Ross Butler Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

Ross Butler Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

– [Interviewer] Hey Ross, open up. – Hey, you guys are here to see the gym and the fridge, right? (upbeat music) Come on. – [Interviewer] All right Ross,
we’re here to see your gym and check out your fridge. You ready?
Let’s go. – So, this is the gym. This is where I live a lot of the week. – [Interviewer] Have you
always been into fitness? – Yeah, I played sports when I was a kid but, honestly, it wasn’t until, oh I gotta do reps. It wasn’t until I moved to Ohio State, because I went to the
college there for one year. And a couple of my roommates
were body builders. So they really got me into
like drinking protein shakes and lifting four five times a week, and lifting heavy. So, that was the beginning,
that was when I was like 18. (gentle music) – [Interviewer] How did you get in shape to play a high schooler on 13 Reasons Why? – For 13 Reasons, I actually
had to do the opposite, because I play a high schooler,
I can’t be like too built. I usually try to keep it pretty slim. I do more of those
high-intensity interval training workouts to stay lean. – [Interviewer] Who do you train with? When I’m shooting 13, I work out with a couple of my castmates. Especially like Justin Prentice
and Timothy Granaderos, we all like to stay in pretty good shape and we push each other and we’re actually living
together this season so we’re pushing each other
inside and outside the gym. – [Interviewer] Are you
trying to bulk up now? – Oh yeah, yeah. I mean,
especially ’cause I’m starting to do more action, especially with Shazam and starting to move out of high school I can actually start to
build a little bit more. ‘Cause I would say, if they didn’t make me wear as many sweaters on 13 I wouldn’t look as much
like a high schooler. – [Interviewer] What about working out on P.S. I Still Love You? – On P.S. I Love You there was, or it was actually the third one we were shooting in New York, I actually worked out really
hard prior to the New York trip so that I could go to
New York and just eat. It really is a balance for
me ’cause I’m such a foodie. So, if I’m going to somewhere
where I know it’s good food I’ll prep my body (laughs). – [Interviewer] How do you
stay in shape on the road? – When I’m traveling, it really depends on the gym of the hotel or if there’s a gym nearby. If there’s not, I usually
just do a lot of like body weight training in the room. So I’ll do like a lot of body
squats, a lot of pushups. Even though I hate cardio,
I’ll sometimes go for a jog. So it really depends where I’m at. Sometimes the shooting schedule, when you’re shooting 14 hours a day, it’s hard to get in the gym. I’m not The Rock so I can’t,
I can’t work out like him. – [Interviewer] How often do you work out? – I’d say between 3 and 5. 5 if I have nothing else better to do. 4 if I’m trying to stay
in pretty good shape. 3 if I’m lazy. – [Interviewer] What’s an
intense workout for you? – Oh, intense workout for
me is anything that’s like high-intensity interval training. ‘Cause I don’t like
cardio, so I usually like the traditional 8 to ten
reps, 4 sets sort of thing. But high-intensity
interval training kills me. – [Interviewer] What do you
listen to when you work out? – I listen to a lot of 90s rock. Like a lot of Stone
Temple Pilots, Nirvana. I listen to some Linkin Park,
even that’s not 90s but. Some electronic music,
depending on what I’m doing. Cardio is usually for deep house. – [Interviewer] What
are your fitness goals? – So my fitness goals right now I’m trying to get more lean so I’m doing lighter weight higher reps just because I’ve been eating more than I’d like
to the last couple months. I’ve been on break so. So yeah, I’m just trying to drop some of that fat and get more toned and then I’ll start
building again, I think. – [Interviewer] Do you do
any group fitness classes? – Yeah, I’ll do some
spin classes sometimes. That cardio isn’t as bad as running so and also my knees are a little bit weak from playing sports younger so I find that cycling is
really good for non-impact. – [Interviewer] Do you have any scars? – I do, but they’re not
really interesting stories. I had my appendix taken out. I got one on my abs and
one on my belly button. That’s really boring,
but that’s all I got. – [Interviewer] What about tats? – Nope, been thinking
about getting one but it just adds more time
in the makeup trailer and I would prefer not to show up 30 minutes earlier than I have to to cover up the tattoo (laughs). – [Interviewer] How do
you keep your mind fit? – I’m also picking up
new hobbies, constantly. Like I just love to learn new things. There’s kind of a rush
in learning something that you know nothing about. And as an artist, they say that you always want to reinvent
yourself as an artist. So that kind of keeps the new
part of the brain growing. All right, well that’s my gym guys. You’ve seen all that there is to see but I think you wanna
check out the fridge too. So, that’s this way. (gentle music) Hey so this is my fridge, the outside and the inside. – [Interviewer] What are
those pieces of paper on your fridge? – So yeah, when I was prepping for Shazam I met with Thomas DeLauer,
who’s my nutritionist, and he gave me this crazy diet plan where every day
there’s like a non-fasting day, there’s a fasting day,
there’s like a no-carb day. – [Interviewer] So I see you
have some supplements there. – Yes, so the supplements are great, especially when I’m on keto, to give me the vitamins
that I don’t really get or the ones I’m missing out on. And then there’s a lot
of them that I just take, like fish oil and
glucosamine for my joints, some D3 for like deep sleep. I take like 15 vitamins
a day, it’s kinda crazy. – [Interviewer] Do you
have any fridge essentials? – So because I travel a lot, there’s like a few things
that I put in my fridge that I need pretty much everywhere I go. The big one is the apple
cider vinegar and lemon ’cause I do that drink every morning. It’s really good for your metabolism, really good for your gut. Fruits since I’m not training
for anything specific. I like to have some sugar and
it’s not like processed sugar. So I’ll have like watermelon,
blueberries, pears, all that. – [Interviewer] What does
your diet consist of? – So my diet usually consists of honestly, just I keep it really balanced. I usually don’t eat breakfast. I usually fast until about 1 or 2:00 p.m. But when I do eat and I’m not on keto or intermittent fasting,
I’ll have your complex carbs, like potatoes and all of that. I’ll have some brown rice depending on if I worked out or not. I’m a big steak guy, I
like a lot of red meat. I know it’s not the best for you, it’s hard on your digestion. But, again, I’m a foodie
so I like to do that. And then just leafy greens, just stuff that’ll help
with fiber and all. – [Interviewer] Do you cook? – My signature dish I would say, truly signature is my
mom’s Malaysian curry. So it’s a recipe that’s passed down from generation to generation my mom taught me about 3 or 4 years ago. And it’s just like chicken and green beans and some extra secret ingredients
that I can’t tell you. – [Interviewer] Damn,
that’s a lot of sauce. – So, sauces and condiments
are my guilty pleasure. Obviously, I have a lot of them. ‘Cause they will give flavor to food that’s otherwise flavorless. The unfortunate part is that a lot of them have a lot of
sugars you gotta be careful. But hot sauces like, I mean, this is the go to, just old Louisiana. Another hot sauce that
I love is like this, there’s this restaurant up
in San Fran where we shoot called Soul Food in San Rafael, best hot sauce ever. You can it on like a
shoe and tastes great. – What do you eat on a cheat day? – Cheat day is always dedicated,
I shouldn’t say always, mostly dedicated to ramen. That is a favorite. Pizza, pasta, chocolate
chip cookie dough ice cream, the good stuff. – [Interviewer] What are
you gonna eat tonight? – So yeah, I just finished working out so I’m gonna have my post-workout meal. But it’s also kinda dinner time so I’ll probably make like a maybe like a little stir fry, cook up some steak, some peppers, put on some lemon. Yeah, I’ll chop the meats up. – [Interviewer] All right, time for some rapid fire questions. 7:00 a.m. workout or 7:00 p.m. workout? – Oh God, I always do the afternoon ones. If I had to choose, 7:00 a.m. – [Interviewer] Squat or deadlift? – Deadlift. – [Interviewer] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Money in the Grave, Drake. – [Interviewer] Crossfit, yay or nay? – No. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? (Ross groaning) – Pull-ups. No, chin-ups (laughs). – [Interviewer] Kettlebells or dumbbells? – Kettlebells. – [Interviewer] Run on a
treadmill or the great outdoors? – Treadmill. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Uh, weights. – [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – Arms. These legs need to fit in jeans. – [Interviewer] Which would you rather be: jacked, ripped, swole, or cut? – Ripped? Yeah, dude you’re ripped. That sounds right. – [Interviewer] If you had
to work out with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? – Mark Wahlberg, he just seems like he goes for it in the gym and he seems like he would
be a supportive gym partner. All right, I am done chopping the meats. But I’m not gonna show
you my secret recipe so if you could kindly leave. Kindly.

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