Roblox | Molly And Daisy Get Super Fat | Fat Simulator Game

Roblox | Molly And Daisy Get Super Fat | Fat Simulator Game

the toy heroes yay be sure to subscribe and hit that notification valve for all three of our channels the toy heroes the toy heroes games and gaming wit they see oh my gosh I have a giant body and a tiny baby head hey tell your fans welcome to the fat simulator guys all of my favorites are here that can make you super fat McDonald's Burger King Arby's Wendy's and Carl's jr. haha and right now someone left something delicious right here and I'm going to eat it hopefully um I don't have a shrunken head after I eat lots of cheeseburgers Daisy why are you talking so funny sound so funny talk like normal though really okay Miley I talk like normal but why our heads so small why is your body so big oh my gosh you're gigantic I know I've been eating a lot of tacos I see that Daisy I see Oh pizza who wants pizza I do yum yum yum yum getting super fat I'm getting super fast I'm getting super getting super getting super fast to meet you I'm good to tell you it to attack led to give me a command you Daisy are you seriously trying to get that girl oh look it's my uh McDonald oh here she comes cuz she comes okay I gotta get her too boom boom boom boom okay come here she's super fast when you're this fat you're super slow I tell my Miley uh-uh get him to think okay Daisy okay okay eat the hot dog you're gonna be giant Lee epic after this you mean epically giant Miley yeah okay I'm making mistakes because look at the size of my brain it's really small Miley damn taco black co2 oh what a guy would want to eat that come here come here I want to eat you Oh we're gonna go okay wait it's up here yum yum yum look at his delicious taco wow that was so good yum yum yum yum yum yum them overall fatness for guys I'm gonna go into the store and see if I can buy anything else Oh two times the fatness oh yeah I'm totally buying two times the fatness okay now I need this taco I should be twice as fat oh I'm getting super thirsty maybe I should have something to drink mmm delicious time to go find my epically fat sister hey dumpy food Marley it's okay in this game desi oh why is this guy beating me up okay that's it it's clobbering time whoa whoa whoa whoa who's that behind me oh here I come here I come tasy your head isn't getting any bigger it's still tiny I told my leave what is quick guide this guy's trying to eat McDonald's right now yeah let's turn this guy into it's a go I believe this guy is attack Co I want to get a taco – oh I wish I could move faster so slow OMG yum yum yum hey quit beating me up what what's going on don't be rude oh my gosh she's still trying to beat me up get him Daisy he turned me into a taco Daisy oh my gosh she just got me I got eaten as a taco oh now I'm way back down to this really I'm gonna go pick up some food okay I got some hamburgers cheeseburgers tacos don't even try it I'm a lot bigger than you haha come here you people move really fast look there's Daisy over there she's like so fat huh come here everybody I need to turn you into tacos oh that guy just took one hit at Mandy's you turned me into a taco that quick holy moly the big guys are gigantic I think I'm gonna go over here and eat some cheeseburgers see if I can get even fatter I was just trying to like turn people into oh my gosh she's got a burrito I want that just don't understand why your head stays so small but look at how giant my power of the unicorn shirt is huh never ate some pizza overall fatness 4.45 Kevin attack Oh yum yum yum yum yum delicious taco in my tummy yum yum yum yum do I look any bigger yeah oh my gosh that guy is huge I need to run I feel like he's after me oh he's got a huge hamburger too oh there's another huge guy oh my gosh what is that guy doing I don't even know I'm gonna go over here and hide actually sorry buddy I really I really need to get you because I need you to turn into a taco don't be mad okay boom boom bam ba-bam bam but bye-bye boom hey he's mine give him to me oh I got I got both of them yeah uh-oh somebody's after me I'm not good Hey Oh No Oh what happened oh wait here's somebody here's somebody that I've turned into a hot dog can I pick him up no only if you got him yourself okay maybe I just need a lot of hot dogs I don't know what else to do you guys just eating a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers and stuff because literally um I just got somebody hi buddy whoa Daisy you're gigantic not really I'm still working on you this game is kind of funny like oh my gosh I was gonna say this game it's really funny because all you do is give fat is anybody else notice that giant baby over there yeah I'm going over there cuz this looks so silly yeah that's definitely a giant baby please don't beat me up I just want to go over here don't beat me up okay stop don't baby up oh yeah yay I move like a sloth baby what are you doing oh you need at least one shrink to enter fatty land let me go to fatty land yum yum yum yummy and my tummy okay okay I can't shrink I want to shrink so bad so I can go to fatty land but nope I can oh oh here comes somebody who wants to fight me go away please stop it Daisy help me this guy's after me all I want to do is eat a cheeseburger and he's chasing me Daisy I think we might need to stick together look Molly there's a Domino's and it Encanto nuts whoo Dunkin Donuts I love those hey Daisy I have an idea but is it Miley let me beat you up so that I can eat you as a cheeseburger Marley no way come on Daisy just once okay I need to grow bigger okay fine just kidding Daisy oh my gosh the same time that didn't work out so good if whatever if you just stayed still Daisy geesh whatever Miley not whatever Daisy she just stayed still saying it can you okay I'm not gonna have enough shrinks to get to fatty land in this game I have to keep eating eating eating eating off the cheeseburgers game getting so fat Oh Erin and ice cream hmm okay now we're really talking delicious yum yum yum yum yum chocolate and vanilla okay if you're gonna come over here and try to beat me up that's not gonna work I'm gonna beat you up boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom yes okay sorry about that but I'm totally gonna have to eat your taco now yeah oh my gosh how many okay right now my overall fatness is 5% I want to get it up to 10% then you weren't a shrink and you can go to fatty land I feel like it's gonna take me forever I might have to get a happy meal guys yep definitely gonna have to yeah you didn't go up that much I need one more there are only five robots so they're not that bad besides it's a happy meal what did I say it says eat this for a huge fat and power game um more ice cream guys if you play this game before it is super fun okay yes I know I need one shrink to enter co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co what's this an awesome burrito oh yeah throw them back some burritos right now just eating a lot of burritos look at my little hands just eating eating eating eating eating eating eating eating so many burritos I want to go to fatty land before this video is over I need to eat some more happy meals YUM oh I'm so close guys should I get another happy meal I'm gonna do it here I go YUM really only five robots so almost a fan eland okay one more happy meal probably more like three happy meals thank good is the only cause five robux YUM more happy meals well I don't know if I ate the last one now I have two of them okay what should I eat next more tacos no burritos give you a lot more fatness yum yum yum yum yum where's Daisy Daisy what is it Molly Oh Daisy you're gigantic Daisy if you order a happy meal you get better faster money can you imagine that in real life for my goodness you'd be really fat YUM Molly I have to I'm glad and beat this guy off so that I can get big ha ha ha yeah in this game if you if you pop somebody else and then they turn into a taco and you eat them you basically you basically get to get even fatter oh my gosh guys okay now I'm just eating like tons of stuff because I'm almost able to go to fatty land think I just need to get 10 to be able to shrink and yeah I bought like 30 ro bucks worth of Happy Meals just so that I could show you guys fatty land you can't go to fatty land unless you're at ten I think you need to have one shrink I'm almost there oMG overall fatness almost ten guys yes okay can I can I answer you need at least one shrink to enter okay um menu I want one shrink okay let me go oh my gosh you shrunk me down I'm like so tiny now and everything's blurry I don't know what's going on right now can't see anything Oh what happened to me Daisy help with swag Marlee um well I shrunk it down and now I can't see anything I'm like blind I'm I was fat and I got skinny and I'm blind whoa Miley that sounds so bad um tornado fence let me know in the comment section below what is going on right now cuz I have no idea why I'm so blurry are you guys still there I can't even see you hello guys anyway guys don't forget to subscribe to the Toyotas channel when we put out awesome videos just like this one every single day huh oh my gosh I hope I can see you again soon Miley I can't see anything me either Daisy I don't know what this is all about but it's super crazy okay till your offence we'll see you tomorrow Wow I ran into the wall hey toy eurofins don't forget to subscribe to the toy heroes channel and check out these other super cool fun toy heroes videos

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  1. I hate how they make songs about robux it's like their telling kids to get robux and some kids cant have them (like my little sister) and I find how Daisy talks like that it's obviously her acting that young and it's annoying. I understand that this is for younger children but the robux thing needs to stop

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