Solar Health Effects, Volcano, Major Storms | S0 News Jun.10.2019

Solar Health Effects, Volcano, Major Storms | S0 News Jun.10.2019

good morning folks today we do our major space weather and health effects update how to combat things like it and 5g plus a look around the world let's begin at space weather news calm and find the last 24 hours exceedingly quiet the coronal hole is beginning to reach more and more southward there from the north meanwhile the previous coronal hole drove intensified plasma streams at earth which we reported yesterday as of this morning however the telemetry is dropping back out earth returns to a calmer ambient stream and geomagnetic conditions return to quiet a tremendous storm tore through Dallas yesterday he might have seen the crane fall in that video it killed one and injured others as the hail and wind pushed the machine into the complex rough shots there folks when seen a boom blows she really blows this volcano has some of the most spectacular smoke columns ash now raining down on the locals folks you see a cyclone storm sitting offshore of India to the west it's not the monsoon but India would take it if it meant their zero day regions could be pushed back alas all week the system will dance with the coastline refused to help out the drought zones in any major way and wind up whacking Karachi Pakistan head-on as we enter the weekend we're gonna need to monitor that one all week let's get right into the major space weather and human health update of the year over the last eight months a number of phenomenal studies have furthered the understanding of how space weather affects numerous cardiac parameters and events studies showed ECG patterns matching space weather fluctuations at the time we can also now say the enormous pile of papers claiming to find heartrate modulation by space weather can add another one on top in this case for their effects from the Earth's magnetic field an excellent study on the importance of antioxidants and protecting against cosmic ray induced stress on cells perhaps intuitive for most but alas nice to see it's scientifically proven while ECG studies need only days to collect thousands of data points a much longer-term study here confirms monthly myocardial infarction incidents with cosmic ray activity in this case it would be the direct electrical disruption of ion pathways keep proteins that trigger heart muscle action back to that in a moment a recent textbook that was released electromagnetic geophysical fields numerous chapters diving into the topic of variation in Earth's magnetic field due to space weather as they correlate with cardiac events now back to those key proteins for heart muscle action it has found that the troponin proteins responsible for heart contraction and expansion showed blood level patterns modulated by space weather specifically geomagnetic storms and cosmic rays both that paper and a key 50-year literature review were authored by dr. stupa the father of Western understanding of solar effects on health much broader and less technical paper there if you're having to be selective with your clicks the heart is an electrical machine in that regard it out produces even the brain's electrical work and power and this paper from last year was a great setup something electrical is happening in the environment utterly correlated with space weather events and it was triggering the cascade of changes that led to mortality from the cardiac events well we can now look at the specific activation of key heart features and find evidence of their direct modulation by magnetic fields they specifically highlight here the sinus node for magnetic field fluctuation vulnerability and that is the hearts natural pacemaker it is critical that you remember that awareness should lead to power not fear remember that the placebo effect is actually you defeating the laws of physics and chemistry operating within your system creating an outcome that is not supported by any laws of nature other than your human brain waves of thought if you fear space weather the effects may be different than if you realize that your body is an electromagnetic machine in the first place and it's more powerful it's a little lesson for those afraid of 5g as well which is wave energy not the vastly more powerful particle energy of say cosmic rays by the way dozens more papers and how our star affects the weather earthquakes and Technology can be found in weather man's guide to the Sun student favorite textbook available at OTF cells calm along with the Kyra and Lulu books for the kids on the Sun and the planets we greatly appreciate your support we've got wind maps and shots of our start close and we'll do this all again tomorrow right here but right now it's 4:20 a.m. in the new Valley of the Sun eyes open no fear be safe everyone [Applause]

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  1. 5G is like peanuts… ya some will be susceptible. If you fear it, you are correct. If you believe in your power, you are correct. Whether you think its harmful or you think you can beat it… you are correct.

  2. When I feel it start to affect me when I’m outside I go sit down and just breathe and meditate it away. It works. I don’t want gardening which I love to kill me. Sun does effect all of us most don’t even know it. Good story. ??????❤️❤️❤️?????????‍♀️✌️

  3. "ecg patterns matching space weather patterns". You  mean we are not separate from "the environment" but are instead part of it? no way! this is why I am enmeshed inthe esoteric interpretation of solar enhancement and increased uv radiation. the universe is sending signals to us. it is jumping our evolution by mnodifying our genome in real time via the mechanism of the sun. i can actually HEAR it. you have tinnitus in the last couple of years and the doctors can't explain it? maybe you are hearing it, too.  we are being re-programmed for a new environment, for a new cycle of humanity on earth. the kali yuga is over and we are heading back inward/upward. Brahma breathes in. And always we must remember, enlightenment is destruction.

  4. now that the earth's magnetic field is so weak, we are more vulnerable to cosmic weather and electromagnetic effects on our health? 5G aka microwaves cannot be good….

  5. Great video. And super big thanks for the antioxidant paper. Been taking all of these for years now and it really is nice to see a correlation between fighting the oxidative stress of cosmic rays and which antioxidants they felt were most helpful. Real nice work!

  6. Oh i fear suspicious observer period. My life has never been the same since the earth catastrophe videos. You have completely screwed up my life. Not one perfect moment or a minute or a day goes with out thinking (little do you know how fucked we are)… you gave us a problem with out any solution (move up high)
    .. you think the bastards are going to let us in?…that's not their solution.there are solutions to save us but they will not.

  7. Now that I know this… I can do reiki and other directing energy techniques on the earth emf to affect the health of the whole planet? But I also understand how someone could 'read' the atmosphere to see how the world is feeling that day. We are all of one planet.

  8. Solar radiation. I think my body gets tired in the heat because my body is warning me to get out of the solar rays. I guess my body has a limitation as to how much it is capable of tolerating solar radiation…

  9. Funny, I'm reading a book…..not the funny part… it it describes an experiment about changing the decay of the radioactive material in a smoke detector by thoughts alone. Speeding it up and slowing it down. Impossible you say? Since I most likely will not be duplicating the experiment I won't say I have proof myself. Funny I read something and soon after I get feedback. I've heard you elude to the power of the mind before.That's my little teaser for the day.

  10. 5G is like Vaccines. Who gives a crap if your child’s life and your life is ruined by a toxic illogical government mandated vaccine schedule.
    Or Peanuts. Your child suffers cerebral hypoxia and brain damage because of peanut allergic reaction.
    Or Penicillin. Same possibilities and results. Or Vancomycin. The last line drug against MRSA. I’ve seen that personally happen in real time.
    These reactions can occur from anaphylaxis. Or from an anaphylactoid reaction (never before exposed).
    Results can be equally as devastating.
    All resulting in living a life no one would choose.

  11. The placebo effect, scientifically proven to be the game changer in any game, and everyone can do it, and do each and every day, just look at all the miracles we create in ourselves, question is how, answer: dream and believe in what you see, and try to think outside the box, who can you really be, you're only limit is you

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