Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 5 | Thư giãn ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 5 | Thư giãn ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hi everyone! Congratulate on having passing the fourth day with me first and welcome to the most relaxing day of the series – Stretching Day Yesterday we did train really hard for our hips already which must have exhausted you, I believe Therefore, I have scheduled today as a solely stretching day We will focus on stretching our hips and besides, we also stretch our core and arms muscles out And we will come back to work out for the other parts’ muscles from tomorrow So that you are ensured to have one-day break of relaxation, comfortableness yet effectiveness Ok, let’s go First, sit on your hip bone Place your hands on your knees Slowly inhale through your nose, open the rib cage to the side Turn your shoulder backwards and adjust your position making sure that your body is in a line Inhale, open your rib cage to the side Exhale, contract your ribs, press your belly button in and release your breath And slowly roll your body backwards Again, inhale Exhale 3 more Let’s move each vertebra at a time Extend your body and stretch your thorax out Exhale, pull your coccyx in first Tuck your belly in One more Now, slowly get down on the mat Extend your arms to the side Extend your right leg, bend and hold your left knee Then turn it to the right You may hear some cracking sound coming from your back Let’s extend your arms to the side each by each and then extend your whole body Hold it here and relax so that our core muscles would be twisted properly and stretched fully Alright, let’s switch to the other side Similarly, extend one leg, bend and hold the other knee and pull it towards your chest Slowly turn your body to the right, knee is on the floor Open your rib cage and inhale Exhale, set your body loosen In this exercise, we are trying to stretch our core muscles Twist and stretch out Inhale, open your rib cage Exhale Pull your belly button in Alright, bring your knees back and turn your body to lie on your stomach Good, now extend your right arm to the front then place your head on it Stand your left hand on the floor Slowly bend your left knee with heels towards the floor Lift it up Engage your core, chest close to to floor and turn your left leg further backwards until it reaches the floor Press our chest forwards while pulling our left leg backwards Exhale Bring your left leg back and slowly switch to the other side Do the same with your right leg Bend your knee and raise it a little bit place your left feet on the floor like this Chest towards the floor Pull your butt in so that your body will be fixed firmly Now bring it back Now, lift your body up, standing on your hands To down dog position Open your hands, ten fingers are away from each others Palms are on the floor Feet are hip width apart Belly tucked in Exhale And push your chest towards your toes Ok, now roll your body while slowly lowering it Down on your knees, Sit backwards, butt is on heels Bring your right hand to the left and extend your left arm upright, lengthen it as much as possible Lengthen your right arm as well, just like we are flattening it Ok, bring them all back, exhale and sswitch Ok, I’ll sit up for now So, sit up and place your hands behind your back like this Now, lean both of your knees to the side, each by each To the left first Chest is open Slowly get back and to the right Move slowly and gently It’s really relaxing, isn’t it? You could do this once per week Cause it does help us a lot of stretching our hip I have set up this particular exercises just to stretch your hip, your core as well as your arms muscles It suit a wide range of different age groups Even to your mom or your grandmother, it is still suitable It’s gonna be super beneficial for them cause this exercise is very gentle And stop Now, open your knees to the side Pull your feet closer to your body Sit upright And gently shake your knees like this to relax your hip Keep your back flat, lengthen your body, push your shoulder away from ears and open your chest Take a deep breath and raise your arms Exhale and extend your body forwards Pull your belly in Contract your rib cage Slowly roll your vertebrae up, each by each Inhale and raise your arms up high Imagine your body is like a wave as you extend it to the front Exhale, belly tucked in Inhale Exhale 2 more, inhale Exhale, tuck your belly in Alright, now, bring your knees close to each other and place it on the floor to the left like this And raise your arms Exhale, bring them down and extend them to the front, in line with your hip Extend your arms and body forwards Press your hip bone downwards as you lengthen your body forwards Stretch your body out Are you feeling that pressure is on your hip bone? It’s really relaxing Roll your body up and inhale Turn your upper body reversely Place your hands on the ground and extend your body We are trying to stretch those oblique muscles out Remember to pull your belly in while doing this And up Then put your hands backwards and switch to the other side Inhale and extend your body forwards Roll up Turn your body reversely Stretch your back Slowly up Ok, back to the front Last part, we’ll sit in the W position like this Got it? If you are comfortable, you could even flex your feet like this If you feel it’s a bit difficult to get into this W sitting position, I’ll show you the other way Ok Join your feet together like this I’ll turn to the side for you to see it more clearly Feet touch each other on their toes Keep your knees opened to the side Stand on your lower arms and elbows And slowly spread your knees wide apart as you lower your hip Make sure that your hip bone is straight in the middle of your thighs muscles which means we should pull our body up a bit and then spread your knees wider apart, turn your hip and public symphysis downwards Inhale, slide your public symphysis forwards, close to the floor Then exhale as you slide it backwards, close to the floor As close as possible And you would feel that your hip would be super painful All the joins of our hips are being stretched Do it slowly and gently but feel it as much as you can Exhale 2 more, inhale Exhale A bit further to the back, and inhale and exhale Alright, slowly sit up as you stand on your hands and bring your knees back together Sit on your heels Turn to the front Raise your arms and inhale Then bring them to the front of your heart Slowly close your eyes Take a deep breath to fill your thorax and lung with oxygen Then slowly release your breath as you exhale through your mouth And that’s it for today Thanks for watching and following me!

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  1. Chị Hana ơi, em rất thích những series tập luyện như này!! Hiệu quả lắm luôn! Mỗi ngày thấy thông báo là lại nhắc bản thân phải vào tập cùng chị. Hihi. Em cũng có đi học lớp barre mỗi tuần 2 buổi nhưng nhiều khi e không có thời gian đi được thì em lại mở kênh của chị lên. May mà bây giờ chị cũng đã có những bài tập như vậy!💓

  2. Chị ơii e bị to vai thêm vào nữa là mỡ đều tập chung hết ở phần trên chân khá bé người khác nhìn vào giống như 2que tăm cắm củ khoai tây vậyy :< em phải tập thế nào để giảm phần trên ạ !? Mong chị có thể thấy comment cửa emm <3 <3

  3. Chị Hana ơi,em thích bài Cardio BLACKPINK Kill this love 3minute nhưng lại vào xem video ko đc😥😥😥

  4. Chị Hana ơi, chị làm 1 vlog về các bài tập giảm mỡ ở cổ (nọng cổ) đi ạ, em không biết làm cách nào để có khuôn mặt gọn như chị hết… chị Hana giúp em với

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