Poll Alert : Which Contestant Got Immunity by Prince Narula in Roadies Real Heroes Episode 23

Poll Alert : Which Contestant Got Immunity by Prince Narula in Roadies Real Heroes Episode 23

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  1. Abe chutiye tara kl shahiba k sath task jeet k phele hi immune h…. Bc tum episode dekhte ni ho kya…. Tara or shahiba 1st aaye the or jo 1 st aayega un dono ko immunity milegi ye phele hi bola tha ranvijay ne

  2. I hope dutta ko milia …and Tara ko na milia immunity q kee tara ko b pta chalia k koi b loya nhi he ….i think prince dutta ko immune de ga q kee internal voteout me raftar ne favor return karnia ko bola tha so i think k raftar ish bar fer pitch karia ga prince ko

  3. Bhai jin bhi logo ne tara ko vote diya hai unhone question nhi pada sirf tara ka naam dekh kar us par vote kar diya

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