POP Pilates: Back Attack!

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  1. I remember when this was hard for me to do and couldn't last the whole video way back when I started my fitness journey.

  2. Still one of my fav back workout vids!!! I love working out my back. So many people don't think about the muscles in their backs

  3. This back workout never gets old! So effective every time you do it. Plus, the spinal massage is always amazing!

  4. Hi Cassey. I liked how you explained what someone could be doing wrong and how you actually should do it (like showing your shoulder blades). You don't do that much with your newer videos. I would like it very much if you do that more often again 🙂

  5. Wow i really liked that back move where we are on our stomach and we lift up our legs and arms. i feel it in my glutes and back! it's awesome! Thanks Cassey!

  6. That last spine exercise is really hurtful. Either I'm doing it wrong, my mat is too thin or I don't have enough fat on my spinal cord . It really hurts as if I'm trying to crush my bones. Don't know what I can do to prevent it. Kind of the same thing happens when I do reversed crunches.

  7. I wish I can watch some videos combining your old style on this video (mainly guide how to do it very very clearly, how to breath) and your current style (mainly talk about motivation, fashion, self-love.)

    Wish you can combine,
    Your fan <3

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