Q&A Part 1 | All Things WW and Weight Loss!

Q&A Part 1 | All Things WW and Weight Loss!

hello my friends welcome back to my channel today you are joining me for a Q&A video I like to do a Q&A maybe once or twice a year as I gain new subscribers and new followers and people who don't necessarily know me or people who want to get to know me a little bit better so I try to do some Q&A just to make that a really easy thing and I also really love watching Q&A videos because it's a quick way to get a lot of answers from people that you've been watching on YouTube so I love watching them just as much as I love making them so today what we are going to do actually is when I put out a plea for questions for my Q&A video on Facebook Instagram YouTube etc what I ended up getting were questions that fell into one of two categories which makes perfect sense weight loss health and fitness related questions and personal not weight loss health and fitness related questions and I got enough of each where I decided I'm going to do two separate videos so today you are watching the weight loss health and fitness related Q&A where i answer all of the questions you guys have asked me around this topic so let's go ahead and jump right in with the first question do you still attend weight watchers meetings currently or WW meetings I'm telling you guys I'm never going to not call it Weight Watchers that just that just is what it is do you still attend WW meetings no I do not currently primarily because I want my lifetime status back so I'm gonna pay for it cuz I'm cheap like that that's just that's just the fact of the matter once I get back into a within my ball range which I'm this close I'm in this close I will likely go back to attending WW meetings but right now I'm not even following the plan that they are doing I'm not doing Weight Watchers freestyle I'm doing points Plus so I don't know I would I would gain the the community from it and whatnot but in terms of like direct information regarding some more points it's not going to be helpful to me right now so I'm just doing online I get this next question a lot and this is what is the difference between smart points and points plus great question I am following the old weight watchers points plus plan currently and the way the difference between smart points and points plus is what compiled make up a point what they used to actually calculate the points values for current smart points you need all of the information you need calories fat saturated fat carbs sugar fiber protein those are the things you need seven things to help to help the algorithm figure out what the points value is for your smart points and in smart points the things that help you are proteins and the things that hurt you are sugar and saturated fat in points Plus which is an old plan I think around 2014 2013 gosh I can't remember when it was 2012 2013 something like that a much older plan they use four components to calculate a point and that is fat fiber protein and carbohydrates and the difference here primarily is protein does not help you as much I have gotten penalized for protein because protein still equals calories but sugar doesn't penalize me either so it is it is a nice balance that seems to work for me the first time that I did Weight Watchers and lost almost 60 pounds points plus was what I was doing to achieve that also in points plus fiber helps you and in smart points fiber does not really do much of anything so the primary difference between smart points and points plus are the components that are used to calculate how many points a given item is and the width the formulation is different current Weight Watchers members if you're going to a meeting if you're signed up online you are using smart points I am using an old plan points plus that's the difference have you found it harder to get to your goal weight the second time around well yes yes I have and I don't know why I don't know if it's because I was motivated by outside factors the first time which is totally and completely vain 100% but I started to lose weight right around the time I met my husband because I buckled down and I was like oh snap let's get this done there isn't there's a man there's a future there's a thing let's get this done and I don't have that motivation anymore I don't know if that's what it is but also combined with age when I lost my way I was what 25 or so 26 something like that and now I'm 32 and apparently that that age gap is enough to make a difference in my metabolism and how my body carries itself and loses its weight I'm also focused on different things this time around I was focused primarily on cardiovascular workouts all the time burn all the calories but not focusing on strength training and gaining muscle and thinking long term I was also not mentally prepared for reaching goal and dealing with maintenance after goal and that caused me to gain weight back and this time around I am trying to I'm trying to lose weight in such a way that once I get to where I want to be which I don't know what that is yet but once I get there I know that I can stay there because the habits I have developed throughout the process again are life long and strong habits weight training is causing me to lose weight on the scale at a slower rate because muscle is very very dense and so a pound of muscle takes up less space and pound of fat does so even though I might be losing size I'm not necessarily losing weight I'm also focusing more on I'm focusing on less drastic dietary changes because I still want to be able to eat whole foods clean foods regular fat foods and I want to not take this diet thing to as much of an extreme which is just obviously slowing down my weight loss and these are all epiphanies that have happened recently I have just not been as focused that is the generic answer I have not been as focused and there's been a lot more difficult for me to get a grip and get it done this time around but the more time that passes the more I'm growing okay with the slowness of this journey again because this time I fully intend on it to be a lifelong change what do you do when you eat out or at a church or family function I find it hard to track it functions and most times I just try to eat the best I can but don't track anything I'll be honest with you that's sometimes how I do it – and which is another reason that I'm not losing as slowly as I am not or not losing as quickly I am NOT as accurate and that is totally my own fault but what I do basically when I'm at functions I either do one of two things I plan ahead and and if I'm going to a family function like in my parents house my family is really good about telling me what's going to be there and if they're doing Weight Watchers type friendly stuff or not that's basically what it is it's either hey we're going to be we're buckling down to trying to have a pretty WW friendly type meal because a lot of people in that house are also on Weight Watchers of some kind or watching what they eat or not and I can mentally prepare either way and so what I can what I often do is a couple things I won't track not the best decision but it's honest I won't track I prepare for it by getting an extra workout in eating real lean and light the rest of the day and guesstimating I guess that's two and three I will if I'm trying to track I will guesstimate the best that I can for example if we're having hamburgers I will search on my online tracker I'd be like okay I'm having a hamburger that weighs about this much let's presume it's about this much fat what is the guesstimate that the thing gives me for a generalized hamburger and that's what I will track and if it's a couple points more a couple points less it is what it is I kind of if I'm really being good I will err on the side of guessing a little bit higher than what it might actually be just so I I have that that padding that I know that yes maybe I'm airing a little bit high but at least I know what I'm doing does that make sense I kind of I just kind of guess I do use my best judgment I try to make the best choices that I can and I will try to do things surrounding said event that helps mitigate the impact of the higher points meal that I'm having I was wondering if you are at your weight goal and if or if not how to know when you are at goal for the rest of us BMI isn't always reliable especially if you are building muscles so just curious though so let's give this a try am i or am I not at goal no I am currently not at goal with the big star here read the fine print at the bottom I don't know what my goal is yet I know what my goal used to be which was 135 pounds I also know that that goal was too skinny for me and it is not a maintainable weight for me and that is OK at my current height which is 5/6 my weight range I think ranges from like 127 pounds to 156 or 57 pounds something like that so my current goal is to get into that healthy weight range and I'm this close I'm literally this close so once I get to like 155 I'm going to start approaching things in a different way so once I get down to 155 which puts me solidly in my healthy weight range hallelujah happy day to me I can declare myself at goal according to WWC and ERDs which is great the plan once I get down there which I honestly just need to buckle down for maybe a month and I'll be there easy peasy I don't know what is taking me so long but once I'm there then it becomes a matter of preference I am deciding this time around that the deciding factor of my ultimate goal is not going to be the number on the scale but once I get into that weight range so say I get to 155 and then I continue to weight train and eat healthfully and make these the healthy and fitness choices that go along with what I want to be doing long term say my body starts to change I start to get leaner but the weight doesn't go anywhere and I don't lose another pound and I end up losing inches my ultimate goal is going to be whatever I weigh when I decide that I am at a comfortable size for my body my ultimate goal is to be able to be strong and trim and looking lean and tight but if that also means I have some nice hefty quadriceps and I've got some nice broad strong shoulders and a strong broad chest and thick but firm abdominal muscles that's okay that means I clock in at 150 155 that's okay I'm going to be okay with that the number on the scale is going to be much less important so my general guide for you would be this according to WWN dad's you have to weigh within your weight range which unfortunately is according to the BMI chart but ultimately your goal weight should be where are you most comfortable where are you happiest where are you feeling most confident and where are where does your body fall when you are making healthy choices that is what your goal should be your goal should be to lose weight until you have developed the habits that keep your body healthy eating clean foods exercising regularly and doing all of the right things and but if your body stalls out at a certain weight and you're like well I'm my body's not going anywhere I just want to lose those last five pounds maybe you don't have to lose those last five pounds if you're really trying and your body's not letting them go maybe that is your body telling you hey you're at goal and that's okay and this is obviously something that would be best discussed with your medical professional not me I am not professional by any sense of the word I'm just somebody trying to navigate her own health and fitness and weight loss journey but that's my two cents on that matter ultimately for me personally I want to get down to 155 which puts me in my healthy weight range and then I'm going to live a healthy but complete life and see where my body my body weight falls after my body changes physically are something uncomfortable with could you go over the pros and cons of counting calories versus weight watchers freestyle and smart points I recently went to counting calories for the holidays basically the pros and cons it's a matter of preference when it comes to counting points you can say smart points freestyle whatever or points plus let's just say weight loss weight watchers points WW points whatever plan you're following versus counting calories so the pros and con set has its own pros and cons so let's look at weight watchers ww points points plus freestyle whatever so in terms of points one of the major pros is you don't have to track produce which is wonderful and freeing for me I really love not having to meticulously measure out Barry's measure out carats measure out my squash and know exactly how much I'm eating just knowing that I'm allowed to eat those things for zero is wonderful and then if you're actually following Weight Watchers freestyle it goes a step further and you don't have to track your eggs you don't have to track your lean chicken you don't have to track a lot of other things that would otherwise have to be measured and accounted for even on points Plus so those are definitely some probes but some cons of that is because you're not tracking those things you're not accounting for the calories that those items actually have and if you're eating a lot of those things those calories could in fact add up which could negatively impact your weight loss efforts on the flipside counting calories the pros to counting calories are the exact opposite of weight watchers points the pros are you are accounting for every single stinking calorie so if you know you have a number a goal of 1,500 calories in a day if you track every item that goes into your mouth down to the calorie you will know exactly how many calories you are consuming end of story fruit vegetables chicken whatever the food is it's there it for me when I went over the summer and was tracking calories there was something very freeing in that as well in knowing hey these are my numbers that's it no ifs ands buts about it my cup of strawberries cost me this my cup of squash cost me this and there was just no there was no room for argument it was what it was the end because of counting calories are you it's for a lot of things a lot more effort because the things that are zero over here in WWE land count over here so you have to measure your fruit and your vegetables you have to measure your chicken down to the ounce you have to measure all of the things that otherwise would be zero points over here and you wouldn't necessarily have to measure so it is a lot more meticulous when I was doing things for like creating WW friendly meals consisted of my sandwich but I had some carrots and then I had some strawberries and whatever I had a lot of fruits and vegetables mixed into my food having to take the extra time to measure every one of those things when I had three four five different produce items on my plate at once did get a little bit annoying and that felt very constraining and unmotivated to me which is ultimately why I'm switching back to points for the remainder of my weight loss journey because I liked those super healthy things those fruits and vegetables not causing me that much trouble so but so pros of the so pros of counting calories you're accounting for every calorie and you know exactly what you're doing the cons are it's a lot more work I hope that answered that question let me know if you want me to dive in further give me specific questions down below all right last two questions starting with if you could make any food point or fat-free without changing the flavor what would it be if I could have anything in this world be zero points and actually not cost my body anything it would be pizza pizza if you want me to be specific it would be Illuminati's deep-dish pizza I know I've answered this question before but I'll answer it again because it's that important yes I would ultimately end up wanting pizza to be zero calories zero points whatever and still be absolutely delicious if I wanted to go sweet it would be cake cake and heaps of frosting for zero points would be it would be a dream come true let me know in the comments below what food do you want to have these zero points or zero calories and then my last question for this video is are you still intermittent fasting and news flash for those of you that didn't know I've been intermittent fasting it's not a extreme intermittent fasting not at all not by any means but if you guys have been watching my vlogs or listening to or seeing my posts on Instagram you will have seen that I mentioned mild intermittent fasting as something that I have been doing lately and I have been loving it and yes I am still doing it the concept of intermittent fasting is having a specific window preferably the shorter the better where you consume all of your days worth of calories within that 6 8 10 12 hour window and then the rest of the time you are fasting meaning you are not taking in anything with calories I have been doing a mild version of this whereas generally speaking I start eating at nine o'clock in the morning and kitchen is closed at 9:00 p.m. which gives my body a solid 12 hours on in 12 hours off and I really do feel that this isn't making a pretty significant difference in the way my body is reacting to the food I have been eating I have been losing weight a little bit more easily I have been bouncing back from overindulgence is a little bit more easily and I just generally think that it is helping me feel better which is really cool and I haven't done any in-depth research into intermittent fasting I just started doing this as a I need a kitchen closed role to keep me from eating food or late at night just because I can so when I instituted the 9:00 p.m. kitchen closed rule I started taking it a step further when I realized when I woke up in the morning I wasn't really hungry and I wasn't starting to eat until around man o'clock anyway and I was like you know what why don't we just set this as a solid rule and see where it goes and I've been loving it and so what I'll actually do now is when I when nine o'clock rolls around I'll see how late I can push my first meal and there have been days that I haven't eaten until 10:30 and kitchens still closed at nine o'clock and I have been loving it so once I understand more fully what the implications are for my body and for my weight loss I will do a complete video on intermittent fasting and mild intermittent fasting like I said I'm not doing anything crazy I'm not doing like 18-hour fasts or anything like that no no no just super basic to kind of keep me in control and to make sure I avoid nighttime binging is basically what this is but the short answer is yes I'm still intermittent fasting and I am loving it so here we go that's all I have for the ww-wait loss health fitness edition of the Q&A video if you have any extra questions you want to ask me feel free to leave them down below and I will put them in the archive and I will get to them the next time I film another Q&A if I end up with enough questions I could start doing health-related q and A's or any related Q&A whatever the subject matter is quarterly if you would like but I need to know what you guys want to know in order to sit down and the questions if you liked this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you would be so kind as to hit the little subscribe button down there so you can be a part of the diva and the divine community I would love to have you thank you guys for taking this time to watch take care and I will see you next time bye

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  1. I would have Nachos be zero.Enjoyed this, as usual. Points Plus here with some Jenny Criag also. Working for me right now.

  2. You can have your doctor saying what a safe or practical range is such and such. My goal weight is 155 but the top of my range is 137.

  3. Smart Points are still calculated using only 4 components. The components that are required to enter in calculating Smart Points is only Calories, Saturated Fat, Protein and Sugar.

  4. Yes, intermittent fasting feels great! I'm 100% with you on pizza and cake!! Kitchen is closed for me @ 8 p.m.??

  5. You bring up some very interesting points in this video. I'm 66 and have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. I was a scrawny kid growing up. I lost 40 pounds using WW points plus program. I put 20 of those pounds back on and have struggled to lose any of those 20 on Freestyle. I would like to get down to the mid 130's, which means losing 10ish pounds. I am 5'2". At 66 I think my body is saying "enough." "This is your weight — deal with it." So for the last several weeks I have avoided the scale and I have stopped counting points. I try to eat healthy at every meal and I do have a snack at night. I exercise every day — strength 3/week, cardio 3/week and yoga or stretching 1/day. I am so tired of being defined by numbers.

  6. I found your channel by following over from Amanda Cypert during your “pantry clean out” tag. I love your personality and your channel! I don’t do ww, but I do count calories using mfp. I never understood how foods could be zero points since they still have calorie content, however I like watching ww videos because they tend to be about lower calorie foods, which still helps me and helps keep me motivated. I lost 30lbs counting calories about three years ago, maintained the loss and have now decided I’m ready to lose another 30lbs so I’ve been back on the bandwagon for a few months now. I’m struggling hard this time, for some reason. I’m 42, 5’1”, and currently weigh about 165. At my original starting point I was up to 198lbs. It was creeping up on that 200lb mark that kicked me in the butt to make a change.

  7. French fries!! I love anything potato. If potatoes could be completely guilt free..oh the life!! PS.. Don't tell me that sweet potatoes are a great substitute lol.

  8. A little correction: for Smart Points, you only need calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. The other things you mentioned (total fat, carbs, fiber) are optional and don't affect the algorithm.

  9. I am presently counting calories. It is a pain in the neck counting veggies and most of the time I do — sometimes I don't. Especially if it is just a small lettuce salad or a piece of onion or two on a sandwich. It is definitely more freeing to me to count calories. I don't really feel as if I am on a diet. Freestyle is terrible (in my opinion). It is a shame WW isn't changing their program for the new year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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