Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 4 | Giảm mỡ hông ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 4 | Giảm mỡ hông ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Welcome to Day 4 in the Series Pilates Barre – Embrace your body This is the series that I commit myself a lot for it and it will help you to acknowledge your own body and become stronger as well With this Day 4, we will focus on the hip area and I haven’t had any lessons about this group of muscles on youtube yet So this will probably be the chance for you to know about this area on my youtube channel Hip muscles are the very important group of muscles on our body It separates our body into two different parts which is the upper body and the lower body and it connect our entire body together If the hip muscles are strong enough, our body will have good flexibility since the hips are the main parts participate in walking, dancing, shaking, jumping or body twist That’s why if our hip muscles are strong enough you will have strong spine and it can also support your knees and ankles This exercise will prevent you from getting any injuries during your daily activities so practice for our health and to acknowledge our own body in a right way In today workout I will introduce the group muscles around our hip and pelvis More specific, glutes maximus, glutes medius and glute minimus which means, small, middle and big butt muscles and hamstrings, which are back thigh muscles and hip flexors, the muscle which lift our hip Ok now let’s get through this Day 4 challenge happily together 🙂 ok now let’s get started Open your legs wider than your shoulder, it will be much easier toes on sides lay the center into your heels straight spine inhale exhale and relax your body and get down to this position butt and knees on the same line inhale and fill your lungs exhale and close your ribs combine with your breath and feel the breath moving by using your chest not your belly Breathe with your chest carry on very good Now let’s relax and hands on the ground straight out our legs, toes point forward relax the neck, shoulder and back Gently move our hips to sides move our hips gently flexible it’s up to you Very good, and now up roll up your spine point your toes to the side straighten your leg and push yourself close to your leg sit down and open your hip and straighten your leg again Open your groin muscles One more time and on to the other side back to the middle and move to the left knee down, open your groin muscles straight out leg and belly sucks in and breathe inhale exhale Back to the middle Now let’s get lower touch your elbow onto the floor hips back and forward gently legs straight knees down and roll up your spine Now on to the next exercise First, be in the cat-cow pose inhale the cow pose now cat pose and repeat ok move our legs Move on to the down dog position legs wide as hips and heels down push your body to the legs knees in one at a time and gently move your hips to sides ok now let’s roll down Let’s move to our intercostal muscles elbow down hover pose turn to this side hand up in the air exhale and hand touching left temple much easier, and your body is on a line if you are new to this then put one knee on the floor it’ll be much easier slowly bench your body and open inhale and exhale belly sucks in Now you will feel like we are doing a lot with our intercostal muscles especially the coin muscle If you feel tired, punch real hard on the ground press and push yourself off the ground Now hand up and hip thrust phew, ok On to the other side Do exactly the same on the other side face on the other side bench your body open exhale inhale Keep your body in a straight line Keep your butt, legs stay still Now hand up and hip thrust 8 more 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ok slowly lower it down Now the hip lift facing forward elbow straight underneath the shoulder this pose will be a little bit special, put this hand in front of you to stabilise your body knees together and up to the edge of the mat feet together and straight with our hip ok are you ready? wait I think you should do this instead ok, get to this pose, to look like a mermaid Left knee up and down The entire body stay still, only the knees move Can you feel the hip muscles right here This is how Pilates feels like the moves are mall and simple but it allow us to feel deep down inside our body can you feel what we are using to lift our knee up It’s this area, the intercostal muscles and a group muscles on the back up and exhale down and inhale good and now make it faster up and hold it for a bit stabilise your body not moving even just a little bit like really stable no winds can move our body not a single movement good, now open our leg raise both of our legs open it fast right here urgh so tired upper leg is moving but the lower leg stays still 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Good Leg down, knee on the ground and raise our leg touch the floor with your toe and your leg must be wide opened and knee down to the front again toe touch the floor on the back Let’s do it fast. Begin! Move slowly when you touch your toe to the floor but it must be right, the hip must be wide opened urgh it hurts Do it your way to feel your body as long as it’s painful If you do it effortlessly It won’t be pilates anymore Ok almost there Ok now knee to the front straight out your leg and in and down. Repeat! Knee up, straight out so tired back to the first position Knee up and hold still, straight out and in down. Faster! 2 more inhale, exhale and belly sucks in good, hold still up, up feel like your butt is burning 8,7,6,5 and breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. DONE! move this leg here to stretch out the butt straight out the lower leg punching your butt Urgh so painful Ok, on to the other side Repeat exactly the same First is the mermaid position lie down and put your head here bring your front leg up here legs together toes together as well hand in front of your chest open and close, open and close This is my right leg, i’m more used to the right side You guys are probably on your left leg right Normally we are on our right leg and we are only good at one leg If we do it on the leg that we’re already used to then it will be much better I’m more keen on starting with the leg that I’m not really good at, then move to the other side It will be less exhausting LOL 8 more. Inhale and exhale! 4 more 3 2 and one! Now stop right here Open it wider and lift both of our legs off the ground OMG Ok let’s begin In and out Out and faster! It hurts so much! No joke! 4,3,2,1 And make a rainbow Right leg in front then draw a big rainbow point your toes on the back and open your leg wide It’s called Rainbow Faster! Continuously and fast! Control your leg Put it down slowly and gently Super slow and gentle See, it’s because I control my leg Control your whole body You will feel really tired Same exercise but if you don’ control it well then it won’t feel tired at all 2 more 1 more ok That’s right, very good Now legs together and loose it for just a bit right knee up, hold it like this stretch it out, squeeze your thigh then in and put it down Ready to make it fast! Remember to breathe. Inhale, exhale and inhale 4 more keep your body hold still and try to kick your leg higher your knee and hip are in a straight See Keep your knee stays still 1 more Good job! Now raise your leg and hold it there! and up up raise it up. OMG this is the most terrifying pose but we still have to do it 8 more 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Squeeze your abs And done! Right knee in and left one straight out stretch out your glute Where do you feel the most painful? I don’t think it gonna hurt underneath the glute, I think it gonna be on the outside Right? It’s a group of gluteal muscle Now we gonna go to the next move Arms straight underneath the shoulder toes pointing out Leg out and raise it up and down make sure to keep your back in position Remember to exhale while raising your legs Pull your ribs together Good, now put your elbow down like so Raise your leg higher Knee in and kick it out Back in position Keep it here Knee in And pose, pose Stay still push your bell to the front a little bit and 8 7 6,5,4,3,2,1 Ok, sit back Stretch out your arms and come right back Go to our next move which is stretch out your leg and up, and down Do it nonstop so that we won’t feel too tired Move your shoulders away from your ears Raise your body Push your hands to the floor Good and hold it right here now put your elbow down like so In and out In and stay in control, stretch it out hold it right here Inhale And exhale Squeeze your legs Hold and squeeze One more time. Hold your leg here and knee in like so and kick your leg up Exhale when it’s up and squeeze your abs Pull your ribs together If you do it properly, you will be shaking like me right now I’m shaking over here omg Almost there! 4,3,2,1 Ok knee back and sit back. Stretch out your back a little bit Loosen your glutes and move it from side to side And slowly roll yourself up Next, we need to prepare a chair so grab your chair If you don’t have a chair with you, then you can put your hands on the wall to balance it out, it’s just a tool Ok so let’s continue Ok put your hand on the chair gently Knees down a little bit Toes point out One leg back and kick Up Straight out your leg, back, open your chest and squeeze your abs A little bit more. 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 Now knee in See And now, look, I will open my knee to the front and close it in Open and close This is one of the most difficult exercise but if you can do it then you will know exactly how to feel your body Do it faster ok Lift and twist Turn your knee out Turn your knee 4 more 3 Two and move to the other leg Kick it out The posing leg will be down a little bit, toes point out a 45 degree angle, straight back, chest open, belly in Eight more and do it slowly It’s about the way we control our body, move it slow Slow, steady and gently Four 3 2 and open your leg Open and close Focus on our breath and three two and one Ok leg down Put your chair away One more round, it’ almost done It’s for our abs Can’t miss out this part in any workouts since it’s a really important part I did a lot of obliques workout these days which are our triceps area muscles group So sit like this ok Remember to lower your back slowly using your spine don’t drop your back all the way down you will get injured easily by doing so Ok Let’s begin Now inhale exhale and put your arms to the back of your neck lift up your head, arms up a little bit and eyes straight forward Now exhaling and roll up always squeeze your abs Arms out Hands touching sides of your legs along with breathing Lift up your neck, eyes look at your thighs and you won’t feel tired Don’t look at the screen Lift yourself a bit higher Don’t let your shoulder touch the ground 8, 7 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Hold still on one side, arm around your head Lift up on one side Pull your hand to your ankles Lift yourself up and 4, 3, 2 and switch Squeeze your abs and 4, 3, 2 and hold still! Both legs up and stretch out That’s right! Just like cycling pose but you have to squeeze your belly in push your navel down so that your belly won’t bloat Squeeze your abs guys! and 4, 3, 2 and twist twist your chest to sides Touching elbows to the opposite legs Remember to squeeze your abs in while twisting Squeeze your hip muscles and 4, 3, 2 Knees in and out! In and out And legs up And make a mini circle Like holding pencils with your toes and drawing in the air try to make your draw as round as possible and squeeze your abs and reverse Straight legs ok Belly sucks in to hold our body in position Only our hip and legs are moving Good and open our legs, and close Legs down as low as possible When pulling your legs up remember to use the strength from your inner thighs Try to pull it together harder! Hold still! Ok! Pull your legs in Relax Wow so tired Let’s relax our hip Moving it from the left to the right Now let’s relax a little bit for our legs First, put one leg on the other like so Get your arms around the other leg like this Pull it closer to your body Roll up your head to the front Stretch out our hip Good and slowly lower your head legs down a well and straight your leg out and hold it Hips are still in position Hands behind your leg You shouldn’t put it around your knee, you can put it around your thighs if you feel to painful Or as high a possible an move to the calf and your butt are still stick to the ground put your shoulder down to the ground And then turn the ankle Feel so relaxing Can you feel what is going on down there to your leg? And now stretch out your feet A good pose, don’t let your hips moving around or raise it too high to squeeze it toward your head Hips down and balance yourself And then leg down and switch to the other leg Leg up, and put it on the other knee Inhale and exhale Hold your leg Roll your body in And slowly lower yourself down Relax your arms and stretch out your leg hands around your thighs and slowly move it higher Till you feel bearable your leg will feel a bit stretch and hurt Hips stick to the ground Turn your leg in a circle Feeling your leg all stretch out Our body are not the same My legs are not really flexible due to the intensity of my exercises my back thighs muscles shrank and shorten That’s why during yoga class, this part is the hardest part for me But I practice a lot, so it can get to this level LOL I think we just need more practices and stretch out this leg ok knee in Legs together And sit all the way up Ok to the front Hands up and inhale Exhale and hands back to your chest Take a deep breath and open your chest exhale with your mouth That’s it for today exercise! If you like this exercise, please subscribe to my channel I hope you will have an enjoyable day and I will see your tomorrow Don’t go anywhere, prepare your mat to workout with me

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