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  1. Quiero darte las Gracias hace 6 meses aproximado vy tu canal y me. Motive ahora he perdido alrededor de entre 50 lb gracias a tu canal te lo agradezco❤️

  2. I’ve been trying to workout again but I have iron deficiency and I’m always just so tired. When I workout i will literally be dozing off. Any tips? Should I use pre work even tho it’s kinda bad for u? Someone please respond

  3. After watching your Calisthenics 101 on pull ups, I was able to do it in a proper form!

    Now i wanna do muscle up but failing to this day.
    Any advice?

  4. Still cannot do one right proper pull up ;( I try to remember every tip he gives but still can never pull it to chest. But I think the biggest reason of my failure is bc I don't train too often bc I always become too shy when random people look at me doing imperfect things

  5. Great. I'm a disabled vet and really let myself go. I'm going to build a dip and pull up bars in my back yard. I need to lose some weight but I'll start working out now. Thanks for the info

  6. Hi Chris, how you doing?
    Chris had to look for hefest tutorials and I didn't find any good ones, do you think you could do a hefest tutorial or try to help me?

  7. Workout:

    Weighted pull-ups: 5reps wide, shoulder, close
    Jumping pull-ups: 5reps wide, shoulder, close
    Australian: 5 reps wide, shoulder, close (hold last rep, work negative)
    Scapula raises: 10 reps wide, shoulder, close grip (can’t tell if it’s 10 reps each but no pain no gain lol)
    Shoulder depressions: 10 reps

    Repeat for 4 rounds total
    There, not a secret anymore 🤙🏼

  8. Just posted a 10 month body transformation and i only used your workouts chris heria 😉 Keep up this amazing work people of OFFICIALTHENX! <3

  9. Hi Cris, how old are you and how much do you weigh, how much your height measures to compare the ectomorph with that of a similar person.

  10. Quick question for OFFICIALTHENX does it make a difference if you wear a backpack with books on the back side of your body and then next set putting it onto the front part of your body ?

  11. Workout

    Weighted pull-ups
    Jumping pull-ups (negative)
    Australian pull-ups
    Scapula shrugs
    Shoulder depression

    Perform all exercises with a wide, shoulder and closed grip (except for the shoulder depression.)
    4 rounds to complete this workout.
    Always retract your scapula while doing pull-ups!

  12. Hey chris
    I like your new approach by giving alternative to some moves that are hard for beginners .
    Thanks to you now im in a better shape and can do almost every move ( guys download the app it helped me a lot during my journey ) + don't care about the bold guy

  13. Chris is you other level , excellent exercises for best in dominadas thank for your tips is in secret of the golden

  14. Lo que busco este años es poder hacer 1 muscle up, en 2019 no podia hacer 1 flexion o 1 pull up, ahora puedo hacer 10 u 11 gracias a ti <3

  15. ok,…everything cool here,…..but i am still hanging on the 5 reps with assisted pulups x 4 and 4 rounds; so this workout are just not useful for me,….or at least not jet :); i just can't gain more strength no matter what i do (or how many times i do it,…even with till the muscle failure ) 🙁 …so maybe you could show us something in that direction, how to gain strength more effectively? just sayin…
    otherwise great channel,…..keep it on with good work…thanks

  16. In 2018, just by following your tips about:

    – do the hardest progression to the easiest
    – hold in the last rep
    – use variety of the same exercise

    I made a workout exactly like this. In that time, I was in just 5 reps, and in like a month I was doing 10 reps. Thanks for all your tips, Chris.

  17. This work out is very good I'm an huge fan pls do more I'm working out every day cause of you and now my body is in very great shape

  18. you can say what you want but his body looks athletic and absolute natural, not pumped up with bullshit like 95 % of the other guys on yt.

  19. I came upon this YouTube channel by chance. I put the weights aside and started calestenics … 10 days later I noticed improved and consistent work outs.. Just ordered the resistance bands. I'm all in … I'll repost in 3 months …thanks Chris

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