Quick Morning Pilates Routine | Lottie Murphy

Quick Morning Pilates Routine | Lottie Murphy

hey I'm Lottie welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm going to do a quick morning routine Pilates routine so it's a good one to do if you're traveling or if you're short for time this is gonna set you up for your day I'm going to focus on abdominals glutes hips and just get you moving so let's begin by remain on our backs in relaxation position so just organize your feet so that they are in line with your hips and just let your body completely settle for a moment so always quite good in the morning just to take a moment to kind of check in with where things are at so just allowing the body to settle focusing on the alignment of the pelvis being in neutral the ribcage and the head so we're this is quite a quick morning routine we're gonna try and go through everything quite speed least we can get through enough but still just take your time and focus on those Pilates principles so we'll just start with some breathing if you take your hands around the side of your ribcage so we can focus on the breath going into the ribs so breathe in really nice way to start the day as well so we're gonna inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth and as you inhale really breathing into the back inside of the ribcage expanding the lungs and diaphragm the ribs and as you exhale soften in the chest and the shoulders and taking one water with your hands here really directing the breath into the hands and breathing out releasing any tension letting go of that tension okay so bring in the hands onto the pelvis just do a couple of little pelvic Rock schools and back and then just finding your neutral placement and then we're just gonna go into some curl ups so getting straight in plays abdominals so reach your arms back interlace the hands behind the head and then from there just nod your chin to your chest to come into a little curled up position and then coming down nod your chin to your chest and come up and then come down so just mobilizing the upper back and keeping your pelvis nice and neutral nice and still and as you exhale curling voice drawing the navel in towards the spine and filling the stand I'm drawing back in the body as well so from here we're gonna lift one leg up lift the other leg up so you're in your tabletop position and then just see if you can cut up a little bit higher then we're just going to alternate single leg stretches so exhale as you reach one leg away inhale bring it back so really challenging the lower abdominals the upper abdominals keeping those elbows just in your peripheral vision one more on each leg and then just relax back down so hug the knees in towards the chest okay so we're just gonna add on to this now so bring those legs back up into the double me fold position we're going to add a little bit of oblique work so hands behind the head again not the chin go forwards and then just twist in to the side and just into the other side see with this one try not to move your knees or your hips I'm just feeling that lovely rotation getting into those abs I feeling nice and strong and scented and then again just relax back down and then we're just gonna add those two together those two exercises together so the single leg stretch and the rotation as well so again bring the legs back up find that neutral pelvis so feeling of zipping in and up through the abdominals the ribs coming down breathing in long spine exhale nod the chin try and keep the length in the neck so this time as you twist reach the opposite leg away and then we're just adding those two together we're gonna go one more on each side so working those upper abdominals those lower abdominals and the obliques and then relax back down great okay so roll in yourself up we'll just turn to the side we're going to transition on to our hands and knees and come into little tabletop leg pull exercise so finding your balance just coming into this new position so lining up your hands under your shoulders middle finger pointing forwards knees underneath your hips and then just feel that long line from your tailbone all the way out through the crown of your head have a sense of pushing them out away but then also check in with the ribcage and the power of this take a deep breath in and as you exhale draw the navel in towards the spine and then we're reaching back through the right leg and extending out through the left arm and then we just going to bring the knee and the elbow towards each other as you Brown the back so giving a little bit of mobility through and then reaching out it's a reaching in finding that Center and reaching out exhale rounded inhale lengthen push them away so really working between the shoulder blades last one and then changing sites so left leg out lift the leg up opposite arm round the back of the knee knee away come in reaching on so keeping that focus that concentration really feeling mindful working into the tummy fat around so thinking of kind of pushing up elbow knee together and then feeling really long and expansive a little lengthen you know last one here and then we're gonna get into some rotation for your thoracic spine with our thread in the needle so keeping your pelvis nice and still keeping that lift through the tummy really reach the right arm under as we twist get that nice twist through the upper back and then come back on the other side now so keeping that flowing breath keep that little scoop of the arm and try not to let the hips move this is an area that tends to get quite tight for lots of us especially if you sit down at a desk all day that's nice together a little bit of rotation they lost on you and then rest okay so we're gonna do a little plank section now they really got you firing up through that core before you start your day so we're gonna come into our plank so just find that nice neutral pelvis again try not to sink through the shoulders or drop into the shoulder so really pressing away soft through the elbows step the right leg back and then step the left leg back so we're in that plank position drawing up through the tummy shining your chest forwards we'll just hold this first one pushing back through the heels still try and keep that calm breath and then bring your knees in always find that sometimes you can feel a really strong in a plank and sort of any effort as it can really change day to day sometimes you're sort of not feeling it as strong so just see you where you're at today and obviously take just that hold again and we're gonna add something on so we're gonna step back into that plank again then we're just gonna get the yonkers moving push back through the heels and forwards so it's like a little rock from the shoulders from the ankles to keep your senses lift through the center get into the workings out of her body and then find neutral bring the knees back in so you can repeat that again or gonna do one more plank I promise three in total I'm gonna add a little leg brace so really challenging exercise so step back into that plank and then without letting the pelvis move just lift one leg press it back and the other leg you're really having to concentrate on the stability more on each leg Balian those triceps drawing in and out to the shoulders and then just take a little rest step up on the hills just reach forwards through the arms into this child's pose its rest position so give your wrist a little circle and then I want to make sure that we get in some extension so we're going to come onto our front and just do a little brush stroke arms just to work into that back so really nice way to feel nice and tall before we come up to stand in so come down onto your all the way onto your front just bring the legs together and then have the hands just by the side of your head so just check in you might want to put a little cushion or a towel under your hips if you tend to dip into your lower back so we're gonna brush the nose forwards and come into extension reaching forwards through the spine lift the arms up I'm gonna reach them forwards and then kind of like brushstroke arms they circle around you're gonna see if you can just lift it a little bit more palm facing in and then come down and again so you come up long extension just keep the gaze low so the neck is long you float the arms up in how exhale circle them around opening up the shoulders and then coming down it's just one more feel that long extension that lovely back work upper body back hold the arms up lift a little bit higher nice and even on both sides and then coming down so keeping that sense of posture in the upper back that working off the back I'm going to come up through a downward dogs to take a nice cat stretch rounding your back tuck the back toes under and then just send in your hips up this is a nice gentle llamado try not to collapse through the shoulders again keep that work melt down through the heels and then just start to walk your hands back towards your feet so you press your heels down when you can keep your knees bent tuck the chin to the chest try and keep the hips over the heels as you slowly peel your spine up so just use those hamstrings there's abdominals to refine that neutral pelvis in standing this is the first time you're standing up probably not the first time today if you've come to your mat unless you've rolled off your bed straight into the workout but new kind of fresh start standing up and just lets me through just take a few shoulder rows focusing on that strong Center a nice calm posture relaxed shoulders and you're all set to start your day so I hope you enjoyed that don't forget to subscribe for more videos like this and I will see you again soon goodbye

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  1. First time beginner here! Just made decision to commit to Pilates.. just completed this! your videos are great! Thank you! Don’t stop!?

  2. This is exactly what I need in the morning when emerging from my cloud. Peaceful way to start the day with somewhat easy moves. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi lottie total beautiful and amazing and inspiring morning pilates video lottie do you a video with scissors in the air and inverted bicycle if not please share lottie and thanks lottie for shareing awsome pilates teacher you awsome and you rock lottie

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