Pilates workout for Runners

Pilates workout for Runners

hi everybody is there and stay on during the workout specifically for once so when you're running you spend more time going forwards and backwards forwards and backwards and this routine is going to make sure that it work the other direction of movement in the body so sideways rotating but at the same time can make sure that you have a strong core strong back to keep up lifted and run and we're going to help reduce probably your tight little flexors and hamstrings as well so as always let me know what you think and don't get subscribe let's get on that so coming to stand with your feet parallel hip distance on the floor bending the knees sending the hips back and squatting down inhale to bend exhale to lift tall as you squat back you want to keep your knees behind your toes so really focus on sending the bottom backwards in space actually got a big button behind you and you're trying to touch it squeezing back and lifting tall now coming onto the balls of the feet lifting heel same thing squatting down so inhale bending knees exhale lifting tall try and find a point full of focus for your eyes so that you're not wobbling around and it's too much on the mat come off the mat it's a little bit easy on a less squishy surface inhale bend the knees exhale lift inhaling sending it back and exhale growing tool coming now to do one-legged squats so lifting the left knee and sending it back behind you as you bend the right knee it's same thing inhale bend the knee exhale stand are nice and tall again we need to find a point of stability to focus on something that's not moving and really help yourself by drawing your arms in front of you so as you come up the arms go down by your sides as you send your knee back and squat down your arms come forwards exhaling up swap and change right leg comes up left knee bends inhale up exhale back so here as you draw the knee in towards your chest we're just relaxing a little bit through the hips and as you send it back just a little bit of a stretch in the hip flexor but really the focus is on the standing leg keep that knee behind the toes as much as you can inhaling back exhale to send in the weight upright as you lift up and now we're going to come to some roll downs so lifting up nice and tall and as you exhale soften the chest allow the arms and the spine to roll forwards and down inhaling nice and tall exhale rolling so you trying to curve the spine as much as you can inhaling restarting the spine exhale mightily going up and over a bar and this time just swing the arms freely allowing them to move their sockets one way than the other not the head yes and then holding each elbow swinging gently from side to side it's releasing the side body if it feels good you can release down towards the floor for a beard of a hamstring stretch and then come back to your roll down position and again swinging gently from side to side trying to keep the hips as still as possible you won't bring the hands down and then one more time swinging from side to side rolling back up so let's come onto our backs now feet down knees up hands behind the head exhale curl up look between the knees and inhale roll back down as you curl up you want to keep your hips in a neutral position so the tailbone is not tucking towards you the hip bones and puter and staying level so you exhale curl up inhale down coming up to stay and pulsing higher pausing higher keeping the hips still and just squeezing higher and higher and higher keeping the elbows in the corners of your eyes and keeping the hips still releasing down and up slowly again exhale up inhale down exhale up inhale down make sure that your coming only to the tips of your shoulder blades now higher no lower keep the hips still and stable and keep the knees facing towards the ceiling staying up now bring the feet into a double knee fold tapping one toe on the floor and then the other so exhale tap inhale lift exhale tap inhale lift so as you do so you want to really extend from the hip the angle of the knee does not change so the only joint that is moving is the hip joint here we're releasing again through the hip flexor we're working our core keeping the curl up keeping looking between your knees and staying on the tip to the shoulder blades releasing the heads down bringing the arms out the side and taking your legs over to the right extending through the legs over to the left extending through the legs you're keeping your legs glued together now as one unit inhale extend exhale over really lengthening through the hamstrings here and we're just keeping our spine nice and still and stable so you're not going too far you want to keep your chest nice and heavy on the floor as if someone's sitting on it extending the legs away and then bending them to rotate over to the side like a tick-tock the metronome of the legs one unit lengthening away bring the legs down now along the floor take the arms overhead inhale roll up and reach beyond the toes and exhale rolling down inhale take the arms up exhale continue to roll up reach beyond the toes inhale to begin the roll down and he'll roll back inhale and exhale reach beyond the toes stretch the hamstrings and sitting up nice and tall now placing the feet on the floor knees high sitting up nice and tall arms in front of you palms down roll rotate lifting tall roll back take the arm behind you twist with it so you take the arm you look at the arm you twist the body so your chest leads the twist we're working through our Bleek's here you're trying to keep the C curve in the spine and don't worry too much if your feet come off the floor it's fine this is not an exercise focusing on the feet this exercise focuses on the core so keeping the belly drawing in and really curving the spine twisting around inhale up exhale to twist inhale rotate back exhale up so lifting up nice and tall out of the lower back as you sit upright and really curving through the spine as you rotate back behind you sitting up tall rolling back centrally this time take the arms overhead and circling forwards circling forwards so the arms never go behind the ears you inhale take them up you exhale circle them around inhale up exhale around keeping the body as still as you can you're trying to keep that C shape still we're just moving the arms and reverse the direction now so forward out and up forwards out and up so I'm moving through the shoulders keeping the spine still keeping the belly drawing in and never take the arms behind the ears inhale up exhale forwards rolling up to sit and release over the needs for a break coming to sit tall again extending through the legs and flex through the heels sitting nice and tall palms down and exhale spine stretch forward so you're taking your curve of the spine forwards there's a bit of a hamstring stretch it's also a nice stretch in the lower back you're keeping your hips on the floor and you're just trying to curve the spine reach beyond the toes allow the head to come between the arms and stretch those arms forwards placing the hands down and now we're rolling onto our backs take the hands behind the head again and draw your feet into a double knee fold heels together toes apart curling up and twisting to over one side extend the opposite leg twist and extend so a pulsing here twist twist and to the side twist twist to the other side so there's a small pulse exhale exhale inhale so you twist as much as you can and then you go a bit further twisting as much as you can a bit further and extending the opposite leg so we're lengthening again through the legs we're working through the core through the obliques exhale exhale inhale exhale exhale inhale and now draw the knees into the chest relax the head down have a quick rest place the feet in the floor and then that's come and roll over onto our side for our sideline work you want to have your head on your hand lifting through the underneath waist top arm in front of you and draw your legs 45 degrees forwards you're going to lift that top leg and draw it forwards exhale take it back behind you inhale flex the foot pulse pulse exhale behind inhale inhale exhale so we're stretching through the hamstrings and we're taking it behind us to stretch a little bit through the hip flexor as always keep the body nice and still and stable we're moving through the leg but we're not moving through the body take the leg back in line with the body and exhale lift inhale lower point the foot flex and lower rotate the legs slightly out lifting as high as you can without the way stropping lengthen the leg out of the hip and now small circles so drawing the leg forwards and behind equally keeping that rotation of the leg and then we're going to reverse the circle direction so lengthen the leg out of the hip socket keep the body nice and still keep lifted through the underneath waist keep looking in front of you small circles drawing the foot forwards and behind you and relax down turn the leg up point and flex so you draw the top leg along the bottom leg pointed up flex and lower this is grown passe so you lift and lower keeping the hips nice and stacked keeping the body still and again you lift as much as you can let's reverse it so lifting the leg bending the knee pointing it drag me along foot lift Bend point flex and lift and in point drawing big circles now again keeping the rotation even bigger circles than before don't forget the behind part that's the hard part and I'm always lengthening the leg out of the hip socket reverse in the direction now keep breathing keep what is still maybe crack a little bit of a smile whatever you can to keep going keep breathing through it big juicy circles and relax take the legs in line with the body now and lift the feet and cross them over beating cross cross cross cross go a little bit higher cross cross cross cross an even higher cross cross cross cross wrapping the legs over each other and even higher crossing them over from right at the top of the hip releasing down and rolling over onto your front now hands on diamond shape underneath the forehead legs hip distance apart and exhale rolling the head and chest forwards and up inhale that down keeping the arms on the floor and your eyes coming up upper and middle back no higher no large looking in front of your hands keeping the nice long back of neck extending your legs away from you in the opposite direction and I'm bringing your hands glue to forehead up with you so exhale hands and head your chest come up inhale back down keeping the legs nice and heavy on the floor and not coming up too high so you're keeping a nice long back of neck and you're not working too hard in the lower back head down legs up beat two three four five six seven eight and flex two three four five six seven eight and point two three four five six seven eight and flex two three four five six seven eight and point and flex and point final time flex release the legs down hands come out side of the mat now legs wide a little bit and press to the hands come forwards and up this is Cobra so press into the hands extending through the arms lifting through the whole of our back but extending the legs in the opposite direction as you come up just look a little bit in front of you you don't need to look up sealing so extending to the arms pressing but relaxing the shoulders down the back exhale up inhale down and now take the hands plus and behind the back and turn your cheek to one side legs together inhale inhale bend the legs in exhale arms come back head lips inhale inhale exhale lift inhale inhale exhale head and chest come up inhale inhale bend the knees exhale legs down arms back as you come down your cheek turns to the ground and you're alternating the turn of the head squeezing the legs in squeezing the arms away squeeze the legs and then the arms and now releasing down press up and let's go into Child's Pose for small rest arms away from you seat the heels relax the sitting bones down breathing here filling the lungs and let's come down now on to the other side for our side lying exercises same setup hand and Neath the head lifting through the underneath waist legs 45 degrees in front of you top leg lifts point the toes take it behind you inhale draw the heel forwards and exhale take the foot back so extending through the hips as we come forwards through the hamstrings as we come back through the hip flexors lengthening through the leg keeping the body as still as we possibly can inhale inhale exhale back try and keep the stillness of the body as you take the leg the long leader of the leg forwards and backwards inhale inhale exhale take it in line with a body lift and lower point the foot lift and flex and lower so you're lifting the leg as high as you can without the waist collapsing so that might not be very high and that's fine keep the leg rotated slightly outwards and now taking the leg hip high point the foot small circles so going as far behind you as you do as you go in front lengthen the leg out of the hip keeping the body still and reversing the circle now pointing through that toe pulling out of the hip and keeping the body and hip still as you can now drawing the leg up point the foot flex and lower draw the foot along the leg point it up flex and lower so we're really trying to create some nice long lines again keeping the body still lengthening the leg out of the hip really pointing and articulating you flex lifting the leg up now bending it and drawing it down along the legs reversing the direction inhale lift exhale lower inhale lift exhale lower try and keep the body nice and still and if it doesn't lift it's fine and now big circle so pointing that foot lengthening out of the hip drawing it forwards down up and around bigger circles and before breathing through and reversing so during the leg out of the hip always trying to lengthen the leg more that we're trying to lift it keep looking ahead of you and keep the body as still as you can remember your fingertips in front provide a little bit of stability now lifting the legs take them in line with the body and lift and cross wrapping the legs over over over over lifting higher crossing crossing crossing crossing and higher cross cross cross cross even higher much as you can wrapping the thighs over one another and relaxing down coming now ready for our side plank so crossing top foot over the bottom foot pressing the knee back hip forwards and lifting up into our side plank position lifting the armour and threading the arm through lifting the hips twisting through the spine threading the needle through lifting up over the head and up thread through lifting up over the head and final time threading it through and up and then bend the knees come back down just sit onto your heels where it's comfortable and lift the underneath arm and stretch out the waist just allow the body to open okay take the legs around other side so crossing top foot over bottom foot pressing the knee back the top hip forwards underneath I'm is away from you and lifting up take the top arm over lift it up thread it underneath and through lift the hips lifting up and over the head lift up twist through the waist up and over the head lifting twist and lift the hips one more time lifting up threading needle and up and coming back down same thing sitting onto the ankles if you can lifting through the underneath arm and stretch holding onto the wrists just allow the body to stretch open as much as you can as much as is comfortable coming now into a squat position so we're just allowing the car to stretch out a little bit so rocking forwards and back drawing the heels towards the floor and then allowing them to come off wherever is comfortable whatever kind of squat position you can do and then lengthen through the legs and slowly and gently roll up to stand if you have any comments or questions let me know don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time Thanks bye

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  1. I’m working towards a marathon and usually struggle with the longer distances, but am finding your sessions are keeping my body feeling great, between the lengthy weekly runs. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, I run 5 days a week and did this for the first time. I realized I wasn't using my core and side leg muscles at all. After a long run yesterday, these really brought me back to normal, I feel amazing (my back and core burns though, it was hard to do these!).

  3. This was great – thank you for sharing! I just finished a half marathon and have been trying to do lots of stretching and foam rolling. This is exactly what I needed!

  4. Who knew circles could be so hard!

    Any chance the voice could be a bit louder please? I struggled to hear it.

  5. Great workout Sophia! I love the clear explanations throughout. I like how you do the commentary on your workout, I'm going to try this

  6. 20 mins flew by in no time! Could feel muscles working i'd never feel in a 10k run. Thanks for taking the time to create this video, i'll be repeating again very soon!

  7. A fast paced quick routine!  Thanks.  The balanced squats certainly highlight asymmetry in legs.

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