Stop Sciatica Pain with Pilates

Stop Sciatica Pain with Pilates

hi I'm ELISA Wyatt here at Pilates ology and I'm here to help you with sciatica pain I'm going to use a strap for this workout so if you have a belt a long belt or a towel you can grab that instead because it'll come in handy when we get to that the first thing I'm going to show you is a stretch I'm going to show it to you standing up in case you're somewhere and you remember this stretch and you're having pain you can just bust this out and it should help you a lot but not all of us will be able to do it standing because it does require a whole bunch of balance so I'm going to show it to you again in a second laying down the stretch looks like this it's called a figure four stretch your one foot crosses over the opposite knee above the knee and then you're just going to sit your tush back in space and I want this foot to be flexed and you should feel that in your bottom in the muscles alongside your hip and you're trying not to round your back a lot you're trying to stick your bottom out a little bit here and we'll do the other leg now if you have something to hang on to when you're standing up that can help you not fall over that's helpful I've been doing this kind of thing for a long time so it's easy for me at this point but it might not be for you especially if you're in pain all right and then you're going to sit yourself down and we'll show that stretch again and this is the best way to do it you'll cross one foot over the other knee pull in your stomach lift the leg up and we're going to do this as an active stretch so I'm going to have you slide your leg down so that your knees almost touch and then slide them apart and slide them together and slide them apart and slide your knees together flex both of your feet and slide them apart and then hold on to if you can increase the stretch you're going to hold on to the leg that's supporting the bent one and rock side to side some of you might not feel this and if that's the case I want you to play with rounding your back into the mat and sticking your bottom out and see if you can find a stretch there and then also stretching the top leg long and bending it down and that should help you find a stretch through this hip okay we'll do the other side flex your foot lift your leg you can hold on or not we're going to start with an active stretch slide the legs together slide them apart and the knees come together and slide apart and one more slide together and slide apart and then thread and hold on and you can give it a pull and rock side to side and check to see for your body if it helps you find a stretch by rounding your back and arching your lower back and curling your tailbone off the mat towards you and curling your tailbone away and one more time you can also try again straightening that leg all right so hopefully that can relieve some of the pain you might be having and we're going to move on do a few exercises that can keep your pain away by some creating support for the issues that are causing your sciatica that nerve impingement or inflammation all right so from here we're going to keep our knees bent and I'm going to lift have you lift your head up reaching your arms out really long scooping your stomach lift your hands up and start to pump your arms very vigorously breathe in for five and out for five and in and out keep going this pumping motion is creating a rush of circulation through your body and especially through your internal organs and in and out rest your head down and that rush of blood through your internal organs is really helpful to relieve that inflammation you want to be able to carry that away so now we're going to try that same exercise with the legs straight this position isn't for everyone so you might need to go back to the knees bent position if this causes you pain then go then just bend your knees legs straight is going to help open this up if that's possible today it's a good spot to be in lift your head up walk your fingers out lift your arms and go inhale and exhale and in and out and in out two more in and out one more in and out and head down alright from here we're going to do a roll up exercise bend your knees lift your chin to your chest reach to the back of your legs and if you need your arms you're going to go ahead and crawl up your legs using your arms for support to help you come up if you don't need your arms I want you to slide your hands up your knees and come up all the way to sit tall you might have to walk your feet away and then roll back and again holding onto your legs is just fine this is strengthening the abdominals go all the way to the tips of your shoulders come all the way back up and we'll do three more of those and round back you're also articulating your spine which helps to open up the vertebra and stop the pinching on that nerve and a couple more times go back and come up and last one go on back rounding and lift yourself up okay we're going to go all the way down to the mat and find your belt or your towel or whatever you've got we're going to hook your right foot over it or it over your right foot and keeping the left leg bent and the nice low bend I want your hips to be anchored to the mat so it's as if there's a frame here on your body this nice picture frame is not going to get all crooked so I want your right hip to stay anchored down as you reach up then that right knee and then as you straighten it out actively reach through it but plug down into the floor at the same time I'll do it once more then and straighten out all right give it a stretch towards your head and you're still going to reach your heel away but I want you to take away the strap if you absolutely need your strap to get your legs straight go ahead and use it all right but you're going to really reach that leg up and now relax your foot long take that leg towards your opposite shoulder it's my left shoulder go down to the other knee go up to the right shoulder and bring it home I know this is slow but I want you to do it with precision go to the left shoulder to the knee right shoulder and back towards your nose one more left shoulder knee right shoulder home reverse right shoulder knee left shoulder home right shoulder stretch out your leg knee left shoulder you got one more right shoulder knee left shoulder home give that knee a good hug okay put that foot down hook up your opposite leg my left leg and we're going to stretch this guy out as it's reaching up you're also plugging in okay give it a good stretch towards your head as you're actively reaching it out the secret to all of this is active engagement of your muscles while you stretch them out and this is also the secret to why Pilates is so effective at building strength and control with flexibility in your oK we've got that leg stretched put your belt away reach your leg up you can keep the belt if you need it and we're going to go right shoulder knee left shoulder nose be specific right shoulder knee left shoulder nose try to keep reaching as you go to the right shoulder knee left shoulder nose reverse left shoulder knee right shoulder nose the other leg is important don't let it move around left shoulder knee right shoulder nose last time left shoulder knee right shoulder nose giverny a hug good okay I'm going to do two stomach strengthening exercises take your right knee into your chest and hold your right hand on your ankle left hand on your knee I'm going to say it's your outside hand on your ankle lift your let other leg up to the ceiling lift your head up now if it's possible for you this other leg can go lower if it needs to be up here for support keep it there so that your stomach stays down and you're not arching off the mat okay so you're anchored give your right leg a pull pull and then switch pull pull so I'm reaching farther down pull pull if it feels good to go down here that's good too just make sure that your lower back stays long on the mat pull pull and pull pull pull pull the squishing your knee all the way up to your ear is very helpful because it's going to help again relieve and push out inflammation and move the synovial fluid the fluid that lubricates our joints into your hip and help them be all juicy and happy instead of tight and sad and then hug everything into a little ball and rest your head down all right we're going to do two more stomach exercises I lied about the only two we're going to do three of them total lift your head up and make a nice little ball small as you can and stretch that up to the ceiling arms and legs but you're looking into your stomach bring your arms around and hug your legs home for more stretch way up as far as you can reach circle and home and go way up reach circle and home way up reach circle and home last time stretch it up circle and home and last stomach exercise hands behind the head twist your elbow to your opposite knee and stay there reaching the other elbow back we do three of these go to the other side hold it and reach back try to get off the mat and twist hold it get up off the mat twist and hold it one more you should be really feeling this hold it and other side hold it and rest okay bend your knees in if you need to roll to your side to set up do so otherwise bring yourself up legs are going to straighten out if you're really tight in your hamstrings that could be part of the problem for your sciatica then you can sit yourself up on top of something since I'm sitting on this raised mat I could just drop my legs to floor level if you have a mat that you could roll up or something firm to sit on that will help you do your best to get your legs as straight as they can if you have nothing to sit on just do your best to get your legs long and if they need to they're bent hands in front flex your feet very important that your feet are flexed squeeze your bottom so that you grow taller and then reaching up through your head round and walk your hands out towards your flexed feet exhale your air inhale come up two more exhale inhale come up one more exhale inhale come up alright we're going to turn onto our side and lean on the very back edge of the mat from your elbow all the way to your eat I want you to be a straight-line km from there and we're going to bring the feet to the front of the mat and hold that position reach your legs out really long and we're going to do a couple of side kicks so this top leg is going to lift up and I want it to be just a little higher than your hip is and strong stretched out it's going to go forward kick front and then backward and for the first one I want you to hold it back here and stay in place now that frame should still be stacked up a lot of you will find that your hip is falling off the back or your shoulder is falling off the front so stack it up and hold that position that's going to lengthen your spine now to add on to this feeling I want you to reach your top arm out in front of you so that you're making a diagonal from your fingers to that toe way back there reach it longer and try to keep that feeling of length in here when you put your arm back frame a square and we're going to keep that as we kick kick front and back kick front and back kick front and back one more kick front and go back bring legs together alright this is a really great exercise for sciatica this one we're going to go knee bend stretch up reach out knee bend stretch up reach out turnout to knee bend down here I want your knee to open up stretch up reach out a couple more in stretch up try to do it without killing yourself so that your muscles are learning to relax and be efficient we're going to go the other way it goes up and in stretch out and up and in stretch out two more up in stretch out up in stretch out think that with all of them let's switch to the other side you want both of your legs to be worked so that your hips balance out let's start with a straight line at the back of your Matt can prop your head up by the way if your neck hurts you could always lay your head down feet at the front long legs holding on to that position let's first swing the top leg forward oh sorry lift it up first now swing it forward and then reach it back and hold it back there and as you reach that leg out make sure that your frame is square reach your arm out and all these little positioning tricks are really going to help you get your spine to stretch in the correct way alright keep that length that you found and we swing five times kick front and go back try not to hold a lot of tension in your hip it's not like you're trying to hit some goal up here you're not like in a soccer match we're just swinging your leg to bring the vital circulation back to that joint so that it has freedom of motion one more without a lot of gripping this is what athletes find so helpful with Pilates legs are together and then you're going to draw your knee out to the side so it's up as much as it can go up and reach out and you notice I happen to be flexible in my hip but I'm not killing myself right now I'm getting some nice little creaky cracks and that's good that's three it just means that my hips are going ahead and opening up and letting all the trapped junk that builds up in there out okay let's reverse up and Bend and stretch up and Bend and stretch up and Bend and stretch last one goes up and Bend and stretch alright for the final thing today we're going to lay on our stomachs and it looks like this I want you to put your head on your hands like a pillow okay and from there make sure that your hips are pressing down on the mat and that your stomach is lifting in and up if you really can't hell or you feel like you're doing it wrong take a thin pillow or maybe even your hand and place it under your stomach to support your lower back so that you don't get a great big arch here okay you want to have those muscles learning to support you which is very difficult at the beginning from here you're going to lift one leg up and stretch it longer place it down other leg up and stretch it longer place it down again right leg up and stretch out stomach is in and left leg up and stretch out stomach is in okay lift both legs up and hold him there and you're going to clap them together ten nine eight seven six five four three two one down they go alright from here you can also do this exercise with your upper body stretching for some of you this won't feel good so if it doesn't feel good yet leave it out if you do have enough support in your back to lift up without pain that can feel really nice and we'll do one more time stretch up and come down all right put your hands on your under your forehead again bend your knees this is not Pilates at all but it feels really good to just swing your legs side to side and release any again tension that you might be holding on to sometimes sciatic can be hope come on due to some emotional tension that you're going through you might be unconsciously gripping some muscles that you don't need so being loose and floppy like a baby or like an animal is helpful alright and then go ahead and sit back onto your heels in this rounded position I want you to make sure that you're not laying down on your legs like this try to lift your stomach away from your thighs so that you get this part nice and stretched and round and go ahead and press with the heel of your hands gently to give that an increase and let's do a different little stretch here walk your hands towards the right side of your mat put your left hand on top and let your hips slide a little to the left I feel so good and we'll go to the other side walk your hands over to the left side of your mat put your right hand on top and let your hips slide off to the right just a really nice way to open that up and then come Center and roll up and I'm going to finish you with that same stretch one more time this time we're going to do it in the static positions they're not moving as much just because we've been warmed up now so you're going to take your right leg cross it over your left knee flex both of your feet lift your left foot up go ahead and thread the needle by reaching between your leg and holding on to the left one and here I'm going to use my elbow to gently press my right knee away if this causes you any twisting feeling in your knees and leave that out some of us are tighter than others and make sure that your back is long and you're not curling everything up hold that for another count of five four three two and one and release we're going to do the other side now this stretch all by itself pull in your belly lift your leg up read the needle feet are flexed I'm going to push my leg away with my elbow not an option this stretch all by itself can really help relieve your sciatica this causes the hip stretch there and that can make it go away right away but I still encourage you to do the workout portion because that's going to keep it away and keep it from returning this is not really a Pilates exercise here but it's a really wonderful stretch that happens and many Pilates exercises so if you build up a Pilates program that's more than the basics I gave here today then you'll really get this in everything you won't have to worry about doing this stretch it will just happen in your workout and done all right you can bring yourself up and I hope that helps have a great day you

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