Senescent Cells, Cancer, and Aging - Dr. Judith Campisi

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  1. She's probably the only person I've seen who has argued against Aubrey de Grey and won 😛 I think they agree on most things though.

  2. The "protective environment" humans have created is a result of self-domestication. Hunter-gathering was the first step, civilization the second, and industrialization the third. We are a self-domesticated ape. We live longer, but with more potential for disease largely because the food environment is incompatible with our genome.

  3. it boils down to health, health, health. The healthier the organism, the better it can fight and prevent disease, including cancer. Eat your veggies and exercise.

  4. Yeah, I'm not buying the hypothesis. You could argue just as easily that younger people are more metabolically fit and therefore avoid cancer. As metabolic health decreases with age, the likelyhood of cancer increases. We are now seeing type 2 diabetes in children and young adults and, guess what, cancers typically associated with aging are occurring in younger and younger people. Hmmmm

  5. I don't think that evolution happens the way most people understand it. Instead of a desire to survive, it might all be due to envieonment and time. – not natural selection in the sense that it's what individuals desire, but something that simply happens due to time.
    That genes and what gets picked is "random", but due to time tendencies accumulate.

  6. I m learning so much …her voice is so soothing my brain cells love her … my perfect kind of teacher !

  7. 4 billion years of random mutations evolution has created many counterintuitive and complex molecular mechanisms that form and maintain our bodies. To say it's a cluster frack is an insult to cluster fracks. Maybe super intelligent AI will be able to understand it but at that level it will also understand that it's better of without us humans

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