Pilates Ring | Inner Thigh Exercises

Pilates Ring | Inner Thigh Exercises

hi and welcome to trifecta Pilates my name is fat today we're going to be utilizing a magic circle to really get the inner thighs to engage sometimes the inner thigh engagement is so subtle employees I find if we can use a prop like the magic circle to really get the inner thighs fired up before a Pilates class or as a supplement to a buddy's class it really helps our classic Pilates exercises when we aren't using a circle so if you're ready to get started join me on the mat and make sure you grab a circle this entire sequence we're going to lay on our backs and our mats let's get straight positioning ourselves on our backs place the ring between the thighs try not to place it right on the knees that's usually not a comfortable spot for most of us arms by your side eat resting on the floor and just take some breath hair and experience where your curves are on the mat and off the mat with your spinal column where the heavy points where the light points where the lifted points now we're going to encourage you not to let that change you no matter the pressure that we use our in on the ring arms by your side you're gonna exhale squeeze the legs in towards one another pause for a moment and then resist opening the ring come back out now as you continue if you were to do this much faster it most likely wouldn't give you as much benefit so you want to work not only when you push the legs in I know the legs have to work at that point but we have that pause to stop the movement of the ring and then the ring that wants to open the thighs back out but you're going to resist that so the inner thighs are in control no matter if you're closing the legs together or if you're opening the legs away from one another as you continue there's ease in the chest throat brow line front of the shoulders and as you squeeze in on the ring you're thinking squeeze end and imaginary elevating up to the bellybutton I'm going to keep the Rings squeezing in this next time so squeeze and pull that ring in and up and now we do little pulses we go pulse about pulse pulse little press in you notice I did not say press out so pulse in in in a minute eyes right burning and our thighs are really burning out for you hopefully pulsing five four three two one let the legs release bring the soles of the feet together take the ring out and we're just going to take a little breath here inhale to exhale before we go round two now you can repeat what we just did round two feet down on the floor or we're going to change the angle of the legs okay so take the soles of the feet back down to the floor take the ring between the inner thighs gently have a squeeze the ring exhale legs come tabletop legs they're tabletop we still have to hold of the ring we repeat the sequence so exhale squeeze in on the ring inhale resist opening exhale squeeze in on the ring the inner thighs should be talking to you resist opening and by talking I mean shaking exhale squeeze on the ring inhale to open so when the body is challenged or area of the body has challenged such as the inner thighs right now can the rest of the body stay at ease so the hard things about Pilates we don't want to grimace and hold tension in other areas so it's like yeah no big deal even though this is a big deal right working those inner thighs and as still as we squeeze in and resist opening we're thinking pulling the ring into the pelvic floor up into the ABS two more times but you know what's coming this time so we're going to keep this squeeze in on the ring here we go press it out pulse pulse pulse oh this feels good we're working the inner thighs were shaping the inner thighs this is a hard area to get keep breathing pulsing out four five four three two one release take hold of the ring the soles of the feet together you can let your arms gently rest on the thighs if you'd like just that extra little weight will stretch them out slightly I'm not encouraging you either push just the weight of the hands encourages them to open breathing and breathing out take a few more breaths here in the stretch position deep soothing breaths and take your arms to the outside of the legs the hands anyways and help the legs pull together they've done enough work those poor inner thighs then bring yourself up and have a seat on the mat well I hope you felt that exercise sequence was really effective I know my America's are feeling a lot of work right now that is the beauty of adding a new piece of equipment to our regular Pilates practice if you like working with the magic circle leave me a comment below so I know to post more videos using the magic circle I do have one that I recently posted um which was an arm workout a really effective arm workout where we going to stand using the magic circle but I can do a whole plot ease not workout utilizing the circle as well as always I hope you have a beautiful day and can join me on the mat soon

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