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Spoilt Rotten (Child Health Documentary) | Real Stories

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  1. I have terrible teeth. I take fantastic care of them now, but I was not raised with the knowledge or tools to clean them as a child. I didn't own a toothbrush until I bought my own at 14 after a school mate said my breath smelled like faeces. You can imagine how bad my mouth was by then. I remember I would sit up at night for weeks on end in agony with tooth rot that had reached the nerve, and my mother never took me to a dentist. Eventually my adult tooth would come and push the rotted root out of my mouth. at 27 I have a filling in every tooth except my front four incisors on top and 5 incisors on bottom. I've had 4 molars removed. I'm saving to have my teeth capped to restore the aesthetics of my smile.

  2. WAAAAY too much food for a five year old…the doctors told her what to do but she thinks she's doing things perfectly, the mom is stubborn AF and thinks she's the pinnacle of medical knowledge so let her figure it out

  3. Why does it matter if your smoking specifically causes that particular hearing loss? What about the whole host of other health issues a child is subjected to with passive smoke?

  4. ‘Put a camera in the corner of my house, you won’t find nothing wrong’ meanwhile he’s not moved from the sofa, not encouraged to play with a football in the garden, was given sugar, snacks I (a 22 year old) would probably eat in a day, not demolish in 20 minutes followed by a dinner larger than I’d eat.. at FIVE! But sure, you’re doing nothing wrong wheeling your child around in a wheelchair you demented woman.

  5. Watching this makes me feel bad my kids dont really have juices its water or milk except when at a party asfor sweets etc yeah they have the packet here and there about once maybe twice a month it doesnt bother them at all far more interested in other stuff they dont ask for sweets or fruit juice etc and I used to think that's not normal but there healthy bit lazy like most kids and relatively normal

  6. How much activity can I increase on a 5 year old? Seriously he’s 5 the trick isn’t supposed to be how to increase their activity, it’s supposed to be getting them to sit still for 5 minutes straight.

  7. Alfie’s mom is so to blame. No 3 yo needs a bottle, breast, pacifier or 5 suckers a day and not made to brush at least twice a day. You ought to feel like it is your fault because it is. Laziness is an epidemic in itself.

  8. The mother of the overweight child is in complete denial, his food might be healthy but he has enough for an adult, and using a wheelchair is just ridiculous and not at all useful, in fact it makes him lazier and a target for all kinds of diseases

  9. Leon's mom feeds him garbage, I guarantee it. When the camera is not around he eats garbage. The 2 hours they filmed she fed him way too much and the portions were enormous. Man sized portions. My 11yo doesn't eat that much from the time he leaves school until dinner. Ridiculous. The mum doesn't understand that too much food is too much regardless whether it's a mountain of peas, a mountain of potatoes and an adult size portion of fish.

  10. These parents are the product of a generation who due to society's crazy policy's back in the late 80s 90s and to this day where you were not allowed to smack your kids or chastise them in any way , We said back then that those kids will not be able to parent and this is proof they cant , These parents are stupid ignorant self important and not willing or able to take any criticism at all on anything therefore there is no surprise their breeding monsters like this , Now just imagine the next stage these kids becoming parents , get the picture !

  11. Fucks me off that the British public are paying for this and all they have to do is stop eating…so frustrating. I think we need to privatise the NHS. Stop everyone having a right to this service.

  12. Come on Sharon….Cake??? Outside of the sugar – that turns into carbs….two servings of mash potatoes….again carbs….nice excercise he can barely walk and Sharon doesn't want him to be isolated at a party….denial is an understatement….oh and Sharon is both arrogant and ignorant… she's making him dependent on her…..disgusting because she has the resource to change this.

  13. I almost bought the smoking damaging their ears story but 1 in 5 smoke, which means virtually every family has a smoker and then she says, "smoking outside doesn't help because its still on your breath and clothes". I wonder why that smoke is jumping off their clothes and into the kids ears. Guess washing your hands doesn't help if you have germs on you because they jump in kids ears. lol…more likely they need to clean up the pollution in the air because its damaging kids ears and smoking is compounding an existing problem.

  14. Shout out to Doctor Mohammad Didi for dealing with such bad parents, and also converting 200kg to lbs for us in America lol 26:16

  15. Somehow i always see the kids having to eat main meals by themselfs!? What happend to sit down and eating together. You can set the best example by living it? Dont know, just my though!

  16. "And its not only lollipops, Alfie's been going to bed with a bottle and not brushing his teeth"

    He probably wasn't working on college applications either…BECAUSE HE'S 3 EFFING YEARS OLD!!!!!!!
    What a piece of crap his mother is, she pretty much summed up the problem when she said "I don't normally give sweets but if it suffices and shuts him up" yep there it is

  17. Fruit is great but it also has a lot of sugar. Bananas, papaya, mangoes and even milk should be away of an overweight kids diet. At least for a while.

  18. de chica a mi me tuvieron q sacar casi todas las muelas de leche xq se me pudrieron todavia me acuerdo q la primera muela de leche q se me pudrio la rehicieron x el temor de q al sacarla salga la de hueso tb

  19. Watching this documentary, makes me feel extremely grateful towards my parents. They really did their best to raise me and they weren't in denial of my problems, like these idiots.

  20. My dauthers teeth are fine i dont get it shes 3 and love that stupid bodle ,she also loves veggies and water so i dont get how are all this little kids teeth bad. iam traying my best take away the bodle but her grandma always give in. And is difficult to train again and again .i work 3rd shift imma show this video to my mom so she can see how bad shes doing.

  21. Yeah genetics, but just because my dad has diabetes im not gonna take care of myself because i already know im gonna have it too…?
    Habits and enviroment are really important, the brain can addapt to anything…

  22. With this I remembered a mother that had a kid a our school that wanted for her normal 4yr old to keep wearing a diaper. We at school trained him to use the toilet. And we even bought him underwears for him to use at school but the following morning she would bring him with a diaper.

  23. If Leon's mother dared the public to find anything wrong with the footage…challenge accepted.

    – Caloric value does not go away if you eat "good food" and I'm sick of parents treating fruits like palette cleansers. If someone is over their caloric budget (and a typical kid's base metabolic rate (BMR) is HIGHLY affected by exercise), then vitamins and minerals should come before calorie rich foods like meat and potatoes. In extreme cases, a multivitamin would be better than cramming any more fruit, because…
    – Fruit, in small doses, is a lifesaver thanks to Vitamin C preventing scurvy and other benefits, BUT the sugars (fructose) are the easiest to digest next to refined/cane sugar. While a kid may not like it, vegetables (Caesar salad, broccoli, baked/boiled potatoes) will have more fiber than fruit, the starches are not as calorically dense, and can change the gut bacteria for the better. If a kid couldn't eat a salad with cherry tomatoes, a small amount of goat cheese or olive oil would be better than what a fast food joint has.
    – Obviously, a lunch plate is being stuffed like a dinner plate. If a mother can't cut her portions with the help of a scale or food diary, using a salad plate would be more helpful.
    – For anyone afraid of cardio due to joint pain (Leon clearly isn't having any yet), teaching them how to swim and do laps will help deal with the sweat and smell while keeping pressure off the joints.

    Please don't end up in a greentext story thread.
    Signed, /fit/

  24. Yo prefiriria vivir sola con mis hijos antes de tener a ese marido que no le importa la salud de sus hijos que se pudra. Cuando muera de cáncer en.los pulmones ahí seguirá diciendo que no tiene nada que ver con su emfermedad

  25. Ebook:12 advanced strategies to take care of your child's mind while growing up

  26. or maybe parents need to be better and i don't know don't let your kids bloody drink, over eat and how bad a parent must you be to let your kid eat so much sugar that they lose all their teath

  27. I mean it's bad regardless sure…but saying it doesn't help for a parent to smoke outside is BS. Of course there's a huge difference in a little residual exposure and direct exposure to secondhand smoke. Come on…it's irresponsible for a professional to say such things.

  28. That overweight kid needs to be temporarily removed from her care ,And sorted out before the mum ends up killing him .
    Theres no underlying cause, hes eating crap …

  29. Why not just let the boy rest every now and then, he does not need a wheel chair. These parents are in serious denial, but the one mother was right it is her fault.

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