowly Exhale as you lower Belly button tucked in and up, inhale Let’s do it faster 4 more times 3 2 and hold it here and jump out Exhale and inhale I really enjoy doing this cause it makes me feel really active I feel like I am doing some heavy exercises which I haven’t done for a while So, I really miss it Engage your core, control your body We are not jumping chaotically but as you jump, your feet would land safely and perfectly And done Finished! relax your legs Excellent! Now, it’s the last part and it’s for our core It’s a super important and indispensable part, isn’t it? No matter whatever parts you have exercised for within a day, I always save the core for the last Because it’s the core of Pilates as well Lie on your back Let’s tone up your lower abs And raise your legs upright You could either keep your knees straight like me or slightly bend it like this if your legs keep shaking No problem As long as your legs are fixed, cause we’re using only your abs to lift your hip, as well as your back, up off the ground then hold it for a sec and slowly lower Again, up, hold and down slowly as this’s really important You should hold and gradually lower your hip, control you body Don’t let your legs extended forwards like this Cause you are actually using a momentum from your leg, not your core Use your core muscles instead Exhale Keep going Next one, we will pull our hip to twist our spine and as we lift our hip up, squeeze your oblique muscles on one side at a time note that we are not using our push our legs and hips up We’re lifting our legs and hip up using our core muscles Not like this, ok? Go Slowly down and switch tone up our oblique muscles We are lifting our own body weight which is super heavy keep going Speed up Don’t need to lift too high, instead lift with control Ok, and slowly lower your legs Flex your feet, back straight and bend your knees and raise upright Again, exhale with your rib cage tucked in Knees bent then raise your legs upright You just need to lower your legs until your back does not move and arch If you feel that your back start arching at this point then just stop here Ok? Lower And bend Like we are bicycling but with aligned legs Now, let’s do it faster, we are coming to the end 4 more times And that’s it, relax your legs sit up That was pretty tired Now, it’s time for Meditation and Stretching, last parts We’ll stretch our legs, thighs and hips Ok, extend your legs forwards Release your thigh muscles Flex your feet then point your feet Inhale and exhale Ok, now, bring one leg backwards like this Bend the other knee like this and extend the leg behind with the instep on the floor This exercise will help you to stretch both your quadricep muscles and your hip Keep your back flat Bring your arm backwards, hold your feet without moving your body Then press that heel towards your butt And remember to fix your body, don’t let it move A bit more, 4, 3 2, 1 and release Similarly with the other side Instep is on the floor, back is straight Engage your core This makes us really satisfied cause it stretches our quadricep muscles, doesn’t it? Hold, and press Press more And 4, 3 2, 1 and release, good job! We are nearly done Feet are hip width apart Slowly roll your knees and stand up Raise your arms as you inhale Exhale as you bring your hands to your chest Repeat it, inhale Exhale, hands are in front of your chest Extend your arms to the front and the back Twist and look back Back to your chest and switch Good, and back Raise your arms up as you inhale Exhale and drop your body Release it out as you drop your body 2 more and 1 That means we have accomplished the third day together it’s nearly half-way through already How do you feel? Hope that you would you it’s really worth accompanying with me in this series This is a 7-day series “7 day Pilates Barre” for self love and self embracing I hope that you won’t quit on it no matter what the reason is You may create a new healthy habit as you keep it up for at least 7 days Therefore, I’ll see you again tomorrow, our fourth day Don’t quit on me, will you?

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