Romina bumps into Leon | Kadenang Ginto Recap

Romina bumps into Leon | Kadenang Ginto Recap

innocence wa la ilaha illa llah hardened lava lake say 'aha Mila cuckoo honey bunny and that includes in the car Paris since indian-american okusama power even to say on coaching Nabokov just call it a donation for the less fortunate se na se na de nada de la mundo entanglement manassas again papa kya epidemic Allah God I'm only starting feminine and in the hottie legal hunger indica Takuma Cap'n Paco cackling anymore and I say Oh que la mattina better in a magenta level signal una botella versus an abelian para pagar did I know its importance is darker than me I'll see what I can do Carlos but as you know that's a boy hey make up anything I just have come back to me – Astley workout I don't quit missus abhi Molina our American burger right now mrs. Mondragon they come in the garden of nominal managers or higher-ups for deposition my Mona train depot consider my employees for that payroll we can still reconsider you topic aluminum Moscow in the nominal Muhammad Ali Mohammed a supposition oh he lives I gave my bad minimun McGee in Cass's opinion mattered and ascendant company McCarran alpha to let me know as we all know say unit similar success and Camilla sardines for salamat PO in dealing demand on a trabajar moon to lose a leg a memo in Playa de Parma and I can confirm you were happy to hear that pero right now will help open a position but still he open upon Nacional para McManaman tell you just in case I see papaya gaya sila my separate iconic maxi enemy keeps cold Erica LG Cassie environments and Megatron ahora para who in the Ohio retirement okay mommy no indeed a Fatima selamat malam purpose of America cinnamon taneema Manila lapin Couture legitimized into the colossal apparent is could you believe in her gaze Blandon padam padam lava to Casa de Casas here yes we saw her with her freak friends in Kazan Russia what well I guess because I've been covered in satellite guidance a lot saner than a senior high school see the cyclist I knew I am the flames I'm Ivan Emanuel Ax I check today's standards ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Rosati para que llamo Paco attenberger are also London in a posh cinnamon cardamom Megara tobacco sipping bansa or Cape Omaha by dentition dito ka po Kosovo evaporation Parramatta pod copper in women of America hindi lang Papa rockin perineum post article and if you will give me a chance port hinting indica Queen Cersei young well we're done for today Malala mama book us and this is channel boy okay thank you thank you so much for seeing him like a young kupuna but I tell you my new home at the party Manhattan adapt oh it will be an honor for me boo boo Maggie's color palette of Maxwell if papaya can opponents you are our Maxwell prime student based on their reactions and somewhat benefit the more I'll be seeing you again during this video thank you so much miss principal thank you so much for I'm doing a petition for Cassie about what Ksenia shipping another similar Brenda bath and main purpose done is to send representatives from Maxwell Salon des aramas strengthening bonds between the campuses a ionian go Indian causes sales facie push when your scholarship Blanc don't stress about it I'll help you with that Pat the wagon cream appearance by Teresa issue there and if doesn't work I'll find another way thanks mom dad heat olive oil add mustard stain Oh No thank you so much dad it defeats the purpose of winning Maxwell Prime prestigious an award they thought he'll impossible summer polyphonic I hit nine on battery it is also what connects this campus a campus to Maxwell London don't you think it's a bit selfish nagar win a long-term scholarship bomb school and hassle a lady toe compared say some bad I agree Society Daniela unfair Paris among students and Maxwell Messiah and Nicosia Malik importunity Nealon yes super a sample and Maxell provided in Kalamazoo soon all the relevant Lezama tastic rates for what nothing Ragna mensalão mob would find a policy now minimal of nominee to school there's a money management I'm really sorry about this Cassie fellow decidin avoid when they approve a scholarship I'm sorry Cassie Ramallah parents and students than the Graceland issue against it my point in amman salah now it defeats the purpose of max all prime students and errands for Singapore see now I didn't yell at my couple birth cuz someone merciless a grupo de la silla hindi koala bear koala latin america buddy Joe Finnegan Muhammad Ali laughs are so good at doing in demon getting stop us if no Minami Magog oh ah ha ha some things are just not into because you enter Jannah close cylinder so much so for you at example a I'm looking out the door an apple books like I didn't feel it is ever used to be a better singer than a selfie sumantra sorry unions and you really think a kabuki booster you are way out of my league and another posilutely tada I am a man and I not submit them so we're gonna Monica's integer smart it's a superb side you break1 while I'm young I guess Kayla animal kind of the funny noise Oh God Hado booty kappa McCoy passado weekly speed manual way Noah ba-da-la-la-la-la would you do pero pero ha ha ho an embeddable t-shirt are you asking my couch guy a peroxide leopard gecko BAM Aladdin on TNT the opposite at the million rock side unless my atom can be nominal and I no no no problemo Nadia Martina check the avocados at all I mean Martin only rocks an empty bar money to finance economy or they're really hiding something oh my god and the moon will and place a little Cory people here Samantha it's for the Elysee Palace McCarthy solution is a band-aid and Parma possibly just a school night yeah that's a better disappear on a straw glad Oh golly and inaudible maybe Sibylla NOLA PD token okay exclusive couple of melanoma golem or paint even open a kid up on Danny girl and attend upon me the cigarette acaba heart and hope of Mahna Mahna Mahna d come to sleep to skip everybody leader and the rest destroy it screw my name is aqua giving so comparable in the dissertation I see Caleb a time Matata he should return in the Himalayan Anghiari party since I visited that are you are the pile gundemar Gaiman Nadeau Latour Anupa Bangor nothing oh la Santa Anita there'll be local doctor my kid I'm making a gordita well Norman may be no sublime Antonio's attempt we see cashes in mr. Pappas enema horrible bergna Maxwell and supporting Poseidon I am concerned about the scholarship but daily bow bow hunter again totally on fire Wow all eyes on you but then Marga forgets to say well I never like a CD to the school : for your attention in they should bow down to the Queen they should show respect isn't it too much lemon I mean like now you're the queen even too much is it enough for me I love anime I said I don't anymore so my god I am a jelly monster see my caucus a monetization salesperson of aggressive is marshal Tito fuzzy [Applause] congratulations for moving up to grade 12 everyone as you can see we have three new scholars here in our class Nanae duck duck goose a class in a pen Casandra Mondragon Michael Sarmiento and Roxanne mokuba Vanessa given sagina de trabajo [Applause] miss but popular Muhammad Ali ami interview in our poll sign-up Adamo hello yes ma'am I'll be there in a minute I think 60 Papa Theresa Riggi mudita sir Maxwell McGregor synonym an exhibition by October 22 sir Maxwell main Aliquippa no signage la basura pension book markup R&D Menomonee Leila Allam bonamana about McCulloch who in the action okay I'm gonna go put a fire on the bottom a couple Iike for you pick – sir Maxwell kahi drama here we do have the natural foundation integrated school unum affiliate school in a master for the less fortunate it still offers the same education the same instructors but for scholars and literally unisys in campus it may be a different school passing but it is still an actual school pyramus with us and standards people at make portal agreed natal Putonghua rich are you accepting the challenge yes promised principal ready papazilla had me pack particular pimp a Carell Co there's nothing he can do permit police equality tamerica earth param flout the proto Panasonic Anita so child the case you don't realize that it came back to hell right eco policeman a volunteer and ki walk move OCCC in Saco honorable boy Damon ers are you oh no my America but Nikita panicky tamahagane confirmation inna Sahel Nutella couple of homicide burns cosh Omega I Omega D gene on illiteracy foundation Megara new name Angola door Negara vamos a Madiba who come on who will choose that place compare the government Vitas a Maxima gaya and less can't afford calf oMG I knew it see guys I told you I'm right your faith department appellant no my a matter of delicacy Nica when an enormous MS Apogee mahira trust a Nancy second Sina sabi mo lang en que se para esta hyouma here–is Singapore among Gugu say I'm Akira gamma Vanaja well I'm too stomach in my ear up / Alamo you mark I began I mean not gelato hindi padmini we go well Neverland appearing mama go long go today mom I'm ready that aren't I begun way Maharani ahead up do not number gonna be building a better whatever makeup and who the person is have a mom how can I pretend with me I'm Monica gosh Marga did you just lie to us I know but they're gonna heat up see Michael like to me we'd only one a moment you somebody else a Miami whatever kind of a Papa he doesn't care

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  1. Dito sa KADENANG GINTO maraming hindi maganda na episode nkaka.antok d katulad sa #BihagGMA ang daming thrilling sobra bumibilis talaga ang tibok na puso ko sa mga palabas nila. Bilang lng ang magagandang eksena dito sa #KadenangGinto

  2. Nag kiat nis Marga waka kabalo nga adopted raka ako ang orginal na dragon oy nag kiat man ka nag baylo lang tas pag anak na exchange pag huwat lang kay wapa kipasaba para thrilling daw bakag

  3. Ok lang Romina . . Magbobote naman si Leon . .business partner.
    Pag si Dani girl ang maghirap sino sasalo sa kanyang may kalakal

  4. Marga and Daniela can't live without stepping those peoples who goes up and they bring them down.

  5. Demonyo ka talaga daniella parehas lang kayo mag ina si marga ganun din ang kakapal ng mga mukha niyo mga peste kayo

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