She is Still Using Fake Weights

She is Still Using Fake Weights

that's not the only thing fake in the video shirts off pants down what is up everyone canakkale back with another video and you know I happened to be m.i.a for a while as many of you probably know and those of you that are already subscribed the channel had some downtime which means I wasn't checking up his frequent on these fake weight athletes many of you already know their names so just out of sheer curiosity and amusement I was like you know what let's go check out Gracie and Barbosa and see after all of my colleagues of using fake weights if she's still using fake weights and then I happened to find this clip here so I can hear what everybody what's up so much in the hood okay shop but a sewer fuck fuck it now wait wait wait I know what you're gonna say about the clip you know for reps of 405 that's not the only thing faking the video if you know what I'm saying but before we bash like I said I'm Gracie I'm Barbosa it's still not as bad as Brad Castleberry trying to draw attention away from his fake wait list by trying to do cardio you know let's just go ahead and run that and by the way guys it's pretty tragic news maybe you may know Brad Castleberry actually blocked me on Instagram which means I'm not able to really stay up-to-date on Brad Castle Berry's fake weight lifts the only way I'm able to see him as if I'm on my computer on my browser and go to Instagram and type in Brad Castleberry because from my account I'm not able to look at his fake weight lifts anymore you know jumping back to a serious note but those videos will still be coming out so do not be worried all right now jump me back to Grace and barbosa guys on a serious note like I said the beginning the video I am still surprised that people are using fake weights I guess it really shouldn't surprise me because as it is to say and what I'm about to say I don't want to say it is that's really what it takes to go viral on social media nowadays now she has the combination of numerous plastic surgeries you know the body along with the fake weights which you know put together makes for a viral accountings that people want to see specifically those people that are Golub –all same can be said for Brad Castleberry but like I just mentioned it just gets to a point where it's like okay you have you know a body that is praised by the Brazilian people by the way for those you don't know great Sam Barbosa is Brazilian why would you not just demonstrate workouts of what you did to get to that point now I know obviously in my opinion it probably wasn't all work out so there's probably some doctors involved as their personal trainers in my opinion but this fake weight nonsense it just it needs to stop and I don't know who's selling these fake weights to these people I know that these athletes and their managers and their companies are working with are probably specifically reaching out to whatever brand of plates are being produced from that gym to those companies asking if they can order you know custom plates out of custom set weight which I have gone ahead and done numerous months ago and in fact it does work so that is I believe the route that Brad Castleberry Gracie Ann Barbosa everyone else that you see using these fake weights are most likely doing but she has gotten so exposed so many times like I said guys this is just all in my opinion stop using the fake –which please for the love of humanity for the love of my channel so I can make some other content please stop the fake wait use I'm just gonna go ahead and run the clip one more time in case you guys missed it want to see exactly how she performed the four reps of 405 with what looked like little to no strain at all what oh fuck slice fucking here what enemies what's up so much okay shot but a sewer fuck fuck it now I really don't know what the fakest part of this clip even is to be honest I don't know if it's the weights like I said or you know the other parts of the clips you know even the the wraps around the knees I don't know if those are real or not because everything in this video Instagram clips is just so staged it's hard to really believe anything you see on Instagram anymore but definitely guys comment in the comment section down below what you think the most fake part of the clip is whether that's great Sam Barbosa has led to the plastic surgery or Brad Castleberry is still the king of fake weights maybe he's the king of fake weights she's the queen of fake weights I don't really know maybe you guys have a better opinion on it but like I said make sure to go ahead and comment on it down below if you guys did enjoy the video though please make sure to give the video a thumbs up it helps the video immensely and the channel as well and like I mentioned though at the beginning of the video if you are not subscribed yet please make sure to go ahead and do so and as always make sure I stay ahead stay aesthetic so I don't know

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  1. I honestly never knew faje weights existed. I did know/guessed this chick had some help with her a*s & tits, so I didn't watch to many of her workout videos on IG.

  2. wow, 4 squats and not a single lockout,
    barely any sound from re-rack, & no bend in the bar

    fake weights and the form still mashed potatoes ???

  3. dude before I even watch this you already call her out and she proved it to your face made you wrong then some dude punked you out because you made her look like a fool by making s*** up and saying she will use fake weights and then she did it and then now you're going to say is she still using fake weights she never did dude I'm so going to love the video when you get punched in the mouth I hope it's by a woman to cuz I don't see no man wasting his time on a troll like you I'll give you the Brad dingleberry but you just can't go around calling everybody out just because a chick can lift as much weight as you and I haven't even watched this video yet that's why I'm not subscribed to you cuz you're a troll

  4. thank u for ur videos, i was starting to worry because i eat healthy, go to the gym, and i cant like starve of harm my health.. i understand many things now.. thank you

  5. I was told to never go that far down! No shacking of knees, or bending of bar……..what do you look for in faux weights? Thanks ??

  6. C'mnon Kenny, men don't go to her instagram to see her amazing feats of strength,
    they go to drool over her enormous fake butt!
    Nobody takes her seriously as an athlete – her make-up probably weighs more than those fake plates.

  7. Ok she is going to squat 405 and not use a belt on first clue. I have done this much for 4 reps and are weight bars getting that much better that when you put 405 on there is no bending of the bar. I guess I am really get old this shit stared when they covered plates with rubber you don't hear those plates clashing.

  8. You got knee wraps but no belt, no strain, no control and yet are able to crank out 4 reps GTFOH fake weights and equipment