Slim Waist POP Pilates | Cocktail Dress Series

Slim Waist POP Pilates | Cocktail Dress Series

hey guys Cassey here happy december t believe it is the holidays already i cannot believe it what did the year go well we were working out together that's where it went and now i have a very special holiday cocktail dress workout series for you and that's why I'm dressed up all like this today do you like it and you will also see me my normal workout clothes but I'm really excited to show you four different dresses for this whole holiday season so as a part of our holiday cocktail dress series I decided that we should do a crazy giveaway so every week I'll be showing you one of Cassie's favorite things and we'll be doing an awesome giveaway at the end of the video so be sure you watch till the end to find out how to do that and this week we are giving away the Fitbit flex now this thing is awesome it tracks your calories how you're sleeping all that good stuff but wait till the end now go ahead and grab your mat we're going to work on how to define your waist for the perfect cocktail dress are guys so these are your moves for today's ab workout we're going to start out with the crunch extension the number four double crunch – extension the roll up – roll over the hip twist – butt lift okay so let's start the music alright guys I want you to bring your hands forward both hands behind the nape of the neck tuck that chin in and slowly roll down with control vertebrae by vertebrae love it okay now take your left leg up opposite arm is bent out same arm reaching towards the sky five six seven eight lift and lower up and down now this is really going to attack those ABS as you can see and work a little bit that leg – I want you to exhale up and down reach and lower you're feeling it so good let's go up and down really gonna when that wastes out really give you some nice definition lift and lower so good guys up keep that toe pointed floating those fingers lifting with the chest lifting with the abs and not your neck okay really save that neck don't pull on it really supported with that hand how you doing out there come on up and out reach and out very good lift and up so nice I want you to hold perfect and let's go ahead and switch arm and leg out hold it on five six seven eight lift and out reach oh yeah now you see why we keep that elbow behind and we raise that arm high well I'm feeling it for sure up and down up you've got it come on lift it up guys I want the shoulder blades coming off of your mat good whew so feeling it press and reach very nice higher come on don't pull on the neck it's all that the ABS here you some of those upper abs this move is new it is amazing and this is how you gonna stay fit during your 12-week new Body Makeover come on up gonna work hard for those ABS you want you work hard for that strength you want you're gonna become who you want to be because you wanted that enough good give me eight and seven uh-huh almost there let's go for reach and three nice and to don't die on me now one hold and down so good go ahead and bring the leg into a nice number four and I want the hands out legs out okay reach and out whoo double Crescent it lifts and out oh my goodness now when Cassie says you're gonna do an ab workout a waste of finding workout you are doing it and you're doing it for real good give me eight oh seven good six looking for nice only four more let's go nice almost there one more one and legs up legs down relax the head okay now go ahead and switch the leg press that knee out same deal here we go reach and out now make sure this is really a double crunch you're lifting the tailbone you're lifting the back reach oh my goodness this is real guys just because it's the holidays it does not mean you get a break okay because eating clean and working and training hardest part of your lifestyle right that's right up you know what's this fun I really enjoy it I hope you do too thank you for working out with me today a little bit more uh-huh and a few more good one more one and lift knees in and down okay I think her upper abs are about to die but you're not about to die because now we're going to go ahead and do our roll over to roll up okay this is really keeping that whole core plant the hands right here by your sides pressing the heels together five six seven eight lift and over and bring it up sit tall and back and behind you touch it touch the floor if you can now beginners you can just go right here okay can also hold on to your legs and get up Pilates is for everybody you don't have to go crazy don't get discouraged if you can't do these moves it takes time it takes practice I've been instructing Pilates for over seven years and don't feel you have to compare to anyone because you know what comparison is the thief of joy you are your own person you are on your own fitness journey and I'm so proud of you for taking the steps today to work out with me little workout buddies good lift and down how's it feel this is a great spinal massage as well and stay there stay stay I want you to reach the length long behind you reach a little bit farther very nice now let's go slow eight seven to your times 61 good for haha three don't draw it two and one very nice hands long behind you inhale exhale peeling your back off the mat peel peel peel peel peel peel phew sitting super tall every move hands down okay for our final move we're going to do the hip twist – butt lift okay really slipping down those obliques and working out that core okay on all fours now I want you to come down onto your elbows okay and I want you to make sure that plank of yours is not dipping your butt isn't in the air in the stay right here check it out tap tap lift and centre tap tap lift and center good work uh-huh guys press press now use those abs to press as high as you can beginners what you can do is go on the knees tap back and forward see that modification for everything back and forward snap tap lift you also feel it in your chest too and your shoulders press press lift really pushing the balls of feet into the mat up guys excited for this giveaway I am lift boom tap tap and wait good job so what you guys doing this holiday season staying home with the family let me know in the comments below and let me know you've always wanted as a gift and press press did you earn it or were you naughty boom boom lift and down twist twist up and lower press press you are so good come on lift and down let's go whoo oh you know what I love about the holidays all the music the colors my favorite the lights press press up presents used to make me really excited as a kid but now just spending time with your friends and family press press up and down I cannot believe how early they start selling Christmas stuff this year it's been insane good press press you're almost there love it boom boom up and down press press lift forever it seems right you're almost you're so close dose up now whoo-hoo lift and boom boom stay strong now know you're stronger than this it's all in your head press press lift and boom boom up yes feeling it in that core feeling in the upper body such a great move up and down what boom off you guys are amazing thank you so much for doing this workout with me your body is gonna love you for it press press lift good press press up whoa oh man this burns hold it hold it inhale exhale and bring the legs down hands by your sides inhale uh next to push up into a child's pose shaken I am in relax inhale big exhale his mouth and slowly sit up oh my goodness I didn't even know when that law song was going to end so we did a ton of those but you did a fabulous job yes and now it is giveaway time are you ready okay so let's talk about why this is my favorite things for December so this fit fig has really helped me through the 12-week new body makeover and you guys are doing amazing I've seen all your pictures on Instagram your tweets on Twitter keep going hard so what this does is it actually tracks your calories how many steps you're taking you know make sure you're stepping about 10000 times a day that's about 4 miles and also tracks your sleep patterns and for me it's been really cool seeing how restless I am versus how I'm actually sleeping because the quality of your sleep actually helps your muscles recover so you really really do need to pay attention to how you're eating how you're sleeping and how hard you are training if you truly want to change up that physique another really cool thing about this is that you can actually wear it in the shower so seriously I've been wearing this Fitbit with me all day long I'm going to wearing it with my dress I mean seriously I don't want to miss a moment it's so cool to see like when your most active during the day when you're not active and kind of see patterns that you can really see how to make the best changes for your body and one of the best features I think is that you can sync this up to your phone or your computer so that you can see how hard you're working I really love checking it right after you do a really intense workout and really seeing that those bars spike up I know I had some other devices before where I'd have to actually wait till the end of the day after school or work and plug it into my computer and then see how many calories ever no no this is like instant satisfaction so how do you win with these babies well let me tell you you have Instagram course deal everyone does so first I want you to follow me at Blogilates and then take a picture of one of your old accessories that needs an upgrade hashtag VZ fitness then I will pick a winner next week and then if you want to see the Fitbit flex you can actually go to your Verizon Wireless retails store or go to Verizon Wireless comm to see more of the features and really guys it's so awesome so I hope you enjoyed this video happy holidays and I will see you next week for another cocktail dress workout until then keep working hard on that 12 week new body makeover and I'll see you later bye see you to Graham

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  1. Second video of week 2 day 2 done

    its not easy to keep it up but I'm still continue after take a pause every workout

  2. So I'm a newbie here trying to follow the 28 day beginner calendar and this video is on day 9. I found all of the crunches extremely difficult to do and found myself straining wayyy too much in my neck. Any suggestions on how to modify them so I can focus more on my core rather than trying to not strain my neck?

  3. I stopped this video like 3 minutes before she finished because my back hurts from doing the last move. I know it is because I don´t suck my bellybuttn in but I just can´t do it right now 🙁 Does,´t matter because it was a great workout even though I did the second move differently because I am not strong enough to lift my body and legs so I kept the legs in the air!

  4. if this helps anyone:

    25 of the first exercise (repeat on both sides), about 20 of the second exercise (repeat on both sides )

  5. Hi Cassie, I did this video as part of Day 9 of the beginners calendar and I didn't find there was enough instruction for me to properly follow along. I think I need more reminders about form. Is there a different video you can recommend that go through these moves but slower? Thanks, you do great work!

  6. More like my back is gonna die rip. Any suggestion of a good substitute for crunches for people with lower back pain? I want to get stronger to hopefully help fix my back, but any crunch -> strain

  7. I love Cassey and I have been a supporter of hers since 2012, but I feel that her older videos are more challenging and more effective for me with all of the reps. I like it more than the timer, which is crazy to say because you do more and never know when it will end.

  8. This workout is so impossible for me to do ??? I struggled all the way and even if I stopped so many times I didn't give up so I hope one day I will do it and think "oh that's easy"

  9. I had to do the beginners hip twist for the whole time and they still kicked my ass! I was dying and then suddenly got a burst of energy in the middle, then was dying again by the end!!!

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