Safe braking with ABS by Bosch

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  1. Well of course that's what happens if you floor the brake. Drive on snow for a week or two and you'll do good without ABS.

  2. You just lower the braking when it slows down
    Just like driving a poverfull car without tc you give gas slowly

  3. 4:05 both cars roughly stopped around the same distance but only w/o abs looked madd sicc braking tho

  4. This video is really convincing because it brings more variables to consider when driving without ABS, for example full braking on different surfaces and swerving. It's unsettling to see the car immediately spin out in a straight line and appear impossible to prevent. Can't imagine the outcome on a packed public road. I started driving without ABS and I still prefer disabling it to this day. I driven other cars with ABS and for some reason I tend to understeer more when ABS is activated.

  5. only inexpirienced drivers need abs the ones who don't need it are true drivers.why? because they understand their car while most people don't. accidents hapens only when people are speeding over the speed limit or cause they are too distracted by a phone.

  6. the problem with abs is the sensors can go bad especally the front ones cuz the wheels are moving up and down another reason it comes on is low brake fluid or the handbrakes down a little or up a little bit

  7. Except for the fact that cadence braking is FAR more effective… But if driving schools taught about how to handle a loss of traction, they wouldn't be able to charge more for cars with all these less effective aids.

    The only reason you should need most driver aids is if you're elderly or your reactions and strength are slower for any other reason.

  8. And do this by manual braking system on my bike since I learnt driving.
    A good driver don't need abs , he can manually brake to stop much faster than abs.

  9. ABS is for soccer moms and people that don't know how to drive I disconnected my abs by unplugging the wheel speed sensors

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