Standing Postnatal Full Body Workout | Good Moves | Well+Good

Standing Postnatal Full Body Workout | Good Moves | Well+Good

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, this is Rahel here. Good Moves with Well+Good. Today I’m gonna take you
through a postnatal workout. We got four moves, 12
reps each, you can do this while the baby’s napping,
you can do it at the gym. I’m a mom, I get it. Finding time to fit that workout in isn’t exactly the
easiest, but all you need is your body weight to
create that resistance and I promise you you’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna sweat and
you’ll thank me later. All right, so we’re first gonna take you to start with the squat reach. So what I want you to think
about is look at your shoulders, think shoulders and the
hips on that same line. Now go ahead and take your feet out to about hip width distance apart, if not a teeny a bit wider. If you’re tighter in your
hips, you can always position your toes slightly pointed out, but again, as you’re here, you wanna focus shoulders away from the ears. Again, a lot of cuing on that form, guys. ‘Cause form is super, super important, especially if you’re just getting back into that fitness routine,
you wanna take your time, listen to your body and, of course, move in a way that feels good but safe. Arms are gonna extend as you sit back, you’re reaching your body in opposition, think about that weight is in your heels. I like to lift my toes up in the beginning ’cause what I can do here is, it’s gonna force me to shift that weight back, core is engaged guys. As you extend, elbows are gonna pull in, squeeze your shoulder blades
back, keep your core engaged, try to avoid locking out the
knees, keep that baby bend. Again, we’ll start right back there. So that’s one, make this two, breathe. Keep your core engaged the entire time. I’m gonna cue shoulders
away from the ears a lot ’cause I’m guilty of it too. This, all the time. Keep it down there, squeeze
your shoulder blades back, keep your core engaged,
you wanna see that form you can always turn here, there. Let’s go. Six more. Breathe, keep it goin’. You got this. Four, three, take your time. Last two. And one, pause, breathe, good. All right so from there we’re gonna stay actually faced to the side,
we’re gonna set back up for just a reverse lunge. I want you to step it back. Same idea, focus on your form, take your time, listen to your body. Right knee, right ankle, go ahead and think about keeping
them on that same line, weight is in your heels. The hands, don’t worry about it so much. You can bring ’em to a prayer,
it’s personally what I like, or you can just let them go. Do what feels good. Take your time, breathe. As you lengthen that leg,
step it in a teeny bit. Go ahead and position,
keep your hips square. You’re gonna set up for curtsy lunge. Pause, getting that glute
turned on, step it right back. Sink, step it in a teeny bit. Come right back, breathe, that’s two. 10 more, or however many you’re doing. There, breathe, good. Same idea that positioning of your hips is super, super important, you
wanna think about squaring, step it in, step it right back, breathe. I’m feeling it, are you? Good. You got this, halfway there. Step it right back, sink into that lunge, tiny toe tap and breathe, come right back. Down, step it in, breathe. Whoo, don’t forget to breathe,
guys, it’s very important. Let it go. There, again, so as
you do this, same idea, you wanna focus on
keeping your hips square even though you’re doing that turn out, you wanna avoid shifting that hip out, it’s really a lot of pressure. Press it in, there, breathe. Tension and pressure on that
hip, you don’t need that. Breathe. You got this. Last two. Last one. Pause, breathe. So that next move you’re
gonna take it back, stay in that curtsy lunge, breathe. As you extend you’re gonna
extend that leg all the way out. Toe tap, so you’re
wrapping it around here. Let me show you it this way. So you’re gonna step it
back, curtsy lunge, breathe, same idea, my hips are
still square, breathe. Arms are gonna extend, pause,
toe tap as you come in. So think about bringing it
all the way around, pause. Again, same idea with the hands, you can do whatever
feels good on your body. There’s no right or
wrong most importantly, let your shoulders relax, breathe. I’m sure they do enough of
this in your personal life. You don’t need to do it in the workout. Breathe, keep it going. Good, you got this, five more. Last four, breathe. Three. Last two. Whoo, last one. Arms extend, pause here. So again, so think about this right knee. You wanna keep it baby bend. We’re gonna hold this
left leg extended out. Right knee is gonna stay soft. Extend this left arm up and
over, relax your shoulders down. We’re gonna take a little thing to balance work focusing on the obliques. Keep that right knee bent. As you’re here, you’re gonna
pull that left hip open. Pause, get as close to that contraction, think about stopping that elbow just in line with your shoulder as you come up. Breathe, contract. Extend up, contract. Extend up, contract. Get as high as you can in your own body. Just be mindful, be patient
with your body, take your time. Good. You got this. Four. Remember that saying you can do anything? Just make up your mind to
do it and you got this. Three. Two, whoo. One. Second side. (upbeat music) Should we start? Let’s go ahead and break it up, we’ll start right back at the
top, arms are gonna extend. Breathe, there. If you’re doing this with me you got 12. Otherwise, listen to your body. Take as many as you need here, breathe. There, good. Shoulders away from your ears, let’s go. Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe
guys, that’s super important. Squeeze those shoulder blades back, good. Three. Last two. Last one. Good, so we’re gonna step back up. I’m gonna turn here so
you can guys can see it. Go ahead and step this right leg back, set up for that lunge. Again, there is no right
or wrong with your arms. You just wanna take your
time, step it in about, I say about two inches but do what feels natural in your body. Step it back, same idea,
keep those hips square. Breathe, curtsy lunge, step it right back. Come here, there. Step it there, curtsy
lunge, step it right back. Lunge, toe tapping. Step right back up, breathe. Sink it down. Same idea on this side, you
wanna think about that left knee and ankle on that same line, breathe. Loading, shift that weight back. Don’t do it, but if I ask
you to lift your toes up, you could ’cause that weight
is in the heels, breathe. Good, you got this. Whoo. Halfway there, good. Whoo. Don’t forget to breathe,
super, super important here. Breathe. Just gonna keep saying it, guys, it’s a little mental cue for myself too. (exhales) You got this, two more. Last one. Pause, again, as you’re here
you’re gonna lengthen it. You’re gonna wrap it all the way around. So here, I’ll show you again. So your setting back up hips stay square for that curtsy sit. Square the hips off. Your hips are gonna wanna
shift, twist, and turn. Focus on that square. As you’re here, you’re gonna sink down. Again, arms optional. Pause, all that weight is in that heel. As you wrap that leg around, lift it up, toe tap it out as if you were taking a lateral step out. Breathe, you got this. There, 10 more, yes. Your heart rate is getting up again. Best thing you can do for
yourself, don’t forget to breathe. Breathe. There, good. You got this, I’m sweating. I hope you are too. There. We got this, four more. Breathe. Let’s go, last two. Last one. Again, pause as you set up here. Focus on your form,
shift that weight back, baby bend in that standing
leg, arms are gonna reach up. Let that tension go, breathe. As you’re here, pause. Think about your form,
I’m gonna open this up. Breathe, pause, opening up
from that balancing leg. So my right hip is opening, pause, extend. Pause, extend. Think about elbow in line
with that shoulder, breathe. I personally like to sometimes
hold onto that side just to feel that contraction, just a little mental cue for me to relax. Breathe, you don’t wanna
shift so far forward. You wanna balance and see if
you can stabilize yourself up. Again, option with this hand on the hip or just simply relax, breathe. Take your time. There, you got this you guys. Last four, contract. Three, you got this, two and one. Thanks for watching Good
Moves with Well+Good. If you want more workouts
postnatal or just workouts in general, go ahead and
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