Revolution – Day 15 – Fearless Practice – Yoga With Adriene

Revolution – Day 15 – Fearless Practice – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone and welcome to
your 31 day Yoga Revolution. It’s day 15,
and today we practice moving fearlessly. Let’s get started. (lively orchestral music) Alright my darling friends,
let’s begin standing today. Feet hip width apart,
toes pointing forward. Place your feet
mindfully underneath the hips and then stand up nice and tall, and you decide what
feels best here to begin, palms face open,
out, ready to receive, or maybe a little more
grounded, palms at your sides. Take a deep breath in,
full, loving breath. And then exhale,
relax the shoulders, begin to lift your heart,
stand up nice and tall. Again, deep breath in,
fill up with air. And exhale, just relax
into this moment, arrive. And one more time, deep
inhale, refreshing breath in. And exhale to land. Land firmly in this moment. So this idea
of moving fearlessly, it’s a fierce practice today, not gonna lie, but
we’re gonna do it with TLC and we’re gonna do it in a
way that is really striving not necessarily to
work out or be strong, but to be present. So, the thing about
fear is a lot of times it comes from us
either dwelling on the past or worrying about the future,
if we can really be present and allow ourselves to just
experience what’s happening in the moment, then
I find it’s a wonderful practice for kind of living fearlessly. Alright, so take a
moment here to tap into a nice, strong, fierce, loving breath. So for some
that’ll be Ujjayi breath. If you’re curious
about Ujjayi breath, there’s a whole video
on that Pranayama practice. Feet hip width apart,
I’m gonna inhale. Lift up from the pelvic floor. Lift up on the toes,
stretching through the calves, toning the quads. Lifting, lifting, lifting,
pressing into all of your toes, and then exhale to
lower down with control. Two more times like that. Inhale, instead of
lifting forward, try to lift up, so you’re really
engaging the bandhas here, lifting, lifting, lifting. Toning the calves, the quads. Lifting up
through your bum muscles, and then slowly
releasing with control. One more time,
move with the breath. Big inhale lifts you up. Draw energy up through
that center plumb line. Lean back as if you’re
leaning against a wall. Take one more breath here,
press into your pinky toe, and then exhale
with control, awesome. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, stay present with your
breath as you forward fold all the way down. First Uttanasana of the
practice, bend your knees. Find soft, easy movement,
stretching out the places that need some love. Listen to your body. And fear often takes
over when we’re not actually paying attention
to what our body or what our heart is saying. Have you ever caught
yourself doing something and you’re like,
“Why am I doing this? “I know this isn’t good for me. “I don’t need this,
I don’t want this. “It’s a habitual thing.” So, we’re practicing moving
today really staying present. And considering this
practice, this teaching of letting go of fear,
moving fearlessly, by simply being in
the present moment, allowing what is to be. Take one more breath. And then use your
exhale to release the arms. We’ll bring the feet
together here arch to arch, and we’ll slide the
left foot all the way back, come to a nice, low lunge. Lower the back knee. Inhale, sweep the arms up, coming back to this
vocabulary here, inhale. Then exhale, rain it down. Take a couple breaths
here to just feel it out. Open up through the hips. Stretch the legs. If you want to lift
that back knee here, you can. Then loop the shoulders. Open your chest. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, pull the right
hip crease back, half splits. We’ve been here before. Breathe deep. Try to find something new. Stay present with your breath. Couple breath cycles
in and out, in and out. Wonder-bar. Wunderbar, rolling
through that front foot, lift the back knee. Inhale, let your
heart radiate forward. And then exhale,
bring the palms together. Then plant. Then step the right
toes back for Plank. Find a nice, strong Plank here. One nice, long piece. (clicks tongue) (laughs) Finding length,
maybe rocking front to back to start to warm up the muscles. And then you can lower
the knees here if you like. We’re gonna lower all
the way down to the belly nice and slow, and
then inhale, Cobra. Big breath lifts you up. And exhale to
soften and come down. Beautiful big
breath lifts you up. And exhale to
soften and come down. Keep those elbows
hugging in one more time. Big breath lifts you up. And exhale, the cascade
with the breath back down. Alright, power up here. Curl the toes under. Lift the kneecaps. Tone the quads. Reach the heels
back, really reach. And then on a big inhale,
press into the palms, lift up, Plank pose,
you got this, stick with me. Inhale, stay present. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Awesome, take your
doggy for a little walk here. Warming up the body. Noticing what it feels
like to be alive today. Bring a little gratitude
in if you’re feeling tired, be thankful for this
opportunity for your body, for your breath. (exhaling and inhaling) Then step the right foot
up behind the right hand. Left foot up
behind the left hand. Walk the feet together. Inhale, halfway lift. Long, beautiful neck. Exhale to soften and bow. Inhale, reach for the sky. Spread the fingertips,
lift your heart. And exhale all the way
back down, Forward Fold, moving with your breath. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Reach the crown of
the head towards the front and then exhale, Forward Fold. Fabulous,
fingertips come to the mat. This time we’re gonna
slide the right toes back, lower the right knee down. And big inhale lifts you up. Back foot can be
pressing into the earth or toes curled
under, yogi’s choice. Reach the fingertips up. Lift up from the pelvic floor,
big breath here, smile. Full body experience and
then exhale, rain it down. And just stay here
for a couple breaths. Warming up,
stretching, awakening. Breathing. And then when you’re ready,
pull that left hip crease back, send it back, half splits. Find the left toes
pointing up towards the sky. Nice, active foot here. Press into the back foot. See if you can
make your inhalations and your exhalations longer. Conscious breathing. And rolling
through that front foot. Inhale, open the chest. Let your heart radiate forward. Lift the back knee, here we go. Bring the palms together. Then plant,
step it back to plank. Strong breath here,
press away from your yoga mat. Make sure you’re not collapsing
in the upper back body, but rather doming up
in the upper back body. Lower the knees halfway if
you need to, if you’d like to. Inhale. Then exhale, belly to
Cobra or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Moving with your breath. Big inhale to open your heart. And big exhale
to soften and bow. Curl the toes under. Press up to Plank, big breath. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Great work. Wonderful, take a
big inhale in here. Big exhale,
maybe soften the knees, lift the hip creases
up towards the sky. Great, step the right foot up. Step the left foot up,
bring the feet together. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Exhale to soften and bow. Inhale, reach for the sky. And exhale, hands to heart. Lengthen the tailbone down,
hug the lower ribs in. Stacking through the spine. Take a moment here to
just observe the breath. Then interlace the fingertips. Soft knees press into your feet,
so strong foundation here, squeeze the legs together,
zip up through the front, and press the palms forward. Now notice what’s
happening in the shoulders. Find that rotation of
the upper arm bone here, and then continue the
journey, drawing a line with your pinky all
the way up and back. Big inhale, long
puppy belly here. Ground down through the tail. Then exhale,
gentle tilt to the right. Inhale up to center. Gentle tilt to the left. Inhale up to center. Break free, have some fun. Forward Fold. (exhaling breath) Inhale, halfway lift,
move with your breath. Exhale, soften and bow. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back. And then move
through a vinyasa here. We’ll meet in Downward Dog,
so you can go Chaturanga to Up Dog, belly to
Cobra or straight to Down Dog. Creating little heat here. Stick with your breath. Give the thinking mind a break. Let the conscious
breath practice take over. In Downward Dog,
we’ll find stillness. Going through your checklist. Stay present. Great, and then
step the right foot up. Step the left foot up. Bring the feet together. Inhale, lifts you up halfway. Exhale to fold. This time bend the knees,
send the hips back. Bring the belly to
the tops of the thighs. Now don’t think about
the future, what’s happening, a little Chair Pose,
try to really stay present. Trust the practice,
trust your experience. Present in the feet. Bend the knees. Go even deeper here,
sending the hips back and we’ll counter that by
sending the fingertips forward. Stay low here. Keep your eyes on
your toes here to start as you slowly reach
the fingertips up and open up through the chest. Then breathe here,
big beach ball, so we’re not narrow here, but we keep
space in the shoulders. We’re sending the hips back. Lengthening tailbone down. Fire it up here, you got this. Big breath in. Then exhale, fold. Beautiful. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Find something new. Then exhale to release. Step the left toes back. Come to a nice, low lunge. So you have the option
to lower the back knee here as we’ve been doing. Otherwise we’ll keep it lifted, reaching that left heel
towards the back edge as we inhale all
the way up, high lunge. Take a second to
bend the back knee just to really get
your center underneath you. Then big inhale here as you
open the palms even wider, again carrying perhaps a big
beach ball up and overhead. Then straighten the back leg. Inhale,
full body experience here. Exhale, rain it down. Straighten the front let. Lift the right toes,
so a little variation of the half splits,
back heel is lifted, right toes are lifted. Both legs are straight. One breath here. And then slowly release
back down to your lunge. Beautiful, inhale, look forward. Exhale, bring
the palms together. Plant, step it back. Straight to Downward
Dog or you move through a little flow here,
so take your time, slowly building strength, creating heat in the body. Alright, big breath in. On the exhale, find a little
stillness in Downward Dog. So good for the body. Keep breathing. Soft bend in the knees,
step the right foot up. Step the left foot up. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale to fold. Stick with me, bend the knees, send the hips back. Inhale, reach the fingertips
forward, up, and back. Stay low. Get down low. Make sure you
can see your big toes and then send your
heart forward, gaze forward. Sink a little deeper,
you got this. Trust. Trust yourself,
trust the moment. Stay present. Don’t decide what’s happening
or what’s going to happen, just be in the now. Big breath. Exhale to fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Find length in the neck. And exhale, release,
step the right toes back. Keep the back
knee lifted this time. You can always
lower it as a choice. You’re in charge. Always. When you’re ready,
reach the right heel back. Connect to the
strength within your center and reach the fingertips
forward, up, and back. High lunge, bend that back
knee so you get your center right underneath you. And then when you’re ready,
straighten the back leg. And create a breath that
fully embodies this pose, so it’s just a shape until
you really embody the shape, have an experience. Big breath in. Long breath out. A big beach
ball up and overhead. Inhale in. And exhale all the way down. Straighten the front leg. Both legs are straight. Lift the left toes. Lift the back heel. Lift from the pelvic floor,
so we’re not crashing into our feet, but rather
lifting up towards the ceiling. Take one more
breath here, you got this. And then slowly
rolling through that foot, come back to your low lunge. Inhale, loop the shoulders. Heart radiates forward. Exhale, plant
the palms together. Core workout here. And then press the
palms into the earth. Step it back
straight to Downward Dog, or you can flow here,
moving with the breath. In Downward Dog,
take an inhale in. No moment like right
now to exhale, release. Fabulous, step
the right foot up. Step the left foot up. Bring the feet together. Inhale, halfway lift,
stick with me, stick with me. Exhale, fold. Stay present, bend the knees. Send the hips back, fingertips
reach forward, up, and back. Sink a little lower,
you got this. Hold onto your focus. Hold on to your
gaze, your breath. Squeeze the legs together. (inhaling and exhaling) Inhale, reach the
fingertips forward. Exhale, reach
the fingertips back. Inhale, reach the
fingertips forward. Exhale, airplane arms, palms
face down as you reach back. One more time,
inhale, reach forward, maybe sink a little lower. And then exhale, reach back. Great work,
inhale, welcome the heat. Exhale to fold and bow. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Smooth it out. Stay calm and exhale, bow. Gorgeous. Inhale, reach for the sky. Press into your feet. Move nice and slow, careful. And exhale, hands to heart. Take a second to feel it out. Feel, notice the breath, the power of your practice. The power of movement. And then we’ll slowly
bat the eyelashes open. If your eyes were closed, open, and we’ll keep
lifting up through the center plumb line here,
so don’t collapse. So stay present. All this gorgeous
work that you’ve created, stay present with that. As you lift up
through the center channel, we’ll slide the left foot back. Come to a nice high lunge here. So, you can lower
the back knee if you need a little more stability. Again, we can use this
action point of bending the left knee to bring our
centers right underneath us. Hands together at the
heart to lift the sternum up to the thumbs. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale, send the
fingertips back, airplane arms. Heart forward, looking forward, but really staying present,
strong root and foundation here in the lower body. Fingertips go down to come up. Inhale, high lunge. Exhale, airplane arms. Crown of the
head reaches forward. Nice, long line in the spine, hug the lower ribs in. Reach, reach, reach. Inhale all the
way up, you got this. Exhale, airplane arms. Strong and steady. Try to draw your
shoulder blades together here as if you’re
maybe holding a pencil between your
two shoulder blades. Pencil, not pensil. Inhale, reach for
the sky, last one. Fierce, strong, squeeze
the inner thighs together. Pinch that pencil. (laughing) Reach the fingertips back. Pinch that pencil,
that’s gonna be a good one. Inhale, reach for
the sky, we got this. Now check it out, guys. From here, I’m gonna
straighten that front leg, straighten both legs. Lift the back heel. Then exhale, slowly, slowly,
reach the fingertips forward. Pull the right hip crease back. Fingertips are gonna come
down to frame the right foot. Modified Pyramid. Breathe deep. Soften the front leg. Soften the back leg. We’ve been here before. Inhale, half splits. Exhale, step the left foot to
the right of your right foot. Criss-cross, Forward Fold. Breathe. And then slowly roll it up. Tuck the chin into the chest. Press into all four
corners of the feet. Ragdoll as you
roll all the way up. Hands come to the heart center. And without
looking, feel your feet, feel the earth, trust. This coordination so
important as we come back to Mountain Pose and
squeeze the legs together. Awesome work. Close your eyes,
observe the breath. Notice how you feel. Then keep your heart
lifted, open your eyes. Slide the right
foot all the way back, nice, high lunge. Go through your checklist. Work it out in your body. Today, what are you working on? What is your body telling you? Listen, have a
little conversation. And then when you’re
ready, send the fingertips all the way back. Energy in the hands here. Send the fingertips back. Reach crown of the head forward. So I’m wanting to continue
to work on this beautiful engagement of my core by
hugging the lower ribs in, all that beautiful
work we’ve done. Pinch that pencil. Reach, create a
full body experience. Take your time here,
keep working. And then inhale,
slowly reach the fingertips down to come up. Big breath here. Exhale, send it back. Energy in the fingertips,
right heels reaching back as the crown of
the head comes forward. Front knee over front ankle. Pull the left hip crease back. Draw energy up
from the pelvic floor. Here we go. Inhale, reach for
the sky, high lunge. Exhale, send
the fingertips back. Lengthen through
the back of the neck. Big breath in. Reach up. And exhale, send it back. Again, draw the shoulder blades
together, open your chest. Inhale, reach
for the sky, inhale. Let’s do one more on this side
and exhale, airplane arms. Squeeze the
inner thighs together. Lift up from the pelvic floor. Fabulous. Inhale, reach for the sky. This time
straighten your front leg. Woo, I bet that feels good. Energy in the
fingertips still as you reach up through your right heel. Then pull the
left hip crease back. Hug the lower ribs in. Find support,
stability from within, so move nice and
slow as you send, this is a new sending
Simba over the cliff. The modern, 2017 way. ♫ Aaaaah And then slowly, all the
way down, Modified Pyramid. Fingertips, hands
frame the left foot. Relax your head. And then when you’re
ready, soften the knees, find that
buoyancy as you inhale. Exhale, lift up, half splits. Right inner thigh
lifts up towards the sky. Right toes down. Then slowly soften
through your knees again, send the right foot to the
left side of your yoga mat, criss-cross Forward Fold. Relax the head. Then ground, connect to your
feet, and slowly roll it up. Hands come to heart. Look straight forward. Head, heart, and
pelvis in alignment as you slide the
left foot and right foot together, Mountain Pose. Great work. Deep breath in. Exhale to really ground. Fabulous. Walk your feet as
wide as your yoga mat. Toes are gonna
spill off the edge. Inhale, lift. And exhale, slowly. Knees are gonna
track over the toes, so don’t let them come in. Press into the
outer edges of the feet, all that awesome
awareness in the feet. If you need to
take the fingertips out as a little counterweight,
that’s always a good call. And we send our
centers down in space. If the heels
come up, no problemo. No problemo at all. We come into this yogi squat,
hands either on the earth or palms pressing together. Go on now and take the biggest
breath you’ve taken all day, and whatever
variation you’re in, see if you can find
length, just like you did in all your standing poses
from the crown to the tail. And there’s an acceptance
always in these squats of like, “This is where I’m at today.” It’s the same with
balancing postures, yes. It’s like okay,
there’s no hiding. Just be here now. Take one more breath. And then we’ll release
and we’ll bring the hands to the earth, and we’re
gonna walk the toes together. Knees are gonna
open nice and wide. And so we’re working
towards Bakasana, no fear. Focus forward. Length through the neck. Crown of the head has
this awareness reaching energy beyond the body, just out, so
that we’re not collapsed here. Then all this
wonderful work you’ve done in wrapping the shoulders,
opening the chest, honestly, this might
be your Crow Pose today, and I feel like it’s pretty
darn beautiful if you ask me. To go a little further,
you might practice planting the palms
thoughtfully, mindfully. Wrapping the
shoulders again, as I said, and then lifting up
through your center. Then you’re gonna walk
the knees all the way up, so you’re creating this
nice table for your knees with your arms, and a
lot of people complain about the weight on the arms. Well we’re gonna use all
that amazing inner strength we’ve cultivated in our core, but also just
energetically of lifting that, moving from a place of connect. So just rock
gently front to back. So don’t worry
about lifting your toes. Gaze is forward,
neck is nice and long. I’m not collapsing
in my shoulders or in my upper back body, but I’m using all
that work of doming through the upper
back body to play here. And then of course,
to each his own, we’ll rock a
little front to back. Stay focused on the breath. And there’s my creaky old floor. And then maybe we lift one toe. And then the other. Maybe you one day work
to straighten the arms, but just play a little
here, and if you notice that you stop breathing,
that’s a good sign to release, check in,
and start with buoyant breath once again. So play here a little bit. We’re clawing
through the fingertips. We’re finding that
suctioning up through the palm. Just a couple
moments of playtime here. Don’t get frustrated. Just stay present. Gaze forward. Draw the navel
inward and upward. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Life is good. Press into your fingerprints. (breathing) And we’ll meet
back in that squat. Take your time. Great work. So fierce, fearless. And so, sometimes it’s really
not about mastering the pose, right, in fact, can
I say, “All the time?” It’s about how do you
deal with your frustrations? How do you
celebrate the joyful feelings? How do you celebrate
the not so joyful feelings? Swim the fingertips around. Come on down to your back. Come on down to Yoga Town. I almost called this whole
thing Yoga Town by the way, but opted for the Revolution. So, our inside
title can be Yoga Town. Come to your back,
knees up towards the sky. When you get there,
snuggle the shoulder blades underneath the heart space,
and walk the heels in for Bridge Pose. Grab the outer edges of
your mat or really just root the hands down to the earth. And then press
into your foundation. Start at the tail, here we go. Imagine you’re squeezing a
block between your inner thighs, so keep the knees stacked
over the ankles best you can and lifting up
through the chest. You can interlace
the fingertips behind or keep a grip on your yoga
mat, or palms to the earth. Big breath here. And then lift your
chest to your chin. And then lift
your chin to the sky. Should feel amazing in your
lower, the cervical spine, your lower part of your neck. (laughs) It’s hard to talk
and do yoga sometimes. Press into your
foundation, again the action is to lift the
chest to the chin gently and then gently lift the
chin to the sky, gaze up. One more breath. Squeeze that imaginary
block between your legs. And then release,
break fee, free (laughs). Break fee, and
slowly roll it down. Wonderful, open the knees wide. Bring the soles
of the feet together. Left hand comes to the heart,
right hand to the belly. These two deep
places of listening. Close your eyes. Take a big inhale,
and on an exhale, relax the weight of your body completely and fully, nice work. Really no words could
describe how amazing it is that we are doing
yoga together right now, that we are
doing 31 days of yoga, that we are
carving out time and space to do the work, so that
we can move through life with ease and with love. Feeling empowered
and capable of healing or dealing with what life throws at us. You can stay here or you
can slowly begin to extend the legs long, maybe
windshield wiper the toes. Then you can open the arms. If your body’s craving a
little hug or a little twist, anything at all, take time
now to listen to your body. If you’re ready for
stillness, relaxation, take a deep breath in and
use your exhale to surrender. Surrender to that
which you cannot control. Don’t be afraid. Do the work. Be the best version of yourself. And trust that all will be well. Or as mom says,
“Everything is as it should be.” I’ll see you tomorrow. We have an
awesome practice tomorrow, but for now enjoy the gifts and relish in the
sensations of today. (lively orchestral
and chiming music) Namaste.

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  1. TODAY was a challenge for me, when it came to finding the time to do day 15 of the yoga revolution, but I got to the mat in the afternoon after attending a ladies luncheon where a guest speaker was a Yoga Instructor, who gave us tools on how to breath and who guided us through meditation for at least 10 minutes. Everything, I learnt from the Yoga Instructor in the time span, really tuned me in to understanding this yoga revolution challenge when it comes to connecting to your breathing. I couldn't wait to get home and tune into day 15, and put into practice what was spoken and this time around, I was counting my breathing through the nose and exhaling through the mouth on each movement. I am finally understanding the wellness side of what yoga can give someone and being on a journey where I am wanting to improve my wellbeing due to my breast cancer journey, I am finally connecting the dots.

    At the start of my breast cancer journey, I was tuned into wellness but I never thought that it was going to be a journey that I would have been taking, but with health issues rearing its head after finishing cancer treatment and not coping with daily life because of fatigue and being diagnosed with new health problems, I had to find myself doing something and this path that lead to yoga is really making me think more about myself and the process of trying to improve myself both mentally and physically, and so this revolution is the thing that I needed. It gives me purpose when it comes to centring on my own wellness. I am taking each day at a time and I am not over exerting myself to the point that I am losing motivation. Taking one session a day pushes me to switch on the day after, and I have gotten myself in such a routine that I do look forward to 30 minutes where I close the door, make a connection to my inner self and find peace and serenity at the end.

    My mind is still clicking over when I am on the mat, and I do try and clear my mind of thoughts, but instead of thinking of tomorrow, I was thinking about what was to follow after the 30 minutes was up. I am using the time on the mat to connect to myself and to challenge myself while being mindful but at the same time, my mind is still clicking over.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow and a new challenge.

  2. not gonna lie, today's, and the past three days' practices have been really difficult for me, but i'm not giving up. I will get better.

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  9. My muscles are super sore today so half the time I had to stop and stretch but I think that was okay. Forgive and love yourself.

  10. Although I couldn't hold my crow pose for more than a millisecond I definitely feel like I've gained confidence in my arms and balance, I felt like I almost got it!!!! I'm so happy 🙂 <3

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  17. 2018 Yoga: Day 42 – June 17

    Struggling to hold the poses actually helped me forget about my worries and problems and brought me to the present, even for just 30 minutes. Your message about fear – that it comes from us either dwelling in the past or worrying about the future – has hit me hard. I am in the not-so-joyful phase in my life right now and fighting depression. Sometimes, when I am watching your videos, I wonder how you remain optimistic all the time. I wish I can do that and not let anyone affect my mentality, but it is a cruel world out there. I am tired of feeling this way. But I will keep trying my best to stay in the moment, to be grateful for the life I live, to be fearless and fierce (maybe not now, but someday), that I can breathe and do things with my body, like yoga. That I have a family, good friends, and a patient and understanding hubby. Thanks for the reminder, Adriene. Keep shining your light, especially to us that need it the most.

  18. i love this. any suggestions for someone with a couple of new hips and a knee. i have a difficult tie doing the squats, getting low, also balance is an issue as my right leg has far less muscle mass than my left.

  19. There are no words to describe my transformation really….but to say letting go of fear has been one of my biggest battles thus far! I thank you!!! Peace and love!

  20. i loved this video and the revolution so much, i’m very active but when i do cardio or i run my knees hurt, i can do the squats but it hurt my knees so badly to do the crow and the low squats. does anyone know anything to help?

  21. my legs are really painful and weak today, both at the joints and into the muscles and I had to face deep instinctive fears to injure myself, to fall, not being able to follow etc.Definitely a day with fibromyalgia really present but at least I stumbled the best I can to the end.

  22. Throughout the practice, I wanted to just call it quits for the day BUT I continued to push, taking 5 sec breaks when I felt like it hurt too much. I was thinking about the hurt in my feet and how I felt weaker but then we got to the crow pose and my arms actually held me up! It was SO brief but in that moment I felt the core and arm strength and I was thankful that I continued. I know my legs still need strength but I also know that this is working and my body is changing! THANK YOU for allowing me the chance to experience it!

  23. Hey Adriene! It is day 15 ! This series is absolutely a revolution ! I can’t describe how happy and proud I am to work with you, to listen to your advices and to your words that make me love my body and my soul everyday more !
    I am thankful to simply BE !
    Thank you so much for everything 😊
    Can’t wait for the awesome day 16.
    See you tomorrow
    Namaste 🙏❤️

  24. This practice could not have come at a better time for me. I have severe panic disorder and much of it is centered around traveling. I have to travel to Chicago next week so needless to say I've been absolutely FILLED with fear recently. I'll be repeating this practice leading up to my trip as a reminder to move through life fearlessly, because there is nothing I can't do. Thank you, Adriene 💓

  25. I’m back at 100 percent today and I put my all into this practice. I kinda struggled with no energy for two days and mapped out the movements and went into child’s pose when I needed to, but I was a different yogi today. Very strong. And mapping out the poses helped me to understand what I was doing today. I didn’t manage crow pose yet, but your words were so empowering… who knows, crow pose may be around the corner for me. I see a few people are managing in the comments and that’s wonderful! I said this before, but I can’t wait to see where I am in a year or so. I’ve been feeling the difference in my body and I feel my shape changing a bit, and I’m definitely becoming more open. Namaste 🙏🏾

  26. Felt the burning of muscles in my legs😂😂😂. Was a able to balance the body on my hands for a few milliseconds, Lol…!!!

  27. Can't believe I could do this without collapsing, could lift my toes and find balance in my upper body, wow! one of the best feelings ever, thanks Adriene 🙂

  28. If you want some heat in your yoga this is the one for you, this is just the sort of yoga we love. As always thank you Adriene.

  29. I actually nearly naturally rocked into crow by accident today!! My left foot came off the ground and to rest on my arm as if it was the most natural thing ever, I didn't even realise until it was there… I'm so happy with that progress as crow scares me a bit!

  30. I love your approach, style, teaching so much Adriene – THANK YOU! I have to say that I really do wish you included a proper savasana at the end of each class though. I'd much prefer the classes be 2-5mins longer and have a chance to lie and 'be' at the end. I know I can always pause the video but that interrupts the relaxation and if I don't pause then youtube immediately takes me to the next noisy video and it's impossible to relax! It's also nice to have the savasana included in the class because (I find) I stay in the 'zone' much better when it's integrated and there's guidance…. just an idea anyway. not a complaint! loving this series and grateful for all you do xx

  31. Wow, I loved this! I felt some fear creep in at the beginning of the video, and counteracted it by breathing, staying present and saying to myself " I am fearless". Throughout this practice, I focused on the present moment especially when I felt my body heating up and all that prana building … ahhh I feel awesome!
    Namaste <3

  32. Well I held the crow for a few seconds then burst into happy tears!!💗I don’t know what’s going on but I love it!! Thank you

  33. So Im fat, over 50, menopausal, and have arthritis in my knees… that *&#$*#@ crow pose aint happening. Hell I was tearing up from pain in those squats. I finally just fell into extended childs pose and tried not to beat myself up for it. Then you called for bridge pose! Arrgh! Cmon give us fat girls a chance! Lol But I did it (albeit a very low bridge) and I did fairly well at the rest of the practice, too so overall, it was a successful practice. You definitely push my limits! And sorry for those names I called you when squatting, and again in bridge. Practice #105 complete!

  34. Loving the Revolution series! The practices are short and fun yet they make me sweat. Perfect for the season, as my mood and energy lift with the returning sun 🙂

  35. This Year, I started with Dedidate, then True and I'm now on Revolution and I gotta say, REVOLUTION KICKS THE BADDEST BUTT! This one was simply amazing!

  36. Hey, Adriene, Just wanted to say I’m still here, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this thing after a couple months… I start to do the next motion before you get the words out! And speaking of words, you are right. There are no words. (And I’m a writer, among other things… In fact I’ve been penning a long long letter in my head for a couple months now, I speak of gratitude and wisdom, how this is one of the pieces of the puzzle that has made my life finally complete, just in time for my 48th birthday! Did I say 48th? I meant 28th…38th?/you get the idea;) Thank you for the joy and peace and power. “Adriene the yoga conduit”.

  37. Hardest one for me so far, I have iffy balance and I am overweight with large thighs. The crossed ankles pose pulled something in one of my legs and I wasn't even close to getting my feet side by side. I had to improvise and did some downdogs and pigeon poses while you wne on with crow. Still love it, but I have so far to go, and I don't think I will ever have slim yoga thighs, not in my genes, so some poses just will never happen. Thanks for pushing me to widen my limits. And now the pull in my shin is already waning. I will be ready for tomorrow.

  38. This practice was fun! Getting more fearless when it comes to crow pose, still just one foot up in the air and one toe on the mat on the other foot, but it's getting closer!

  39. Gratitude unexpressionable… is that even a word.. it will only be shown through the Ever Growing Expanding Evolution, with each day, aside Adrienne, and a prayer sent out Far and Wide. Namaste!

  40. I sweated so much I couldn't even place my legs in my arms into the crow pose, but that is entirely okay 🙂
    I learned I need to pay more attention to what I put inside my body too. New day, new lesson.

  41. I loved today. I think I will repeat it, just to prolong the 31 days and because it was great. I always have a million things to say then by the end my mind is just saying — namaste– mahalo Adriene and fam.

  42. I have done crow pose many times but this was the first time that I felt to have found the right spot for my arms and legs to touch.
    And yes, I'm doing this in 2019.

  43. Wowza! What a fabulously yummy practice. I had to slow you down to 75%, though, because I began to hyperventilate trying to keep your breathing pace! I can only imagine how challenging it is to “call” the practice while also doing the practice and I am so grateful for this channel where I can control these details. You rock, Adriene. Love your show!!

  44. Suddenly crow feels more possible than ever before! Wow this was a present practice! Namaste to all valuable yogis out there <3

  45. Hi Adriene 😊 Day 108 today!!!! Soo in LOVE with yoga!! Feeling blessed and grateful. Namaste my friend ,wishing you a beautiful day!! With love and gratitude ✌💖

  46. Good grief! One challenging pose after another. I started this video yesterday and finally gave up at about the 23 minute mark. Most of the time, these practices fly by. This video crept. I couldn't believe I wasn't at the end. Today I started at the beginning and went all the way through. It was still difficult, but I was in a better head space to meet the challenge. So here's to meeting your limits and trying again!

  47. day 15 in books ……this was just awesome…the 30 minutes of yoga are always the best time period of the whole day…

  48. Started with 30 days, dedicate, true and now on two weeks of revolution, and hell yeah! Revolution makes you sweat till you are dehydrated.

  49. I just wanna say that revolution is the most challenging for me and I’m doing it still because I feel so great after but today I did this on cement beside a pool and I felt so pooped I could only try crow for a few seconds and then childs pose ensued… I had to drive a few hours later and my body felt much better sitting for a long period… That being said.. I really love that this is one of the most challenging physical things I’ve done and I love it. Namaste

  50. Thank you Adriene for the nice yoga video I didn’t get to see your dog in the video I hope he’s 👌🧘‍♀️ always

  51. This is roughly day 82 for me. I’m 59 and trying to get ready for a big hike next summer. Getting better at many of the poses, but almost anything that requires much in the way of balance? 😝 ayiyiyi…..

  52. lmao I almost fell asleep at end of the practice, an advertising made me realize that the practice had come to the end.

  53. I've completed the 30 day Journey and True – Revolution is by far the hardest of those three and I'm really enjoying the extra challenge. Thanks so much for putting together all of these series and pushing me to expand my limits.

  54. I really like how you explain things, the vibration of your sentences. 🙂
    I started to collect my favourite quotes from your videos, they are really worthy!

    Thes are from today's practice:

    And fear often takes over when you are not actually paying attention to what our body, our heart is saying. Have you ever caught yourself doing something, and you're like, 'Why ami I doing this? I know this isn't good for me, I dont need this, I dont want this. It's a habitual thing."

    Don't think about the future, what's happening, "a little chair pose", try to stay present. Trust the practive, trust your experience. Don't decide what's happening or what's going to happen, just be in the now.

    PS.: Since 50 days 95% (except 1-3 days) I practice yoga every morning with your videos.
    I really like the style of your teaching. Thank you for the videos and your personality! 🙂

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