Roots and Tubers nutrition –  Tamil Health Tips

Roots and Tubers nutrition – Tamil Health Tips

Roots and Tubers nutrition – Tamil Health Tips Now-a-days fried and roasted foods are favorite for children. All time favourite for children is potato fry and elders also fondly take fried foods. In this video we are going to see whether everyone can eat roots or tubers and who have to avoid this. We are not aware of the nutritional value of tubers and it is full of starch. That is why it gives us energy and this nutrition is less in carrot and beetroot. Calcium and phosphorous is also less in this and carrot is rich in phosphorous and beta carotene and it is good for our brain health. We can take this kind of tubers. Tubers can be taken by people who want to gain weight, pregnant women, lactating mothers, growing children, hard workers and sportsperson. Tubers should be avoided by diabetic patients, obese people, people with gastric problem, arthritis and piles should limit the intake. People with kidney problem should strictly avoid potato. We have a doubt whether taking tubers are good or bad and we get the daily requirement of starch through our normal food. We get it from grains and so there is no harm even if you avoid taking roots and tubers. Instead of taking fried tubers it is good to take boiled ones. As we fry it in oil we don’t get the nutrients present in it and limit the intake of tubers and stay healthy.

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