Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 6 | Cha cha core ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Pilates Barre 7 ngày yêu lấy chính mình | Ngày 6 | Cha cha core ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hi guys, so we have been through 5 over 7 days already And, let’s hit the sixth day of this “7-day Pilates Barre” for self love and self embracing We’re gonna face a whole new challenge today which I have never released it anywhere That is Pilates exercises for our oblique muscles Which basically means that most of our exercises today would require twisting And it’s pretty similar to all the ladies in public park’s exercises as you see But it’s also slightly and mainly different in terms of core-squeezing technique If we, like those ladies, don’t engage your core while doing, it would ruin your spin and create counter effects But if you do bear that in mind the breathing technique, exhale through your mouth with contracted your rib cage, press your belly button in, engage your core to make it solid first before twisting, no matter how strong you twist, with your core squeezed and fixed and just the upper part of your body move, I swear your core will cry as we burn it Ok, let’s go Are you ready? Let’s get started! Inhale as you raise your arms, open your rib to the side Feet are hip width apart Exhale and relax Contract your rib cage, release through your mouth Belly tucked in and coccyx tucked in as well Inhale, imagine your body as a straight line from top to toe Exhale Again, inhale And exhale, release the gas Pull your belly in Next, raise your left arm, inhale Exhale, release the gas as you lower your right shoulder Inhale Again Try to keep our hips fixed Exhale, release the gas, tuck your belly in Do not tuck it out like this as you bend rightwards, it’s a terrible posture Inhale Exhale, bend while keeping your body in a line One more, inhale Exhale Switch to the other side, inhale Exhale Engage your core Exhale If you want, fold your left arm on your belly to check it You could feel that as you exhale, your right ribs run from the right to the center Inhale, try to use your oblique muscles to open your rib cage Oops, I mean, use your intercostal muscles guys Exhale Good, repeat, raise your arms Exhale Twist rightwards Inhale, just twist your spine, don’t move your hip Open your rib cage and Again Check out my belly So, you can see, as I twist, my ribs contracted tightly Good, release your arms Rotate your shoulder Reverse Good, now let’s open and lift your arms up with elbows bent, in the front, like this Inhale, open your rib cage to get prepared Remember to open it to the side, not the front Exhale, contract your ribs and twist Pull your belly button in, squeeze your ribs and tuck your belly in more tightly Then extend your left arm forwards Inhale, back to the front Exhale, extend your right arm forwards Let’s speed up Have you noticed my belly? I fix the lower part, only move the upper part to get the abs shown Faster Lengthen your arms to stretch your abdominal muscles Pull your belly in tightly, more than ever Tuck it in You’re gonna super grateful for this afterwards If you are just simply twisting your spine without squeezing your core and tucking your belly in your abs won’t hurt but your back will It even affects our internal organs negatively if we keep twisting out of control So, pull your belly in and fix it Exhale 8, 7 6, 5, 4 3, 2 and hold your belly here and twist while pulling it in and fixing your hip Well done! Next, twist rightwards, extend your left arm and exhale Inhale as you slightly bring it backwards, exhale as you reach forwards Use your other arm to wrap your belly to feel the abdominal muscles Go on, 8 more 7 6 5 and faster Fix your hip, move your upper belly only And switch Next, place your hands on your waist like this Tuck your belly and your butt in Keep your body straight Back is flat Now lift your left heel up while keeping your chest fixed Keep your body balanced Fix it and just simply lift your left heel up Up and exhale Tuck your belly and belly button in, contract your rib cage You can see by looking at your waist, you are squeezing your oblique muscles and our waists are suffering a lot Down, and up down and up, exhale with belly tucked in Keep going Release the gas strongly Always tuck your belly in Move your ribs cage only Open your ribs Keep going Keep going 4 more times 4 2 and switch Imagine that you are folding your waist Pull your hip towards your ribs, on the side And gather them all Contract them all together Exhale Keep going Well done, exhale stronger and tuck your belly in more tightly Place your fingers here, you may feel that your waist sunken in And that is exactly the line running along the outside edge of our abs Alternating Last one with belly tucked in Now, alternating with higher speed We must be really concentrated to keep our core fixed while alternating cause we are doing it really fast Keep going Fix your body and tuck your belly in Press your belly button in 4 3 2 and 1 Relax Omg, my legs are sore as well Next one Open your feet wider and turn your left foot outwards Hip is still fixed in the front and opened just a bit Now raise your right arm, inhale Exhale Lengthen your body Bring it back as you inhale Bend it as you exhale And use your oblique muscles to pull it back as you inhale Repeat it Inhale, open your rib cage Exhale, contract your rib cage, tuck your belly in Faster Inhale and exhale Left arm slides along left leg And try to bend even deeper Track over the knee And exhale Inhale and exhale Inhale and exhale Keep going And 4, 3 2 and switch to the other side Turn your left foot inwards, Turn your right foot outwards like this Hip is fixed and forward Inhale, lengthen your body while fixing your hip Don’t push your butt backwards like this Keep it stable and fixed in the front like this Ok, let’s go Inhale, reach further Exhale, belly tucked in Use your oblique muscles to pull it back Repeat Inhale, reach left arm further and slide right arm along right leg Exhale Keep going Exhale Speed up Belly tucked in Press your belly button in Contract your oblique muscles stronger Pull your belly in more tightly 8 more times 4 more Last one Good, next one is which I call “cha cha cha” Gather your feet together Crossing your arms in the front of your chest like this Or you could close your hands and place them here like this, it’s up to you Now, tuck your butt in, keep your back flat Then, look, we’ll push your hip leftwards while bending your right knee Together with your arms in this position Exhale, contract your rib cage and pull your belly in Tuck your belly in tightly and press your belly button in stronger and twist your upper body rightwards but your hip will be pushed leftwards Now, inhale then switch to the other side Belly tucked in as you twist Just remember to tuck it in as you exhale As you bend your knee and twist, try to stretch your body out Engaging your core and your body while tucking your belly in Imagine someone is fastening your core with a piece of string Fasten Yes, exhale Exhale Faster, faster Are you feeling that your oblique muscles is working super intensively Twist more and faster Belly tucked in tightly 8 more Sorry I was so concentrated on my core that I did not talk much This exercise requires a lot of concentration So, calm down Don’t be rushed to follow me, just focus on your core Never set your core loose and twist back and forth like this if you don’t want to waste your time But if you engage and squeeze it strongly more strongly then you’re gonna burn it Keep your back straight And twist your upper body more Belly tucked in, in, in, tightly 8 more 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and done 2 last exercises and sit down first On your butt Feet are hip width apart This require you to twist, twist and twist as well Twisting anytime in today’s workout Now, either crossing your arm through each other like this or just clasp your hands and bring it to the front like this if your arms are too sore Either way is fine as long as your shoulder is opened Thorax is upward, but not thrown out like this It’s too much Simply, open your shoulder and your chest Now, roll your vertebra, each by each, as you lower your body And hold it here, make sure your body curves like this Then roll each vertebra up at a time, inhale Raise your body up And repeat the roll starting from your coccyx Slowly lean backwards Next, come to the lower back and curve your body like this Remember the order of this exercise And also roll up starting from the coccyx Again Coccyx first Sorry, we should roll up from our neck, not our coccyx Neck, then upper back, lower back and coccyx Then again, rolling down starting from coccyx Up from your neck Then upper back, lower back and coccyx Keep the breathing technique in mind cause it’s the core of Pilates Now as you get down, exhale strongly Inhale as you roll up Exhale, pull your belly and belly button in Don’t let it inflated with thousand layers of belly fat Inhale Good, exhale Tuck it in, don’t let the belly fat shown Have you tucked it in? Actively pull it in Now, hold it here, just hold Shoulder and chest are opened, body curves like this Sit on your upper butt and twist to the right, and left right and left Sounds familiar? It’s Russian Twist Feet on the ground Why? Because it will help us to keep our body stable while twisting Don’t let your body shake If possible, touch the ground with your fingers, double pulse Again, touch the floor Hands clasped together and arms extended towards the floor If you have long arms, that’s your advantage Exhale Feel the beats Belly tucked in as you exhale, as if you are pulling your belly fat in as well Stretch your core out to reach the floor It’s not enough if you haven’t reached the floor Absolutely not enough Now, twist and switch faster Lean backwards a bit more might be easier for you Belly tucked in tightly 8, 7, 6, 5 4, 3 and let’s speed up, do it even faster Right, left, right, left Fix your body Fix your body, don’t let it shake Control your body, pull your belly in No need to reach to the floor cause we are doing faster You might shake your body if you twist faster while trying to reach the floor So, do it with smaller amplitude is good enough 4, 3, 2, 1 Done Sit up, back flat And exhale as your roll each vertebra backwards at a time Sit upright Exhale, roll down Sit upright, inhale Now, let’s sit in Mermaid position Did I pronounce it correctly? Sounds so ^^ Bend your knees and place your left leg on your right leg like this Placing your knees like this making it “mermaid position” Point your feet Put your feet overlap each other Left hand hold the left ankle Raise right arm up and inhale We are just sitting on our right ischium Exhale, lower your shoulder Bend and lengthen your body leftwards Stretch the waist and oblique muscles out Use your left hand placing on the ankle to give a little push and stretch your body out Repeat, bring right arm down, inhale Exhale and 5 more times Exhale 2 more Inhale and exhale Last one, inhale and exhale Place your right hand on the floor like this Turn your left knees backwards to create a right angle from two knees Right feet touch left knee Right hand stand close to our hip Inhale, lift your left arm and hip up Pull your butt in, stretch your body backwards Use your hip bones to push your hip forwards As you exhale, tuck your belly and belly button in Don’t let your belly tucked out You wouldn’t want to throw your internal organs out like that, right? Inhale, belly tucked in Exhale, belly still tucked in Stretch more tightly And back Switch to the other side Knees are overlapped Left hand on the floor Ready? Lift up and inhale Oops, my bad, right hand should be on ankle and extend your left arm and inhale Lower your shoulder and keep it away from ears And exhale, bend and lengthen your body Imagine your body is in a plane and you don’t want your arms, your body
to perk out of the plane 4 more times Exhale Belly tucked in Press your belly button in Last one And release Left hand’s on the ground, close to your hip Turn your right knee backwards, left foot touches right knee On the floor Inhale Exhale, push your hip forwards Stretch your oblique muscles tightly, belly tucked in Belly button tucked in as well Shoulder is away from ears to save your neck And bring it back Ok Bring your legs back to this comfortable position Raise your arms and inhale Exhale, bring your hands to the front of your chest Release the gas One more time, inhale Collect all the energy around ourselves to our hearts and exhale That’s also the relaxed and comfy end of today’s workout Thank you so much for following me till the end and don’t forget we still get one more day to go Don’t quit on me Please subscribe Hana Giang Anh’s channel if you enjoy this video so that I could get more motivation from your love to produce many more videos like this See you again, on the mat, tomorrow! Byeee!

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