PRIDE - THE INDIAN BODYBUILDER - Bodybuilding Motivation 2019

PRIDE – THE INDIAN BODYBUILDER – Bodybuilding Motivation 2019

that will be a fire down the pressure law had been a didn't cut and they the hardest hey is temporary it may last for a minute or an hour or a day or even a year eventually it will subside and something else place if I quit however it will last forever if because greatness is upon them and even Jesus himself if he was going through the fire said I tried this comeback but I'm exactly where I want to be because I realize I gotta commit my very being to this thing I gotta breathe it eat it I gotta sleep and until you get there you'll never be a successful life but once you get there i guarantee now down but Budda Budda gotta love a Dada since I decided but you came through item that food a part of since artists are those again Gerard mate we'll get the arms oh do not give up there Oh yeah the Buddha taught of the navigators and sadhus are those again Gerard but some

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  1. Thanks for watching guys?
    Share this video with your Indian friends and gym partner. #startgrowing #sraymotivated

  2. Steroids body dikhake motivation kon krta hai bc… go with natural dite, do hard work u ll definitely gets results

  3. Behanchod yahan to gaanje pee peeke gaand fati ja rahi hai ladkon ki ye kya desh ka naam raushan karenge pehle apne ko raushan kar lein wahi bahaut hai chutiye ganja peeke ulte seedhe words bakte hain usiko rap samajhte hain…

  4. ऐसे लोगों को दिल से सलाम इतना हार्ड वर्क करते हैं

  5. One and Only Sunit jadhav can go to mr. Olympia from India, what an incredible physic.
    Wow…. Amazing, Very nice ???

  6. I really proud that they are Indian and after that Marathi…really filling proud of him..
    Sangram chougule
    Sunit jadhv
    Suhas khamkr

  7. I like that these dudes actually look normal. Yeah, we all know they cycle, props to them for doing that to their bodies willingly, but they look functional. Dudes like Kai and Phil are so blown up they cant touch their backs, you know what I mean. They dont have the size of today's Olympias, but their overall physiques are so much better than alot of dudes. I'm just curious about Indian Genetics. You can be amazing, but you'll never be the best without those genetics, and that goes for everybody.

  8. Love u bro..keep it up u bro..I am work in Dubai Mohammed Aziz …and I am from India . Hyderabad

  9. Maharashtra people don't allow other state to win becz they want their state people to win that is cheap politics which they play and who go against it will be suspended without reason saying misbehaving. That is how they win cheating and if u look at all the weights only Maharashtra will have 1st place nd over all winner no boubt will be always Maharashtra jst 1 or 2 catagary they give to other weights that to in light weights ask them to come to other state they will deserve place bt nt 1st

  10. Did u ever see always Maharashtra people win why becz all the judges are from that place nd people who condact competition are from Maharashtra so they give 1st place for Maharashtra in all the weights this is opean cheating we have many body builders then in Maharashtra plz stop cheating nw also I can say next year 1st place will be from Maharashtra. Note it

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