hey guys Jan what's up dude and welcome back to another video today we are playing escape the giant fat man we played so many Abhi's lately and we're becoming professionals by smashing your whole drooly face right into the subscribe guy get all the drool out of your mouth and on to that subscribe button drool all over just like the giant fat man over there just like you and you need actually yeah you have the same haircut in real life the same shirt in the game ok let's just say looking at right now is kind of weird he actually kind of looks like me yes he does oh my god it's made right before we start to go inside you whoa it must be huge in there we know we've been we've been here for like five minutes and from the video and deke Lynn's been trying this for five minutes no she's been trying so hard but her head keeps falling off it happens like every minute sometimes she jumps this way you got this girl alright we have to we have to stay here to motivate her for at least one jump we're to go together okay you go girl let's do this together oh by the way look when we flip oh we're all flipping yeah she's flying let's go yeah all of us together I think she's playing on a potato she like glitches and flies through there look at the bottle it spilled a soda bottle it's really dark color drinking I know is it poison is that why it's killing us it looks like hard you know how like when you like leave soda and like you put something in it you leave for like a week it like kills that thing yeah what no no no there's like this favorite if you put like something in soda like it Oh like dissolve it it's like literal acid hitting theta if you put a mouse in there it'll be bones within a week who does what kind of person that wasn't me this guy's like Jan he's she's like I don't wanna watch that bad you don't even use a penny just put the eggs on the rusty stove I know it's probably gotta be some kind of health code violation or something right all right so we have these cool-looking checkpoints but this is a race so I'm salami racing right now huh oh did you see that jump like a boss try to copy all right you got this you got this right cheer for me okay let's go Jim I feel like it's never helps at all I make the jump far away winning salami bridge wait it's not look like he's cooking poop on the snow pitchforks made me die I did not you did did you hear it it was gross it sounded like you like a cook yes on the stove you think all right so you walk over the poop onto the pitchforks okay so jump on the fruit roll-ups more bacon all right more for roll-ups and then oh it's burgers hamburger me they don't look burnt they're supposed to look like that look really Burton disgusting see look at this hamburger does it not look like the best burger ever oh yeah I'm okay wait look around like a school lunch oh yeah look the drinks spilled over there's a school lunch ever look this good no never like I've never eaten a school lunch before I was always too scared I'm never happy in a school you literally never had literally never ate a school lunch before why I still like seven straws coming out of this drink who need me up there I didn't even move where are you you did alright can you stop dying oh wait for me it's not a competition anymore this is really important guys they can help lower cholesterol so honey nut cheerios whole greg's are really important that you eat those for breakfast okay okay okay remember that forever yeah all right jump over the straws onto this house Oh whoo that was close huh jump try to mess me up what are you doing to my hand boy let's avoid the flaming meatballs look this flaming balls in front of us oh my god these paws are really hot too bad you're the hottest balls I've ever seen Gettys the what the spaghetti I think it's the job could it be get me the jump yeah okay yeah try to make the job try to if I get where jet is maybe I can get her to fall you killed me alright it's on this is a race right okay yeah all right bye Oh winning you're not winning I'm winning oh oh look there's a pizza slicer over here great so we go this way we have to climb off no we don't yeah we do look there's a secret yes it is not the way that I'm winning right now oh you're right oh so we can't jump on the mushroom no jumbo wait where am I no I never got winning so bad oh all right the tomato killed me I'm not exactly sure what we're allowed to jump on I don't really know the peppers okay alright so the green bag what is the green thing asparagus see this is a pepper oh that's a pepper yes it's asparagus I think I think we have to jump onto this I did jump in the middle so maybe for now so I jumped on the tomato it killed me oh oh no the alum is not okay what about baby that mushroom is okay okay so all the random stuff is okay then we drop on to the asparagus again okay and then the tomato Matsu alright the tomato then asparagus asparagus back to the tomahto and then we climb up the french fries ooh it what's wrong to slice of pizza and look weird look weird this is like the cheesiest we are you okay I've nailed through his hand why don't his hands work oh we have to go this way Oh onto a sausage fingers sausage finger thumb oh and then be climb up to drool ten to see the view of his face he's one sexy man you can see this guy this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen mmm nice teeth no doesn't hey we're going right in there I don't know if I want to can you go first oh my gosh I mean we–you are you I'm just sitting his mouth there's a person in here Oh could we jump on their head okay so I'm on the cookie up on their head the person he ate somebody apparently okay here I go this way what is that a ham law I don't know what I think these are legs over the next checkpoint okay okay I'm right behind you okay disgusting come here come here no I'm not smelling it I mean it's just chocolate don't worry alright so going up his bone alright so pretty easy so that we just climb over here Oh bro what are these wigs thing they're Twizzlers yeah oh this looks easy we just go onto these oh okay onto the platforms huh super long jump didn't quite make it did I I'll wait for you here okay oh so you're not racing me right now oh actually I am oh you are here there was a question mark we probably have to clean my bed it says looks like work we are on our way out touch this yellow brick to run down so that's what you polish it already wait I just died so bad all right we have to shut it again that was awesome oh you just keep jumping it's actually hard you know in the other escape pods like it's just like this long thing this would we actually have to like be skillful there we go what then angle yourself just in time what I did it I know how to do it no if I could do this wait watch me we're gonna go at the same time with the one it's so easy okay alright so are you learning to rage a little bit I'll show you what you need to do Mike I really do okay tell me what I want what everything jumping in a fat man yeah all right Johnny I went too soon all right I'm gonna kill myself yet you don't you can stop there for a second oh you can't wait you can't yeah that's why I thought I would keep moving all right so you go like this then you jump stop oh line yourself up then jump okay I know you did you were pretending like you killed yourself by by purpose do you think this at all by purpose you pretending to kill yourself by purpose alright that's how I was an accident most is you made it laughs okay alright just wait for me it's easy it's easy how do you spell easy easy hey no it's easy why all right let's go alright I'm waiting for you on his oyster coming what is this that were ice this is his gallbladder and then there's the pancreatic oh wait keeps going oh no it does oh oh walked onto it greet what's this great stuff oh oh okay you made it okay I figured out what the green stuff was joy sauce yeah why is it green chili sauce is great I don't know why am i dying over and over again all right I feel like I feel like I'm losing the line here all right oh oh oh oh I'm making it or I hate I'm gonna be a little bit behind I'm gonna wait for you here all right wait up just a little tiny bit behind you okay where are you I don't see you waiting for you go up oh you can ice up the Bell you're gonna least look down to watch me okay avoid the red all right you know I figured we would avoid that here right there to avoid the red look what you make me do it oh it's like that thing Oh oh my gosh that was amazing wait because it's not bugged like it was another one that we did oh we do we win I don't think we can get the Pats over here right yes all right so does that mean we can fly oh wait how do we do it all right remember grab the paths okay they click the numbers okay wait these D these are the paths right yeah so just grab why am i bad at this I just died all right so you got your path and you're flying how do I grab it oh yeah I'm okay oh you got the paths okay I actually I just realized if you die there you end up back in the area who do you have to go through the thing again making an ice bath alright wait I'm gonna grab a yellow one I want to go over to the man over here I'm calming can we go are you over to his body yeah alright I'm gonna go lay it on his nose he really does have the same haircut as van no he does I'm coming down hello we're in his hair it's so nice Harry I mean here it's very oily well yeah there's not a pizza oh wait wait I'm gonna go out his nose oh this is perfect Oh oh my god I got the perfect spot yeah big nostrils wait can you really see a bit yes you know it looks weird you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to leave a like also don't forget to subscribe to see more videos like this and we'll see you guys next time I think you were way for me to say that you

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  1. So Jen and pat we all love you guys so much and you guys are so fun and I love you guys

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