Pregnancy Pilates 10 Minute Standing Workout- No Equipment Needed

you hello and welcome to my pregnancy Pilates video this is one of a number of videos that I film specially for you if you are pregnant but as I've said on all the others I'm going to film this one as well make sure that you are cleared for exercise by your doctor before you begin doing these now I'm very lucky because I have a doctor with me today this is Rebecca who is pregnant who's going to be doing exercises with me she's been coming to my classes regularly so she's familiar with the movements if you haven't done any of this before then I just want you to take it easy do what you can if you feel tired then just take it easy or stop okay there's nothing too strenuous in here we're going to do doing all standing in this one we're going to be working the legs so we're going to do some breathing we're going to release the shoulders do a little bit of arm work okay so we should get started so first thing you can do is going to put your hand on baby okay we're gonna do a little bit of breathing to begin so I want you to be really relaxed in your shoulders okay hand on baby you're gonna take a deep breath in and as you breathe out I want you to gently draw the pelvic floor muscles inwards and upwards so you can just feel that internal tightening in the body okay and then it's the inhale just let them release so always want to start a little bit of breathing so gonna breathe out breathing in and let them be good so what this sense of those muscles internally drawing in and slightly ups you can feel a little bit of a contraction yeah and then it's inhale you're just gonna let them release do not push down just let them go all right fit exhale drawing up inhale gentle release skit and exhale drawing up in how gentlemanly and one more time exhale drawing up feeling an inhale to release well done okay Rebecca so we're going to start with the shoulders so you can ask your hands down by your side you're going to bring your shoulders up back and round up back and round up back and round so this is just to release the tension in the neck and shoulders we're going to give you a nice stretch through the chest as well up back hand around up back hand around and up back and around now you're going to breathe in to bring your arms up and breathe out stretching out to the side very good so you're going to inhale up and exhale out inhale up and exhale out just opening up the chest inhale and exhale good deep breath in and exhale out kids inhale and exhale and one more time inhale and exhale so going take the shoulders the other way so you're gonna squeeze them together at the back bring them up and forward let's back up and forward back up and forth good back up and forward back up and for good back up and forward one more back up and forward now breathe in take the arms out to the side I don't breathe out just bring them forward inhale out and exhale forward and inhale out attitude Alex how forward good deep breath in and out so it's nice way to energize your body without putting it out any pressure good inhale out an exhale forward and one more time inhale out and exhale for now we'll continue with the shoulders let's bring our hands up onto our shoulders gonna stretch through the front of the chest now so you're going to bring your elbows together like this you're gonna lift them up and read some as far back as you can yeah so we're gonna bring them together up and back together up and back together up and together up and back together up and that world together up and back now you're going to hold those elbows back you can extend your arms out you're going to take a deep breath in you're gonna exhale to go back good three four five six good good and bring those arms all the way down now you're gonna breathe and bring the shoulders up to the ears breathe out let them drop good inhale up and drop so just letting them relax inhale and you're up good inhale up and up inhale and drop good inhale up and drop one more time Anna and rock very good okay so gonna go into our knee bends okay so you're just gonna check your feet all right underneath your hips and that when you bend your knees your knees are going forward over your toes so they're not coming in like this going out like that alright so here we go we're going to breathe in to bend the knees and breathe out to come up inhale Bend and exhale up good inhale Bend and up good inhale and it's so very good inhale and exhale inhale and exhale one more inhale and exhale now this is a little bit tricky on the balance specially when you're pregnant so you're gonna lift your arms up lifting the heels up and circle them out it's good this is to work your ankles listing up and that's good lifting up and very good analyst and homeless and that's good I had a house for breathing and is Eunice and how to more lips and out and up we can do another set of those knee bends so you're gonna breathe into Bend read out to lift up so try and keep that breathing going because it helps the body relax all right it feeds the muscles as well you get all that oxygen in say and help annex inhale and exhale inhale and exhale two more inhale and exhale last one good and I'm gonna go up on the toes breathing in and breathing out good inhale up and exhale up inhale up and out and our formal Ana lift and that's good lift and up last one endless and do a little side step so you can take it outside arm up and you're gonna flex over to the side good this is to get you a nice stretch in here then you're gonna inhale and exhale to look it's it's deep breath in and flexing over to the side inhale up and lower down good deep breath in and exhale good and up and down deep breath in and exhale up and down good deep breath in and over up and down deep breath in and over up once more each side and inhale exhale and up and down and deep breath in and exhale over up and down well done sir we'll take the feet wide now so nice and wide so you feel balanced you're gonna turn your feet out a little bit we're gonna do some knee bends and again you want to make sure your knees go over your toes okay so they're not rolling in like this so this is to give you a really good stretch through here okay so we're gonna breathe in to bed that said lovely I'm breathing out inhale Bend and exhale up good inhale and exhale good inhale now while we're doing this I just want to point out if this feels uncomfortable in the pubic area then you don't want to be doing this okay so if you feel alright that's fine to do it any discomfort don't do this exercise down and up pass one down and up we're gonna put the hands on the hips now and we're just going to circle the hits okay so you can have the fee the knees slightly bent like this and you're going to take the hips around and doing a nice circle so around and back so this is to ease that lower back around good alright that's it around rounds and two and one let's go the other way Rebecca and around that's it around this feels really nice on the back good around and four three two one good coming up last set of these knee bends are gonna breathe in I breathe out breathing in and out good in and out and I'm very good in how our next inhale an exhale two more last one and inhale exhale well done now we're going to bring the feet back towards each other right underneath the hips and we're just going to do the last thing for your back so I want you to bend your knees and we're going to interlace our fingers that's it take the hands forward and then you're gonna round the spine okay so I'm gonna leave it back of there I'm gonna go sideways so you can see me what we're doing is tucking under and rounding the spine there okay then you're gonna lift up through the body and you're gonna take the youngs behind you and you're gonna stretch back no chest okay and then we're gonna do that again so you're gonna bring the hands forward that's it like that rounding the spine tucking your tailbone under and then you're gonna lift up hands behind you interlace the fingers stretching the chest just looking up there good and one more time interlace the fingers bend the knees take the hands forward just tucking younger to get that lovely little release in your lower back lifting all the way up taking the hands behind you and stretching out there looking very good now and then just release those hands thank you very much Rebecca so there you go there's another pregnancy Pilates workout for you I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to press the like button you can send me any questions and I'll be very happy to answer them for you and you can look at all my other videos online there so I think there's now three or four other ones that you can watch as well so thanks for joining me and see you soon

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